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Introducing SAP Leonardo

The newly launched SAP Leonardo isn’t just a product, it’s a “digital innovation system” to help organizations accelerate their digital transformation journey. Like the artist and scientist Leonardo Da Vinci, who centuries ago designed solar power and flying machines, SAP’s Leonardo “applies the force of digital technologies to the power of imagination to reinvent new business models”.

To find out more, I interviewed Mike Flannagan, Senior VP of Products for SAP Leonardo, at the recent SAPPHIRE NOW user conference event. I asked him to explain the new offer :

  • What’s the difference between a system and a product or platform?
  • What are the parts of the system?
  • Why is it more than just a bundle of products and services?
  • What are the steps from idea to solving business problems?
  • What are the “accelerators” in SAP Leonardo?
  • What is the role of analytics in SAP Leonardo?
  • The role of artificial intelligence and other fast-moving technologies.


To get more details, check out the official SAP Leonardo page or read the Q&A with SAP CEO Bill McDermott, as he explains what SAP Leonardo means to the overall strategy of SAP.

You can hear more from Mike Flannagan in this CxO Talk episode on Digital Transformation Data & Tech, interviewed by Michael Krisgman with Dion Hinchcliffe.


And if you’re attending the SAP Insider event next week in Amsterdam, you can see me presenting an overview session on Thursday, 15 June, 2017. 10:45 – 11:45 in room E106

Introducing SAP Leonardo

Becoming a digital business requires business model and business process changes that no single technology can deliver. SAP Leonardo brings industry-leading capabilities, solutions, and services together to provide the industry’s only Digital Innovation System — built to not only drive innovation as companies explore digital transformation, but also to scale that innovation and allow businesses to truly transform. Join this session to:

  • Hear how SAP Leonardo accelerates the time from which a business recognizes the need for digital transformation to having an active, working digital transformation solution
  • Learn about the components and technologies that make up SAP Leonardo
  • Get an understanding of how SAP Leonardo can help you to leverage your existing investments and extend their value


[This post first appeared on my Business Analytics and Digital Business Blog]

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  • I was very excited to hear about the new product - sorry digital innovation system - SAP Leonardo - which covers Machine Learning, Blockchain, Big Data and the Internet of Things.

    Digging a little deeper it appears that this is but one of many new SAP products (digital innovation systems) that deal with new technology.

    For example there is also SAP CLEA which is a digital innovation system which uses artificial intelligence to explore such topics as machine learning, blockhead and big daddy, and "thing" from the Addams Family.

    Other forthcoming SAP digital innovation systems will include, but not be limited to:-

    SAP Donatello - Self Driving / Flying Cars

    SAP Raphael - Hyperloop

    SAP Michaelangelo - Time Travel / Killer Robots

    SAP Shredder - Editable ALV Grids

    I for one cannot wait for these digital innovation systems to become available