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Provision Message Broker
This blog describes option for activating Message broker for SAP Cloud Platform Integration customers with an Enterprise Edition license with the (2.29*).
To be able to use JMS Adapter for Async message processing with retry you first need to provision the Message Broker for your cloud integration tenant. If you have an Enterprise License you can do this for your tenant in Cloud Integration via Message Broker Provisioning using the self-service link available in the Account Cockpit.

Message Broker Provisioning in Account Cockpit
The message broker provisioning link is available in the Overview of Cloud Integration Tile in Account Cockpit.

The Tenant Admin user needs to be assigned Role AuthGroup.Administrator, for provision application in account hcisvc.

Message Broker Activation for Enterprise Edition
If you have an entitlement for enterprise license you can navigate to the landing page of the Cloud Application and provision a broker.


Once the process of provisioning a message broker is successful message broker, your Tenant will bind to active broker and you can see Active Message Broker for your tenants with the details.


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  1. Jan Adelmann

    Thank you, Kaushik for this blog!

    Do you know why I cannot see the Service Cloud Integration in SAP CP?

    We use the SAP CP license “extension package premium edition.”

    Best regards



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