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Virus Scan for files committed in SAP BI Platform


  1. Introduction
  2. Configuration Details
  3. Prerequisite to enable virus scan
  4. Impacted Workflows
  5. Restriction



In SAP BI Platform, user is allowed to commit different kinds of files via BI LanuchPad, CMC, Rest WebService and custom SDK applications.

Supported file formats are mentioned below and others would be treated as Agnostic type.

So far, files committed were subjected to:

  1. size check, to ensure file size is not zero
  2. check permission on destination directory

But, no check related to content of the file. Basically we don’t scan the content of the file to ensure its not infected. Rather we would leave it to customers to ensure the system has Anti Virus Software in place.

From 4.2SP04, files committed to SAP BI Platform will be subjected to Virus Scan during file upload, this is as per SAP Product Security Standards.

Configuration Details:

  • By default VS is disabled in 4.2 SP04
  • To enable, CMC > Servers > Input and Output FRS > Properties page > user needs to provide path to VSA binaries:
  • Can be enabled via any of the below mentioned options:
    1. path needs to be provided as command line args in Input and Output FRS. Cmd line option is “vsaFileLoc”
    2. changes can be done via UI for Input and Output FRS
    3. the path provided either via UI or Cmd Line will be the location of “.dll” or “.so” file

  • Note: In case there is more than one Input and Output FRS, ensure to provide this setting for all Input and Output FRS’s
  • Kindly restart all Input and Output FRS’s, after enabling virus scan


Prerequisite to enable virus scan:

  1. SAP certified vendors for VSI :
  2. Customers have to contact the vendor to get the library
  3. In case customers need support for new platform or vendor:
    • then customer has to contact that vendor for same
    • and vendor has to get their adapter certified by SAP

Some workflows subjected to virus scan is listed below:

  • Add a new file
  • Document Save as
  • Copy To
  • Send To
  • Schedule
  • Publication
  • Promotion mangement biars
  • etc


SAP does not support Virus Scan for Solaris platform.

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