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For most businesses, social media is one of the best tools for marketing and growth. Its explosion over the past few years has led companies to be able to connect with their audiences in ways that were never possible before, which doesn’t show signs of slowing down anytime soon. However, even with this growth and upward trajectory, not every company is able to convert sales from social. Why? Because social media isn’t a place to be ‘salesy.’


Converting sales from social is half science and half story. Quite simply, you’re going to need a captivating brand story and voice as much as you’re going to need the data on who to tell that story too. More, it’s also important to know where those people are viewing (as well as at what time and on what platform). And although this may sound like a complex process, software like SAP SuccessFactors can make it a breeze. Here’s why:



Allows People to Collaborate on Your Brand’s Story


Most businesses consider collaboration important, but when it comes to a brand story, that can be a touchy subject. After all, for owners, this is their baby, something they cherish and hold dear, so it’s no wonder why we don’t want anyone dictating how it should be told. However, when it comes to SuccessFactors, that process becomes much more transparent.


With SuccessFactors, users can collaborate on a cloud-based platform to define what posts should go on their social feeds. This leads to contributions from everyone, making an organic approach that is more authentic. Additionally, collaborators can structure their content strategy to defining a more clear brand voice, making all posts consistent with a central message. While it may seem like a more tedious or laborious practice, this will lead to much more success in the long run as it creates a layer of protection.


Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes a brand can make on social media is coming off as disingenuous, or even worse, out of touch with their audience. This can lead to not growing any traction or, even worse, being known as a “social media fail.”


I know it seems like a far stretch to think you might end up on Buzzfeed for a misspelled word (or even putting up something corny), but the internet can be a cruel, unpredictable world. However, having the right foundation and structure in place will not only have your team help write your brand story, but additionally bring a sense of consistency as well.



When It Comes to Social, Data is Key


Now that we have an understanding of how SuccessFactors can help out with the storytelling aspect of your social, let’s tackle the science of it- the data. Your data is going to tell you quite a bit about your audience, from where they’re located and what platform they’ve heard about you on, but additionally the type of device they were using as well as for how long. This information is critical in your social efforts as it creates a mechanism for which you utilize your posts to redeem the most success.


What makes SuccessFactors great in this area is its ability to display your data in a way that’s accessible to your entire team. This will be able to let you get started on where your posts have been most popular and to what time of audience.  From there, you can begin drawing out the types of content that have been most successful on what platform, as well as when to schedule postings. The overall goal here is to help make your process more efficient, saving you both time and money.


Mastering conversion on social is no easy task, but SuccessFactors can help make it possible. By creating a more efficient system that consistently targets the right audiences, you can begin developing relationships around your brand. This following (coupled with a consistent schedule of content) will turn your audience into a family, which could become one that sticks with you for life. It’s true that not every company is great at telling their brand story, but once you’ve found it, your social will turn customers into evangelists in no time.

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