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Workbench Editor

About Workbench Editor:

Workbench is a widget that standardizes and visualizes the most common business processes. It not only simplifies the complex functions by grouping common functions together according to different business purposes, but also provides you with a consolidated entry to perform various kinds of jobs.

In SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA, we provide 4 standard templates. However, the standard templates may not precisely meet the business requirements of your company. In order to enhance the customized functionalities of the workbench widget, Workbench Editor is introduced. With Workbench Editor, you can customize the standard templates based on your own business requirements.

There is a YouTube video that shows the abilities of the tool step by step:

With Workbench Editor, you can perform actions as follows:

  • Create, Edit and Delete entities in the templates.
  • Change the layout of the workbench templates.
  • Detailed customized information for the properties of the entities and their representative icons.

Workbench Editor can be downloaded from the following link:

Download Workbench Editor

NOTE: Make sure to download Workbench Editor to the machine where DI API is installed.

Working with Workbench Editor:

You can refer to following link which describes how to use Workbench Editor:

How to use Workbench Editor


Workbench Editor is just a community tool instead of an official product. It has certain limitations due to very limited investment. These limitations are as follows:

  • User cannot edit the name of the existing workbench.
  • User cannot add new or remove existing workbench.
  • Upgrade might overwrite user’s modifications.
  • UX is not the priority

Note: There is no support for this tool and no further enhancement will be made. This tool, as is, published to show case the widget capabilities.

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  • Thank you for sharing the new link for Workbench Editor.

    I did watch the same video you shared except the version SAP uploaded to their channel    In the description, it reference the note how to download the software. Unfortunately, the note no longer exist.  Does someone knows how to contact the person that uploads videos to the channel to update the description of the new URL to download the software?

  • Dear All,

    Please kindly advise if there is any possibility to edit also the name of the Workbench, namely "Sales Process" and so on? Thank you very much in advance.

  • Hi

    This is actually a great tool, and with the ability to rename or add a new one would be just perfect, both for users and for demos

    Why is no longer developed? Is an alternative planned?

    Many thanks

    • Hi Gerardo Franchini,

      I have updated the blog with the limitations while using Workbench Editor. Please note it is just an community tool instead of an official product.

      Therefore, the maintenance for this tool cannot be promised.

      Kind regards,


      SAP Business One Support