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S/4HANA Business Process Diagrams: don’t miss out THE BEST in the SAP Best Practices

I once read that “if you can’t explain simply that means you don’t understand well”.  Organizational business processes are complex and putting them on a paper is generally an art than a science without standardized Business Process Modeling(BPM) standards.

Business process modeling (BPM), also called process modeling, is the illustration or representation of an organization’s activity or set of activities that will help the organization achieve its goals.  In SAP implementations, it is a standard practice to map the current processes to create a baseline for future improvements.  Often referred AS IS and then draw the TO BE (which if the future state).

The key reason to do is to simply reduce the communication gaps across all levels of the organizations.  As simple mistakes, can be very costly as shown below.

NASA lost a $125 million Mars orbiter because one engineering team used metric units while another used English units…


If the business process is modeled correctly, then it would depict the activity, roles & responsibilities of each person/role (who starts it and who executes), input/output from each process step which would automatically reduce the communication gaps, improve efficiency and makes it easy to find opportunities for automation.


Process model should draw a balance between relationship and action, cognition and affect, message and medium.

                                                                Source: D. Te’eni, A cognitive-affective model of organizational communication for designing IT, MIS Quarterly 25 (2) (2001) 251–312.


For S/4HANA, look no further than best practices where SAP provides such process diagrams.  These can be used as starting point to understand the process, application/systems involved and roles that you need in the organization.

Process Diagrams in SAP S/4HANA Best Practices will jump start the discussion and keep all the stakeholders in the same page from business to IT. 

They also come with BPMN so you can download any modify with BPMN supported tool.  Here is how you can find them.

SAP Best Practices Explorer




I took an integration scenario between S/4HANA Cloud and SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer for example purposes only.  You take any best practice scope item, it usually comes with a very good business process diagram that should kick start your implementations and standardizes the enterprise knowledge like never before.


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  • Hi Bharath,

    Thanks for your sharing. Could you instruct me how to download it in BPMN file? I can open the process flow in htmp but don't know how to download. Thank you.


    Thinh Tran

    • Hi Tran,

      First, go to a specific scope item in a best practice package..for example:

      Then you will see process flow and process flow(BPMN2). Please click on the later and it will download it for you.

      Hope this helps


      Best Regards


  • Hi everyone

    we have tried to understand the direction of Best Practice process flows diagrams - we have reviewed most of S4Hana diagrams and they ALL use vertical/column swim lanes, while for many years we have used horizontal/row swim lane diagrams - could SAP Best Practice team clarify the Roadmap?