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Would you like to change the SRM product detail page to capture any kind of data from your users ? Do you consider using SRM for e.g. to order catering service along with food menu OR order Training with additional information ?

Welcome to SRM UI5 Dynamic Forms – Available with note 2484661 –  Configurable Form for catalog search,  in SRMNXP01 150, SRMNXP01 100

The dynamic forms are searchable in the catalog search in SRM UI Add-on shopping cart. These forms can either be generic forms, where the item is the form, or non-generic form, where the item is the catalog item, enhanced by the form tab.

The forms can be added to the shopping cart either through the item detail or from the search screen. If the user attempts to add the item to the shopping cart from the search screen, the generic form will pop up so the user can fill the form and add it from the item detail screen. For non-generic forms, the form will pop-up only if the form is mandatory.

Once the form is added to the shopping cart, the form is not available anymore and all subsequent changes to the fields should be done in the corresponding shopping cart item.

The filled forms can be saved and reused later. These saved forms are independent from any shopping cart. The user can reload the form and edit it before adding the form to the shopping cart. The user can also edit or delete the form in the saved form management view.


Report /SRMNXP/DELETE_DYN_FORMS allows an administrator user to delete saved forms based on dates, user or Form Id.


Generic Form


Non-Generic Form



Business Function: SRM_SSP_UX_INNOV_2


Implementation: Follow the steps mentioned in the implementation note 2484661

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