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SAP Fiori Launchpad – Deployment Options and Recommendations

SAP Fiori launchpad is a real-time, role based and personalized aggregation point for business applications. It’s deployable on multiple platforms, such as SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP, SAP Cloud Platform and SAP Enterprise Portal.

This document highlights the main differences of the launchpad running on the different platforms, and recommendations for customers when to use which deployment option.

View document:  SAP Fiori launchpad – deployment options and recommendations

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  • Hello Carolina,

    Many thanks for providing this very helpful documentation.

    I would like to ask you the following question?

    It is technically feasible to integrate in one single point of access on-premise applications and cloud applications?  E.g On-Premise Fiori applications deployed on the FES + Success Factors applications.

    If it is feasible which is the recommended approach?


    Many thanks in advance.

  • Hello,

    yes you can do so.

    Fiori applications deployed on FES (onPrem) can be launched inplace within FLP on FES. Success Factors applications can be integrated via URL integration (deep linking) and then are opened in a new browser tab when clicking on the respective tile.

    You also can use  SAP Cloud Portal (FLP on SAP Cloud platform) to integrate Success Factors applications together with Fiori apps running on SAP Cloud platform and getting data from backend system (on-premise).

    From a strategic point of view it is recommended to bring the UI parts of the applications to the cloud, consuming business data from the backend.

    Kind regards.


    • Hi Carola,

      On the same topic, FES (onPrem) + SF application via deep linking.

      Question on single sign on -

      As my understanding the recommended approach is to have SAP Enterprise Portal in the scope and use SAP EP as primary user database for single sign on and authentication.

      Question, can we use FES as primary user database and setup single sign-on to SF, so that when user launch SF application via URL Tile (deep link to SF), user does not get challenge by SF for re-authentication?

      Objective is to keep the solution scope minimal and lower application support effort as customer does not need EP level of theming, branding, content management and etc.



      • Hi,

        yes, you can use FLP on FES (without EP) and set up single sign on with SF, so that there is no user re-authentication.

        SAP Enterprise Portal is not the recommended solution in general. It depends on the usage of EP so far and in future. As pure application launcher portal you also can use FLP on FES.

        kind regards.



        • Thanks Carola, would it be possible for you to share some document how this is done?

          Can FLP on FES serve as identity provider or we need Single Sign On product to achieve this?


          • Hi,

            You can use any SAML Identity provider.

            Then you have to do the configuration on ABAP and on SuccessFactors.

            Following blog could help

            Kind regards


  • Hi Carola,

    Thank you for the informative blog. I have a clarification. Please advise if I need to open a separate thread or it deserves a clarification here.

    We have SAP Portal 7.5, SAP Gateway 7.4 and SAP PO 7.5 on prem applications. We enabled FLP for Mobility apps on Gateway. How do we leverage or position SAP Portal or PO(Process Orchestration) in this context? Thank you for your time.


    • Hi,

      You could use FLP as entry page for Portal (Fiori Framework Page). It's responsive and also can be used for mobile.

      In the launchpad configuration you can decide which apps appear in the launchpad, if you are working on a desktop or on a mobile device. Then only the mobile-enabled apps appear on FLP, when you are working on a mobile device.

      You also could use the FLP, configured on FES, for your mobile usage and use Portal for desktop. This would not follow the ONE entry point strategy, but could be a first step.

      So there is a more complex analysis of your use case necessary to answer, what's the best set up for you.

      Kind regards.


  • Hi Carola,

    In the following context...

    • A typical HR 'talent hybrid' situation (Core HR = onPrem; talent in SuccessFactors)
    • Sap Gateway with FLP (onPrem) in place (mainly for mobile disclosure of some apps)
    • An Enterprise Portal (onPrem) in place (legacy system)

    ... what would be the preferred FLP positioning? I see following options:

    1. FLP on the SAP Gateway, with onPrem apps and deeplinks to SuccessFactors apps (SSO)
    2. FLP on the Enterprise portal, with onPrem apps and deeplinks to SuccessFactors apps (SSO)
    3. FLP in SAP cloud, integrating SuccessFactors as well as onPrem apps
    4. FLP in SuccessFactors Cloud, with SF apps and deeplinks to onPrem applications (SSO)

    Are all 4 options possible and which is the preferred option?