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SAP Contact Center Integration with SAP C4C

Hi Team ,

Just to update you guys , we have successfully integrated SAP Contact Center with SAP C4C .In this integration we are not only sending the ANI to C4C but at the same point of time we are sending the CAD data in the variables/custom fields in SAP C4C .

We also implemented ECF in the development environment , since we didn’t have the Audio-codes SBR in production environment  . We were able to get the calls and put them on hold without the SBR but without Audio-codes SBR we were not able to place the call .

During this integration we had a major observation of the integrated features of CCTR-C4C integration :

  1. ANI is much more effective and faster than what it used to be in onprem CRM
  2. Every manual outgoing call will be treated as incoming call in SAP C4C live activity as well as in the phone call activity pane .
  3. For every phone call activity created from a incoming /outgoing call , C4C by default takes  the call duration of 30 min irespective of the time the agent has spent on the call
  4. Now we can pass the recording id  to C4C which was a little tough in onprem CRM
  5. Chat transcripts will be saved in the live call activity.
  6. The only point of failure for the CCTR-C4C integration is the cloud adapter , if the service fails then the integration will go for a toss .

I hope this information helps  other team members who are starting with the integration or have started the integration .




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  • Thanks, Rohit!

    Good ifnormation!

    We also have C4C and SAP CCtr with ECF Voice widget and working SBR (although not Audiocodes) for WebRTC audio and will try out the integration also.

    Best regards,


    • Thanks Roman , Great if you have the SBR as well But i believe the ECF works only with audiocodes SBR , please get this checked . Do let me know incase you are stuck , might be i can help you ?




  • Hey there,

    Some quick questions here related to this:
    The call record functionality is in-built? Is it in SAP Contact Center or SAP C4C? where will the recording data be saved? And by chat transcript do you mean a voice-to-text transcript is saved or general activity information during the call?



    • Hi Paresh ,


      1. The recording will be saved in sap contact center but you can pass the recording link to the custom field on the live activity pane .
      2. Chat transcript means the chat conversations that agent had with the customer , once  the agent is done with the chat , you can find those in the chat transcript.





    Hi Rohit,

    Thanks for the information.

    A quick question on your point number 3: For every phone call activity created from a incoming /outgoing call , C4C by default takes  the call duration of 30 min irespective of the time the agent has spent on the call.

    It means C4C is not recording the actual duration of time spent for an incoming/outgoing call. I guess this may cause problem when call report is used for analysis as it will not show the actual duration of calls.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong here or otherwise.



    • Exactly Indrajit , The issue is within SAP C4C , the total duration of call in the live activity is not being taken form the  cti .

      Have raised it to the SAP C4C forum , hopefully next release of C4C will get this sorted .