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  1. Daniel Paulsen

    Thanks Bharath!  Great information.

    Previously, no matter what I put in for the “clientType”, my session was always “unknown” in the CMC and auditing logs.  This blog helped me resolve the issue with your important comment: “if Application registered in BOE then in CMC sessions – name of the application will display else it display as Unknown

    I found two links that explained and resolved this for me, so I’m providing them to help others understand that the client_id value is actually one of 25 fixed CUIDs in the database.

    I hope this helps,





    1. Mynarik Pavel

      Hi Daniel,

      could you please suggest what would be the process in case I’m using HTTP requests? How to get the correct clientType, please?

      Thank you very much.

      1. Daniel Paulsen

        Hi Munarik,

        Look at the table in the documentation link (sp04 Developer guide) above and you will see the cuids for the client types.

        if I want to use “Custom Application 12” (which has a fixed cuid of AZFkpRO4waBGvZNBt4R85YY) as my client type then I would log on using the following:

        POST   biprws/v1/logon/long


        <attrs xmlns="">
            <attr name="password" type="string">user1_secret</attr>
            <attr name="clientType" type="string">AZFkpRO4waBGvZNBt4R85YY</attr>
            <attr name="auth" type="string" possibilities="secEnterprise,secLDAP,secWinAD,secSAPR3">secEnterprise</attr>
            <attr name="userName" type="string">user1</attr>

        The session will show up as “Custom Application 12” in the cmc and audit logs

        The key is that you must use one of the fixed CUIDs that are registered with the CMS.




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