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Author's profile photo Antonette Venter

SAPUI5 How To: Create a custom library and how to use the JS files in other apps

Hello guys

We have a few SAPUI5 apps and they share common code, so I will show you how to create a library and how to access it in your other apps.

Basically the Library is just a SAPUI5 app or normal BSP. We create all our files that we want to reuse and deploy them to the APAB server/ Gateway (as we would any other SAPUI5 app).

So let’s start.


We create the project, and inside it we create a JS file that looks like this:

], function (Object) {
	"use strict";    
   	return Object.extend("libraryApp.utilities.LoggedOnUser", {
   		getLoggedOnUser : function () {
   			console.log("Inside LoggedOnUser.getLoggedOnUser");
   			// your code here 
	  	      	return "Antonette Venter" ;

Now we want to reuse this function in all of our other apps:


First we have to register the path to our library app to be able to access the files inside it:


<!-- Init -->		
	// Register LibraryApp (to be able to access the functions in Component sap.ui.define)"libraryApp.utilities", "../zlibraryApp/utilities");
	// Load Component
	sap.ui.getCore().attachInit(function () {	        		        	
			], function (Shell, ComponentContainer) {
				new Shell({
					app: new ComponentContainer({
						name: "consumerApp", 					

Once registered, we will be able to access the files via Component:


   "libraryApp/utilities/LoggedOnUser"   // Here we define the JS files
], function (UIComponent, JSONModel, LoggedOnUserJS) {   // . . . and here
   "use strict";
   return UIComponent.extend("consumerApp.Component", {
	   id: "consumerAppId",
	   metadata : {
		   manifest: "json"
         * The component is initialized by UI5 automatically during the startup of the app (sap.ui.getCore().attachInit()) and calls the init method once.
         * @public
         * @override
		init : function () {
			//<!-------- Component and Router apply init ----------->

			console.log("Component Initialize");			
			// Call the init function of the parent			
			console.log("Component - before prototype.init.apply(this, arguments)"); 
			UIComponent.prototype.init.apply(this, arguments);		
			console.log("Component - after prototype.init.apply(this, arguments)");
			// Initialize Router
			console.log("Component - Router Initialize");

			//<!-------- Using the JS functions from libraryApp ----------->

            		this.getUser = new LoggedOnUserJS();  // Create new instance. Like new sap.m.Button
	            	// And now we can call the functons inside the JS file as we please :)


And there you go! 🙂

Please don’t be shy to comment if you have also found other ways to do the same thing.

To see how to reuse controls, check out this blog: SAPUI5 How To: Reuse parts of a SAPUI5 application in other/multiple SAPUI5 applications



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      Author's profile photo Hsia-Liang Tan
      Hsia-Liang Tan

      Nice Blog!!!

      Just to add one point, the library registration path can be done in manifest.json under sap.ui5>resourceRoots.


      The following is the answer from Wolf Gregor when I posted the question in OpenUI5 Slack:

      have you checked the resourceRoots section? Example:


      Author's profile photo Antonette Venter
      Antonette Venter
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Hsia-Liang

      I've tested it and it works. However when I read more about it I found this on

      "Map of URL locations keyed by a resource name prefix; only relative paths inside the component are allowed and no ".." characters

      This attribute is intended for actual sub-packages of the component only, meaning that it must not be used for the component namespace itself. The defined resource roots will be registered after the component controller is loaded and do not affect the modules being declared as dependencies in the component controller."

      We are using external libraries (".."), am I understanding this correct? Is it not really supposed to be used in this way inside Manifest?




      Author's profile photo Hsia-Liang Tan
      Hsia-Liang Tan

      Antonette:  the description sounds confusing. If is a sub-packages of the components then we can directly access without declaring in the resource root. Agree that it have to relative but doesn't make sense to me if this is intended only for subpackages.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Antonette,

      I'm wondering what happens when the custom library needs to be used in multiple controllers within the same application.

      Would a new LoggedOnUserJS need to be instantiated in each controller where it's used? And if so, what are the performance implications of that?

      Ideally with util libraries it would be best if they can be statically imported or instantiated only once.