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BPC Embedded Consolidation BPC460 class has arrived!

The wait is finally over … the BPC460 5 day class will be offered on July 10th virtually and August 14th in a Dallas Microtek classroom.

This is a top to bottom / end-2-end class that takes a comprehensive approach for both the Real Time and Replicated Scenarios for Legal and Management Consolidation on an SAP S/4HANA 1610 Landscape. You will learn the integration of S4H to BW, Integrated Planning, BPC Consolidation, Analysis for Office, and HANA. You will learn how the ACDOCA and ACDOCC S4H tables are used.

You will learn the positioning, how to choose between the options, the architecture, the data flows, the consolidation and reporting including how to build year to date and sign change reports. With Real-Time Consolidation you will learn to use the Data Submission process to perform preliminary and final closings. You will learn how to use the new S4H optimized currency translation.

You will use Fiori, Analysis for Excel, BW and Integrated Planning SAP Gui,  the BPC Web Client and the HANA Studio user interfaces.

You will build from the ground up the tables, models, business rules, consolidation monitor task sequences, planning functions, aggregation levels, BW Queries, and Analysis for Office workbooks and bring it all together in a Business Process Flow to carry out the month end closing tasks: Balance Carry Forward, Reclassification, Currency Translation, Controls, Matching, and Eliminations.

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  • Hi Charles,

    Thanks for posting this information.

    Are you able to find out when this course will be available via SAP learning hub?




    • Thank you. I have one other question on embedded consolidation, perhaps you can point me in the right direction... In several places I have read US Elimination Business rules will be added in future release. Where can I find more information about when this might be added? Will it be in 2017?



      Hi Tim,


      Is there any possibility to do the virtual class in August?  July will be tight for me and I don't think I will be able to come for the classroom session in Dallas.


      Best Regards,


  • Hi Charles Soper

    Thanks for information and could you please share the road map of BPC 10.1 Embedded Consolidation and also share class room training from Sept 2017 onward and what also share which release training connect they are going to consider training.



      Right now the course material is based on 1610 however there is content on 1709 and the course will be updated at some point this year to 1709.

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  • Hi Charles


    2 Questions !!

    1. I come from BW - IP ( --> Embedded BPC) only, would I need to know classical BPC consolidation to understand Embedded consolidation ?
    2. For some time it seemed that Embedded BPC would be the direction SAP is heading. But since BPC 11 has both Embedded and Standard , most customers are going with standard . What is the reccomendation for New customers - Embedded or Standard .

    I personally feel that embedded is a better option as one can really optimise well .