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Social media has emerged as the dominant marketing arena for companies in all industries. As a result, adapting to these platforms is a necessity for the success of nearly any marketing strategy. Businesses that don’t incorporate social media into their strategy – and, more importantly, incorporate it well – run the risk of falling behind the pack.

Luckily, SAP SuccessFactors is right on trend by incorporating social media integration into many of its tools. To keep up with the social media explosion, it offers products to give companies an edge in their social media pushes. Here are some ways that SuccessFactors can give your social media marketing strategy a boost.

Better Understanding of Target Market

Personalized advertising is becoming a must in web-based marketing, as consumers are expecting more targeting to catch their attention. In order to create social media ads that target specific customer types, it’s important to first understand what those types are. Is your target market young partiers, Baby Boomers, or something else entirely?

Social media can provide great insights into how different groups are experiencing your product: their levels of satisfaction, what they find useful, and more. To help you gain these insights and attract the groups that will boost your revenues, the SAP Hybris Social Engagement Cloud will combine information pulled from customers’ social media presence with your CRM data to give you a better idea of who is buying your product or service – and how to get similar people to buy it, as well.

The Social Engagement Cloud brings together your data and social media data on customers in one view, provides you with a history of your customers’ interactions online, shows you their public profiles, and even figures out how much social influence their messages carry.  In essence, it pulls together a bunch of social media interactions to create customer profiles to help you decide who to target and how to target them.

Communicating with Customers

One of the best ways to attract and keep customers is by engaging with them directly whenever possible. Social media platforms like Facebook facilitate this interaction seamlessly, as customers can directly contact companies – and vice versa. It’s also important to pay attention to what they are thinking and saying about your brand and adapt accordingly. Since many customers air their thoughts on social media, tapping into their posts can give you some great insight to respond to potential complaints and protect your reputation.

However, if you have a lot of customers, it can get difficult to sift through all of the Tweets, tags, and mentions that your company might get. The Social Engagement Cloud helps companies with this communication overload by prioritizing and routing messages from Twitter and Facebook, as well as helping you create quick and effective responses to different types of messages. The social media monitoring tools in the Social Engagement Cloud collects and prioritizes product mentions, sentiments, and keywords to help you listen to your customers and respond to their needs.

The Social Engagement Cloud also allows you to organize all of your messages, assign them to team members, collaborate with others to improve response quality, and maintain consistency through approved templates. This will not only speed up your response time, but improve the quality of your responses to social media messages to increase customer satisfaction.

Better Metrics

At this point, many companies have hopped on the Big Data bandwagon to get social media information about customer purchases, location, interactions with their business, and more. Growth hacking is emerging as a popular strategy, which means that it’s important to understand which metrics are important and which ones are just noise.

The Social Engagement Cloud provides real-time insights into trends and topics being discussed by your customers, as well as gives you charts and dashboards to pinpoint important metrics to predict the success of certain marketing strategies. Even better, it helps you measure your team’s performance and even use social media integration to plan future marketing strategies based on these metrics.

Although social media is proving to be an ever-changing terrain for marketing teams, SuccessFactors can provide you with the tools you need for those necessary social media insights. Once you understand your target market, improve your engagement with your customer base, and thoroughly analyze your metrics, there’s no reason that your social media strategy can’t net you a stunning ROI.

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