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Using Fixed Value Selections in C4C Reporting

In C4C you can create custom reports where you can specify selection values that are fixed at design time and are not changeable during the runtime execution of the report. This can be done when defining custom reports, using ‘Set Fixed Value Selections’ in Step 4 of the Report creation.(Characteristic Properties)

For example, if a manager should see only the Opportunities of his Reporting Line, or an Employee who should see only those opportunities that he is responsible for, then

  • You would need to pre-populate the selection for the Employee characteristic and
  • Ensure that this is not changeable at runtime by the end user

This would be a use-case to have restrictions for the Employee ID on the report. By placing fixed value selections on the Employee characteristic, the system can determine which opportunities would be selected based on the person logged in and his ownership of the Opportunities, or his team’s ownership of the Opportunities, etc

One can argue that using Role Based Authorizations, you can restrict the data that the user is allowed to see. While this is true and highly recommended,r based authorizations would bring up say all opportunities that the user is authorized to see – including those where he is the employee responsible or has access to it by virtue of being in the associated account team or territory team depending upon how the access restrictions were set for his role. If you need it to be even more specific, to show only those reports where he is the Employee Responsible, you can use Fixed value selections as explained above

Similarly, if you want to show the results for a specific year only – eg: Current Year reports, then you can use the relative selects offered on the Date fields to pre-set the date field selection values which cannot be changed by the user

A lot of characteristics offer relative selects that can be used in Fixed Value Selections – Eg Sales Unit, Party ID etc. The cool thing is that although we use Fixed Value Selections, using a Relative Select option for a Fixed Value Selection, you are actually making it dynamic in nature while keeping the data controlled.

Eg: A fixed value selection for the Employee ID of Opportunities, where instead of specifying an actual Employee ID, you specify a Relative Select Option like ‘Employee – My User Name’. This makes the report dynamic in the sense that based on the logged in employee, the system would adapt to show the results where the logged in employee is the Employee Responsible.

User Tara logs in, and can see only those Opportunities where she is the Employee responsible

Similarly, for a logged in manager, if the relative select is ‘My Teams’, then based on the logged in employee, the system would dynamically resolve the team’s data to be retrieved.

User Tara logs in and now can see reports for her team (from the Org chart). In the following example, Anjana is the only employee who reports to Tara and has Opportunities


What’s even better is, that you can define your own custom relative selects, and use them for the Fixed Value Selections. Check out my blog for Custom Relative Selects here:


Defining Fixed Value Selections on Custom Reports would imply that these characteristics would not be available as a selection parameter for report execution since these have already been defined by the Admin during report creation. The report would be launched with the values already specified

Eg: Having specified Employee ID with Fixed Value Selections, this report does not allow the Employee ID characteristic to be pulled in as a selection parameter in the Web View of the Report




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      Author's profile photo Benjamin Moessinger
      Benjamin Moessinger

      Hello Vinita,


      Thanks for your blog! Do you have any information for me on how to define custom relative selects?

      Thanks a lot!




      Author's profile photo Vinita Sinha
      Vinita Sinha
      Blog Post Author


      Hello Benjamin,

      I was motivated to post a blog on Custom Relative Selects. Do check it out here




      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Vinita,

      Thanks for your blog. Can you please explain how to use "Using Variable" option on a characteristic while creating a custom report in C4C.


      Yash Piplani

      Author's profile photo Cristian Vivanco
      Cristian Vivanco

      Hi Vinita,


      in order to have a unique report filtered by  Fixed Value Selections,  I have trouble making it work for both a Manager and a Salesperson.   I want to keep only one report for both roles, but I can only set one value as Fixed Selection.

      • My Assigned Sales Units  -  For Salespersons to see their own opportunities
      • My Assigned Sales Organizations, or Functional Units in My Area  -  For Managers, so they can see all their teams opportunities.

      So far I'm doing it with two reports, wich is double work,  there must be a way to do it only once.

      Thanks for your help.




      Author's profile photo Saurabh Thakare
      Saurabh Thakare

      Hi Vinita Sinha,


      Thanks for sharing some useful information about Value selection, can you please share some details about value selection "Using Variable" .