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SAP Business Warehouse LIVE Analysis with SAP Lumira discovery 2.0 – an Overview

This blog is part of blog series: What’s New with SAP BusinessObjects Lumira 2.0

SAP announces the release of SAP Lumira 2.0 which is a combination of Discovery (previously known as Lumira Discovery) and Designer (previously known as Design Studio). With Lumira 2.0 some of the key functionalities are delivered all set to enhance the Lumira experience for Discovery and designer users:

  • Interoperability between Discovery and Designer.
  • Enhanced User Experience.
  • SAP BW Live analysis.

This blog is intended to provide an overview of the BW live analysis capability of Discovery 2.0 with its rich set of feature support resulting in an enhanced and comprehensive BW live experience for Lumira users:


  • SAP Logon installed and BW server entries are added.
  • SAP UI Landscape.xml is supported.
  • To use managed connections in the desktop, you should have managed connection created with appropriate authorizations for BI platform users.


  • Support for direct and managed connections via BI Platform.
  • STS based single-sign-on via BI Platform.
  • Prompt merging.
  • Support for almost all BW BEx functionalities

Detailed workflows:

1. Connecting to SAP BW system from Discovery

Click on the Live option again the SAP BW in the Discovery 2.0 home page. You can connect to BW system either via direct connections or via managed connection. Direct connections use the SAPLOGON client installed and configured in the desktop. Managed connections use the OLAP connections preconfigured in BI Platform.

NOTE: STS/SNC are supported for single sign-on / security requirements. For more details refer:

Advantages of using managed connections:

  • Data is always secure and managed by BI Platform administrators.
  • IT can control the BI users to access the managed connections.
  • Achieving Single Sing on becomes easy.

For all the above reasons using managed connections is always advantageous over local / Direct connections.


  1. documents consuming BW Live connections using direct / local connections can not be published/saved to BI Platform.
  2. Managed connections of type Prompt are not supported for BW Live analysis.


Managed connections can be created in the Central Configuration Manager(CMC) of BI Platform as shown here:




clicking on the New Olap connection highlighted above, one can create managed connection in BI Platform by filling the relevant BW server details:

This connection will be listed in Discovery once logged on to BI platform for data acquisition. After selecting the connection, you can follow the below steps.


2. Listing of BW cubes/queries

After a successful logon to BW system either via BI platform or direct connections, following screen will list all the cubes and queries categorized as Roles/Info Areas. A search based on the description/technical name of the query is also possible.



Click OK once the selection is made.

3. BW Prompts

If the query has BW Variable prompts, they will be presented to the user at this stage.

User needs to answer the mandatory prompts.

NOTE: You can add another data after creating your BW online based document. in this case if the same variables are used in the query being added, Prompts will be merged.

Almost all variations of the prompts created in the Business Explorer are supported in Discovery. Eg: Single value, multiple value, hierarchy variables, hierarchy node variables, Formula variables etc…



4. Preview of data.

Once the prompts are answered, Lumira is now connected to SAP BW and a canvas is presented where analysis can be performed.

To get an initial preview of data, the dataset shown on the left side can simply be dragged-dropped on the Cross tab. insert a crosstab and drag drop the data source on it.

This is similar to Initial preview in the SAP Business Explorer


  1. Individual measures and dimensions can also dropped on the visualizations.
  2. All charts are supported for BW analysis as well.



5. Display Settings and Cross Tab:

By Default Cross tab supports all display formats defined for the query at the Business Explorer level. Eg: Scaling Factor, Highlighted Display, Reverse Sign, Number of decimals etc..


6. Query Functionalities and Cross Tab:

By default Cross tab supports the query functionalities such as Zero suppression, Conditions, Constant selection etc.. These properties are defines at the BEx query level.


7. Dimension and measure options:

Various options are available for data analysis on the crosstab for measures and dimensions.

Depending on whether a dimension is selected or a measure, the options vary.

Dimension options:

  • Display text, key, shot text, long text.
  • Hierarchy selection.
  • Selection of Totals.
  • Sort
  • Swap Axis etc.


Measure options:

  • Dynamic calculations
  • Keep Member on Axis
  • Number Format
  • Suppress Zeros in columns
  • Compact Display options.


Formatting Options:

Cross tab can also be formatted with host of Crosstab formatting options at header, cell and column level.


8. Hierarchy support.

Ability to select the BW hierarchy and select the levels of hierarchy is possible on the Crosstab. Cross tab represents the data in the hierarchical way depending the selected hierarchy.

NOTE: This is currently not possible with other visualizations.



9. Other analytical operations.

Discovery supports all other analytical features on the BW live data as well, ensuring the complete self service capabilities. Some of the commonly used analytical operations such as filters, ranking, reference line, sort, custom calculation, dynamic calculation etc..

Many of these operations can also be done on visualizations, where as crosstab supports all of them.

an example story board:



Advantages of BW Live

  • Calculations are delegated to BW server.
  • Data is always secured.
  • Enhanced support for BW Query functionalities.
  • Enhanced prompt/variable support.
  • Can be extended as a profession dashboard via Designer (seamless integration).



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      Author's profile photo Veekshitha Naveenachandra
      Veekshitha Naveenachandra

      Well explained. Thank you.


      Author's profile photo Ning Wang
      Ning Wang

      Very informative ! Can't wait to try out !

      Author's profile photo Zahid Yener
      Zahid Yener

      Nice blog.

      I have Lumira 2.0. I am trying to merge 2 bex queries with BW live connection, but I couldn't do it.

      Is it possible to merge 2 bex queries based on common dimensions when using BW Live connection?

      Is that supported in Lumira 2.0?

      Author's profile photo Srivathsa Gunda Dixit
      Srivathsa Gunda Dixit
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Zahid,

      If I am right your requirement is more of blending different queries into one visualization. This is not supported currently with 2.0 for BW Live. You can do this in BW and HANA import (offline) and HANA live as well.


      Srivathsa Dixit

      Author's profile photo Yoav Yahav
      Yoav Yahav

      Hi all,What are differences between BW live to BW import connectivity ?

      any differences in term of Lumira functionality ?





      Author's profile photo Mark Lail
      Mark Lail


      One difference that I've noted is that the BW import functionality is limited to 500000 cells.



      Author's profile photo Brian Aldrich
      Brian Aldrich

      Are BEx query conditions supported for other objects besides crosstab in Lumira 2.1?

      Author's profile photo Srivathsa Gunda Dixit
      Srivathsa Gunda Dixit
      Blog Post Author



      Right now this is only for Cross Tabs.



      Srivathsa Dixit