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Social media marketing is on fire right now. You might even call it a marketing frenzy as people try to figure out lucrative ways to get attention.


Hey, even the Federal Trade Commission had to release warnings to Instagram influencers. This just shows the power of successful social media strategies.


Listen, even the government’s concerned about the growth of social media marketing. Believe me yet? So, how can you get in on the action? What’s the easiest approach to this capitalize on this? Where do we even begin?


First, we’ll want a system that can organize and report the relevant statistics to us about our social media marketing efforts.


Next, your business will probably need some way to create some predictive models. Your system should be able to monitor what your customer’s points of attention, browsing and buying behaviors. Through adequate monitoring you can further fine-tune your approach to gain a competitive advantage. There’s bound to be other companies catching onto this hot trend of social media marketing at this very moment. You’ll want to get the jump on them by investing in a coordinating infrastructure to guide your strategies.


What is SuccessFactors

Let’s take a bit of a detour for social media marketing for a moment to discuss SuccessFactors and it’s potential impact on your investments. SAP SuccessFactors is a leader in software and solutions for human resources. They also specialize in finding talent and “cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM)”.HCM sounds like a fancy buzzword, but it’s no joke. It’s actually a very powerful and comprehensive software that offers a variety of robust HR management tools.


Figure 2: What SAP SuccessFactors brings to the table. Source


The basic idea is that SuccessFactors can help you identify the right people for the right job. Additionally, the program can also help you track the performance of your hires, give them some tips, and really help organize marketing campaigns.


Of course, reporting and analytics are also part of the package.

Figure 3: The intersection between human performance and technology in planning efforts. Source


SuccessFactors practically sells itself here. It automates part of the reporting process. It helps organize and plan out your workforce efficiently. These things results in noticeable benefits like reduced turnover rates, which are big costs for companies. Basically, what SuccessFactors does is in its name: it gives you the factors for success.


Just imagine you’re a small business with no clue how to onboard new employees: you have problems scheduling and organize interviews; your training, development, and payrolls are a mess; and you don’t really have a grasp over the status of the whole situation. It’s overwhelming.


This is where the value of SuccessFactors comes into play. By leveraging this platform, you’ll be on the way to solving all of these issues and even streamlining some of your most important processes.


How does SuccessFactors Increase Social Media ROI

As you might recall, SuccessFactors deals with HR management, which is a prominent selling point. Both HR and social media marketing are similar in that they deal entirely with relationship building; your success across both departments relies on your people and how other people react to what your people do.


Have you heard of a social marketing campaign that doesn’t involve people or hype? There’s someone that has an idea and oversees it. Then there’s a hype man. And finally you go viral if you’re lucky.


Use SuccessFactors to identify and recruit those talented people capable of making your social media campaign successful.


Grow a competent workforce and team to deal with your social media marketing needs. Set specific goals and targets to accomplish it.


SuccessFactors is the dream HR management platform, as it takes a soup-to-nuts approach to management.


In short, the reason SuccessFactors can increase your ROI on social media marketing by so much is due to the comprehensive infrastructure it offers. It’s clean. It’s efficient. It’s effective.



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