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Open URL in Same Window Using Design Studio 1.6 SDK: OPENURLINPLACE Component

Using SDK OPENURLINPLACE Component we can achieve one navigation link to another in a same window.

For Example, If i have multiple tabs in my dashboard, for each tab contains different dashboard. I need to use opendocument URL for each tabs. when i click on the first tab, it auomatically open new window, because of opendocument URL. To over come this, we can use OPENURLINPLACE component and show dashboard in same window. Here I will describe a more generic approach, based on the this component, that can be tailored to your needs.

The steps to be carried out are as follows:

  1. Download : This component is available on the community package, as in

After Downloading into your Design studio Application.

2. I have created two applications in design studio. I’m going to show you one Design studio to another design studio application.

  1. Dashboard A
  2. Dashboard B

3. Dashboard A – I used TABSTRIP component. In that created two tabs. First tab is used for dashboard A application and second tab is used for dashboard B application.

here you can able to see OPENURLINPLACE component has been used.



In the above screen shot, we have property called “Url to Open By Post ” – here you can directly call the opendocument URL or else you can use in the script level functions.


we have many functions like

addParameter() - single or multiple parameters

RemoveAllParameters() - remove the parameters

Show/hide loading state() - we pass text content in the loading state.

setURL() - This is main functions used to specified the OpenDocument URL of your another dashboard.

triggerExecution() - Trigger Execution of the given URL and parameter list


4. coming to the Dashboard A, When I click on “Tab 2” , It opens the Dashboard B design studio application. using below script, which has been written in the “TABSTRIP” on Select event.

OPENURLINPLACE_1.setUrl("http://<servername>:port/BOE/OpenDocument/opendoc/openDocument.jsp?sIDType=CUID&iDocID=FgLEQ1ksDgwAUHgAAAC3wsJjAFBWrRCN&X_Terrority= Ag Provisions - 7777");

here i’m passing single parameter value to call the Dashboard B application using opendocumentURL.

5. Dashboard B – Look like this


Here, i have one more option, if you like to go back to your previous Dashboard A application.

You can click on “Tab 1”.

It again call the Dashboard A application using OPNEURLINPLACE vice versa. with the help of above script code.

6. Run the Dashboard A

then click on “Tab 2”


it automatically calls to Dashboard B Application,


here you can able see from Dashboard A to Dashboard B navigation link is working fine. Again you can go to parent dashboard A, if you can click on Tab 1.


You get the component details –

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  • Hello Vidhya.

    Have you tried to use it open a webi report in DS?And use TIMER component to fresh  webi report every 10 seconds? When I tried this,the component can't work fine in platform that developed by  us,but BI platform.Do you have some idea to solve it?




      • Hi Vidhya.

        I can't deny that this control works well. And the problem that I meet is rare.This component can work  well in BI platform,but can't work in our platform that we created by JAVA.I thought its maybe due to we have use frame.



  • Hi Vidhya,

    Is there a sample application using this component that can be downloaded?  I'm having trouble adding parameters to be sent as filters and I think an example would answer the vast majority of my questions.