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UX Myopia

Technologies are the pillars of the current business world. The growth of every business needs to be supported by the technology underneath. In the age of the internet, Information Technology is taking up the majority of the technology space within the organizations. Every business is investing millions of dollars to build a robust and agile IT ecosystem. At the same time, invest an equal amount to secure that ecosystem from unethical data hackers. The essence of all the investment in terms of people and money in IT to achieve greater returns at reduced cost. This principle of investment has ensured constant evolution of new breed of technologies with each promising a better results than the previous ones. The number of extinct technologies could rival the number of extinct species. The main factor of technologies which have been obsolete is mainly due to the shallow view of its purpose. UX is one of the new trends in IT ecosystem.


Wikipedia: Near-sightedness, also known as short-sightedness and myopia, is a condition of the eye where light focuses in front of, instead of on, the retina. This causes distant objects to be blurry while close objects appear normal.

Turning back the clock by 5 years. SAP NetWeaver with its fridge stack of products was touted as the one stop solution for all IT needs. It had everything from portal to warehouse, from XI to CAF. Shai Agassi championed the cause and drove it to its peak. Many clients invested in it. I was one of those developers who was mesmerized by the vision. I felt that this stack would rule the IT world. Right now, we do not even mention the word NetWeaver. Referring to the famous article by Theodore Levitt, “Marketing Myopia”, SAP and its partners made the classic mistake of make it product focused rather than keeping it customer focused. All the investment in the product and with the advent of cloud, everything went bust.

UX is positioned as a design process. As long as UX remains a design process it will survive. If we chose to identify UX with a product then we risk the fate met by other products. Soon it will go extinct and be replaced by a new one.

UX Ubiquitous

UX is prevalent in every sphere of our life. It exists in our remote which makes access to entertainment content at the click of a button. UX exists in the mobiles which ensures that anyone and everyone can use it without a manual. UX is in clip arts which simplify the presentations to communicate in a simpler way to wider audience.

UX is not restricted to a User Interface. UX is not restricted to the speed of page being loaded. UX is actually a superset of User Interface, Performance, Design, Simplicity and much more. UX is holistic view of the solution to the customer and the difference it brings in the experience of the customer.

UX requires us to live the life of customer and identify the pain points in an impartial way but with a futuristic vision. Our knowledge and wisdom of the IT future should be used to guide the customers in the right direction. It should not be just about our first deliverable.

The End is never too Far

UX is being lost in translation. In every project and discussion it is being looked at a nice feature. Instead of being the driving force of the solution development it has become one of the activities being performed prior to delivery.

Design process like all processes are compromised as it is not a tangible entity. Due to its intangible nature we are losing the message and significance of its purpose. If we continue down this road, UX is meet the end met but its predecessors.

The opinions expressed in this blog are personal. 

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