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This blog is part of blog series: What’s New with SAP BusinessObjects Lumira 2.0

Business users of SAP Lumira 2.0 can connect to various types of data sources via offline and online fashion to perform self service data discovery. SAP HANA being an important data source, Lumira 2.0 supports HANA connectivity in LIVE way along with other options such as Import and Free Hand SQL using JDBC.

This Blog is intended to provide an overview of the HANA live connectivity with Lumira Discovery 2.0 client:


  • Make sure your XS Engine URL is up and running for                                                             http(s)://<HANA_SYSTEM>:<WEB_DISPATCH_PORT>                                                    E.g.: http(s)://HANA_SERVER_NAME:8003.
  • You need to have the SAP HANA Info Access Service (InA) with delivery unit HCO_INA_SERVICE deployed on the HANA platform.                                                        Refer:


  • ŸLive mode uses HTTP/HTTPS based INA connectivity
  • ŸConnect directly or leverage a BI platform managed HANA OLAP connection (only HTTP/HTTPS, no JDBC)
  • ŸYou can leverage SAML based single sign on to SAP HANA from Discovery
  • ŸLive connections based document are by nature always saved without data.
  • HANA live documents can also be created in BI Launchpad.



1. Connecting to SAP HANA from Discovery.

Click on the Live option next to HANA data source in the home page. You can connect either via Direct or Managed connections in BI platform.

Connecting Via Direct / Local connection:

You need to provide the connection to HANA online as:                                                                    http(s)://<HANA_SYSTEM>:<WEB_DISPATCH_PORT> where HANA_SYSTEM is the name of the HANA Server and WEB_DISPATCH_PORT is the XS Web dispatch port.



  • Make sure you have your xs port up and running by first manually entering the URL on browser.
  • You need to have the SAP HANA Info Access Service (InA) with delivery unit HCO_INA_SERVICE deployed on the HANA platform.                                                        Refer:



Connecting Via managed / OLAP connection:

A managed connection for HANA system can be created in the BI platform for http(s) access. This connection can be used in Discovery client to connect to HANA source.

To create a managed connection, logon to Central Management console of BI Platform and select OLAP connections option, create a new connection, test and use the same in Discovery:

NOTE: You need to create HTTP(S) based managed connection for HANA online access and JDBC based managed connection for HANA offline access.

Advantages of using managed connections:

  • Data is always secure and managed by BI Platform administrators.
  • IT can control the BI users to access the managed connections.
  • Achieving Single Sing on becomes easy.

For all the above reasons using managed connections is always advantageous over local / Direct connections.


  1. documents consuming BW Live connections using direct / local connections can not be published/saved to BI Platform.
  2. Managed connections of type Prompt are not supported for BW Live analysis.


2. Listing of HANA views

Once connection is successful, you can either search or browse for the views in the HANA system:

select the view and click OK.


3. HANA Variables:

HANA modelling objects such as input parameters, Prompts are supported.

NOTE: You can add another data after creating your BW online based document. in this case if the same variables are used in the query being added, Prompts will be merged.



4. Data View:

Once the prompts are answered, Discovery connects to the HANA source and data can be viewed by dragging and dropping the measures and dimensions to visualizations in the canvas area.

select a Chart from the Chart Picker:


Select Crosstab from above and Drag-drop the measures / Dimensions:


5. Hierarchy Support.

Parent-child and Level based Hierarchies in HANA are supported in Discovery.

Hierarchies are displayed in the Object picker and user can select and drill based on these hierarchies.

Drill operations:

6. Other analytical operations:

Discovery supports all other analytical features on the HANA live data as well, ensuring the complete self service capabilities. Some of the commonly used analytical operations such as filters, ranking, reference line, sort, custom calculation, dynamic calculation etc..

A sample story board:


7. Creating a HANA online document in BI Platform:

With appropriate authorizations on Lumira application, OLAP connections and other necessary rights, Discovery HANA Live documents can also be created in BI Launchpad.

This needs OLAP connection is created in BI platform.

All analytical operations supported on desktop are also supported on BI platform.

Advantages of HANA Live

  • Calculations are delegated to HANA server.
  • Data is always secured.
  • Enhanced support for HANA Variables/Prompt support.
  • Can be extended as a profession dashboard via Designer (seamless integration).




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