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Advantage of the new Web based Browser UI for Software Provision Manager SP20

As you may have noticed when starting up the new Software Provisioning Manager SP20, a Web-Browser Window opens instead of the well known STD GUI.

The new Browser based User Interface (or SL Common UI as it is also called) is the default GUI for Software Provisioning Manager as of SP20.

The following questions may arise when facing the new Browser based you:

  • How do I get the parameter list view with the new UI?
  • What is the difference between the “old” SDT GUI and the new Web UI?
  • How does the new Help functionality on field level work?
  • How does the Logfile View and Task View in Web Browser Window work
  • How can I follow an installation with Web Browser from a different machine?
  • How can I start Software Provisioning Manager SP20 with the “old” SDT GUI?

I produced the following small video that demonstrates some nice functionality of the new Browser based UI and gives answers to the above questions:

Video on new Web based UI for Software Provisioning Manager SP20

Screenshot from old SDT GUI:

Screenshot from new Browser based UI:

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    Hi Stefan


    I happened to use new SP20 and came across the new behavior. Quickly checking for this and came across this note 2480194. I watched the video on this blog. Very crisp and clear that you explained this new feature.



  • Hello H.,

    the sapinst has to be started on the host where you want to do the installation.

    In a window from sapinst you will see an URL. This URL can be "cut and past" to any browser on any server that is connected to the same network as the host for the installation, no matter if Linux or Windows.

    Then from that browser you can start and continue the installation.


    Best regards

    Stefan Jakobi

    Product Management at CLM

  • Hi Stefan,

    I started Software Provision Manager SP20 on a Linux system with sudo rights so it runs as root. I cannot use the root user to access the Web UI as the use of root credentials are restricted.

    I tried to use sidadm credentials but that did not works. is there away around this?







    • I was able to find the solution and wanted to share it with anyone else who is facing the same scenario.

      sapinst can be executed as root or with sudo  from the OS level with SAPINST_REMOTE_ACCESS_USER parameter.

      for example: sapinst SAPINST_REMOTE_ACCESS_USER=<Specified_OS_User>

  • Hello Moustafa,

    there is a parameter called SAPINST_REMOTE_ACCESS_USER

    So you can start like: >sapinst SAPINST_REMOTE_ACCESS_USER=myUser

    Then for UI credential the specified user (in this example “myUser” and the password for that user) have to be used to logon to WebUI.


    Best Regards

    Stefan Jakobi

    Product Management CLM


  • Hello Stefan,

    Thanks for your video. It is very helpful, but I still have one open question.

    As for SUM we used the HTTP port instead of the HTTPS. Is this also possible for SWPM? I could not find something in this direction in the SWPM guide or in SAP notes.

    Thank you very much and best regards

    Jan Hofmann

  • Hello Jan,

    Thank you for this question.

    For Software Provisioning Manager it is regarded as a security feature to allow access only via HTTPS. Therefor it is currently not planned to provide access via HTTP to Software Provisioning Manager.

    Best Regards

    Stefan Jakobi

    Product Management CLM


  • Hi Stefan,

    I am facing strange issue...while launching swpm on a new server with browser ie version 11....iam not able view arrow marks in the welcome I need to do any settings in IE and I downloaded latest version of swpm from smp

    Can you please assist on this