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SAP WM- Process, Functionality, Scope, Benefits, Advantages, Disadvantage-Complete Reference-Part 12 (Process Flow Diagram).

This blog Covers High level business Flow in SAP WM. it is integrated with SAP MM, PP, SD, QM and other SAP Modules. I hope this blog is useful is quite interesting to all who like the great career path in Logistics. Thanking you All.

Here is the general Putaway/Picking action in SAP WM.

Overview of Warehouse Process

Process #1

  1. WM Picking Process (Issue FG/ SFG Materials to Customer) – Outbound Process

If FG/SFG Materials available in Stock in Warehouse then we can issue the stock again the Customer Order. If FG/ SFG Material stock not available in Warehouse then we need to go for In-house production if available by issuing RM or SFG Material to get converted to FG Material and then placed inside Warehouse stock. Finally we can issue against Customer Order. Please Refer (Process #3).

If even RM Material or SFG material required for In-house Production is not available in Warehouse then we need to go for Outsourcing… I mean getting RM/ SFG Material from the vendor for Production (Process #3).

Here the triggering of the requirement is either done Manually or through MRP. depends on business process and client requirement.

or getting FG Material from Vendor and issue against Customer Order -Please Refer Cross Docking -(Process  #4)- Here stock In- coming not receipted or PGRed instead place @ cross dock area and monitored through Cross Dock Monitor and issue is required it is directly issued- PGI to customer.

Process #2

Inbound Stock unloading and Putaway (TO Confirmation)

Process #3

WM- PP Integration- GI of RM to Production and GR of FG Material from Production

Material Staging for Production Supply will use 261 and for KANBAN it is 350. Here definitely we will get a query ?
If 261 for Staging for Production Supply.. how we will automate the process ?

Material Staging for Production Supply, WM-PP Interface with auto TO creation process, then you will have to schedule  the job RLLNACH1 for Material Staging. the system uses Movement type 319 for Production Supply. maintain the Replenishment method as well, where we have the option to choose TO’s from fixed bin/random.

If We use WM-PP Interface then 319 and 350 are the Movement Types to be used. If you are not using the Interface then you will have to use 261 to process GI against the Order. As for the Storage Types, the system will refer to 100 for Production Supply Area for Production Order and 150 is defined default for Kanban Replenishment.  Both are not the same processes. I have explained step by step in my earlier Blog related to KANBAN Process. I hope it is more useful.

Process #4

WM- Cross Docking Flow

Now Stock is placed inside Warehouse and due to some business reason – Client want to scrap the aged materials not suitable to issue to Customer in case of FG Material or in case of RM or SFG it is not good to issue to production as the Materials are aged and it will create poor/sub-standard Quality outcome of FG materials and finally end customer will lose the good will against the it is good to scrap them. secondly if any damages or broken Parts when Materials handled inside Warehouse or Placed while putaway in Bin..or many other issues..e.g….Characteristics/ properties of the Material changes etc. Thirdly if a material creating suspicion to the user he can request/ Claim QI Check to get confident information of the material usage for future period.

WM- Scrapping






Finally I like to share information on SAP WM Cyclic is different form MM-IM, IM-HU Process. I am not interested in discussion in complete SAP WM Cycle counting where Materials are classified with A,B & C Indicator where A – More important and more frequently used and B- medium important and medium usage and lastly C- less important and very rarely used. this CC indicators are used in Material master and in CC Configuration we have defined the frequency/interval and schedule interval, whether it needs to generate PI documents etc.. Here our motive is to discuss the process flow.

**** From the Query i have received from the Friends. I decided to frame a process Overview/ Flow chart. I hope I have given complete Process Chart to give an Overview of SAP WM Process. This will be more useful for new Consultants who like to pursue SAP WM Career. Thanking you all.


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