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SAP Fiori for SAP S/4HANA – Performance: What is Tab Bar?

UPDATE – Relevant for S/4HANA 1909, 1809, 1709, 1610

Surely you have heard about Tab Bar in Fiori 2.0, and despite having heard of it you are still wondering how it works and what you need to set it up.

If you are facing this situation, you are in the right place so let’s start by defining what Tab Bar is:

Tab Bar is a new way of rendering Fiori Launchpad (FLP) Tiles, in earlier versions, the FLP loaded all tiles at the same time, this meant for the users to interact with all the assigned tiles they needed to “scroll” down the page to find the required tile. 

From a performance perspective, this meant an issue because all tiles needed to be loaded prior to the FLP being rendered, additionally if the user was assigned hundreds of tiles the rendering time of FLP increased as it is directly affected by the number of assigned tiles.

In Fiori 2.0 it is possible to modify how FLP displays the tiles by enabling “Tab Bar”, this will allow FLP to display all available tiles per Business Group which translates into lower rendering times.

Enabling this new rendering mode will affect how users interact with FLP as they will move from “scrolling” to “tab navigation”. You can find an example of how navigation changes in the following video:

UPDATE – Recommended UI5 library version is 1.44.21 due to issues described in SAP Note 2526182

Now that we have understood what this new feature does, the next step is to activate it. Overall, two steps are needed to configure this setting:

  1. Create PFCG Role and Fiori Catalog ZUI5_TAB, which will enable/disable Tab Bar.
  2. Fiori Catalog will be based on Target Mapping configurations, semantic object “Shell”, action “bootConfig”

This time we will skip the steps for creating a PFCG Role and Fiori Catalogs so we can focus on explaining the Target Mapping parametrization, which basically requires you to setup two parameters:

Parameter Description
Setting this parameter allows an administrator to forcibly enable/disable Tab Bar for all users who are assigned the PFCG role. It has two values: “scroll” to display FLP in scroll-mode; “tabs” to enable Tab Bar.


Here you can see the difference of using the value “scroll” vs “tabs”:

Parameter Description
Setting this parameter will enable End Users to switch on/off Tab Bar functionality from the User Settings Menu at will. It is important to understand that when the user changes the Home Page setting the value is stores at User Personalization level so the Administrator can no longer forcibly enable Tab Bar.


Here you can see how the user settings menu is modified:

If you wish to enable both parameters, your target mapping would look similar to this:

Once this is done, assign the PFCG Role to your end-users and enjoy Tab Bar.


Becoming a SAP Fiori for SAP S/4HANA guru

You’ll find much more on our SAP Fiori for SAP S/4HANA wiki

Do you have any questions? Let us know in the comments section.



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    • Hi Saurabh,

      You are correct, it is available from NW 751 onwards. You can find more information of the new features in this version here.



  • Hello Jorge,


    Thanks once again for this info, To my knowledge it's not given in any of the BP Guides. Your blogs I always look forward to. Will try this feature tomorrow.

    ALso could you pls have a look at the following general questions posted by me on Fiori Launpad 2.0




  • Hello Jorge,


    Thankyou so much for this blog once again. It didn't even take 5 min to implement it and my launchpad's performance has improved drastically as I have assigned myself too many groups.

    Is this info available in any of the BP guides ? Also could you pls tell if  GUI transactions can be searched using transaction code



  • Hi,


    One question pls. I assigned this Role n ZUI5_tab & catalog  only to one User but the changes in the Settings are visible for all the users.  Could you pls explain why is it so?




  • Hi Jorge,

    I am working on S4 Hana Cloud 1705 Starter system. Since i will be having SAP GUI , how can i maintain these fiori configuration parameters as I can't see any SAP TCode page in App Finder.


    • Hi Amber,

      In S4HANA Cloud you don't have access to SAP GUI, only Fiori Launchpad. In order to get these configurations done you must create a ticket and Service Center will make the settings for you. I think Tab Bar is already delivered by default so you only need to activate it in your User Settings --> HomePage

      • Hi Jorge,

        Thanks for your reply.  Actually I raised incident but SAP replied asking me to check with roles . But I am not sure which roles to assign.

        Regarding your suggestion to activate in User Settings -> HomePage , I dont see any option in User Settings for that. Please find the attached screenshot.

        Also, I am using Starter system given by SAP for S/4 Hana Cloud 1705.




        • Hi Amber,

          To activate Tab bar, you just need to select the option "Show one group at a time". If you notice, the image you sent is similar to the one in the blog.

          Note that each user would need to make this change in their launchpad settings.

          As mentioned, I think the configurations are already provided by default on Cloud systems by Service Center so you don't need to add additional roles just activate the required option.




            Hi Jorge,

            Thanks again for your reply. I selected the option “Show one group at a time” and as per expected behavior  , it will show Tile of the selected group only

            However what i wanted to ask was that I want to change the values of different  Fiori configuration parameters of Shell (for other purposes like make SAP Menu visible) like you have shown above in one of the screenshots where properties of Shell are displayed (renders/fiori2)

            Since I am accessing this on cloud , how do I get the screen where I will see the properties of semantic object “Shell” under “Configure UI5 Tab” as per your screenshot


            Thanks & Regards


  • Hi Jorge,

    we use this function in our 1610 on prem system.  It works very well except for analytical App tiles which are included in one tab bar. These Apps will not be rendered any more.


    After changing to scroll mode everything is shown correctly



    How can this problem be solved ?



  • Hi Jorge,

    When creating the ZUI5_TAB Fiori catalog I am able to Semantic Object "Shell"  but I am unable to select the Action "bootConfig".

    We are running on S/4HANA 1709 on premise.

    Any idea what I am doing wrong?




  • Hi Jorge,

    Thanks for the wonderful Blog. We have a S4 On premise 1709 FPS02 system and i have followed your steps to implement the tab bar functionality and set it globally. But its not working. I have created the tile catalog with the target mapping as shown below. I have assigned the catalog to a role and assigned that to the user. I have attached screenshot below. I have checked the personalization of the user and there is nothing. Can you please guide me on this? Anything i am missing out?




  • Hi Jorge,


    Dou know if the PFCG rolename: ZUI5_TAB is hardcoded somewhere?

    Because when we assign the ZUI5_TAB catalog to a different role the front end layout switches to default.

    It does get adjusted perfectly when we assign the role ZUI5_TAB




    • Hi Roeland,

      The roles and catalogs mentioned in this blog are all custom and no values are hardcoded. Please double check your role, catalog and target mapping definitions.



  • Hi,


    This slightly confuses me, hopefully you can clear it up for me. (Using 1809)

    I simply went into the user setting and changed to groups, and this worked for me, what is the use case for creating a catalog at all? If it works simply through the settings, why is the catalog creation needed?



    • Hi Michael,


      Catalog and Target mapping work if you wish to set this option as a standard setting for all users, starting on 1809 you can also use Launchpad Configuration Parameters.

      When you perform the change in your user settings, the change only applies to your user so it becomes a personalization option.



  • Hi,


    I did not create catalog but when I manually change the settings to "Show only one group at a time", only one group is displayed. After I refresh the page, all groups are displayed and this issue is quite sporadic. Any suggestions pls ?