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The world is changing quickly and everyone seems to be more concerned with the environment than ever before. This could be for a number of positive or negative reasons, which isn’t really the point. We have to ask ourselves how we’ll accomplish our goals.
It’s not going to be easy. In fact, we’re talking about building billion dollar industries from scratch in some cases. In others, they’re scaling up at a rapid pace. Let’s look at the questions companies should be asking themselves.

Is There a Point of No Return?

SAP are the ultimate choice for any water company looking for an all-in-one software solution right now. What happens when there isn’t any fresh water left? Half the world will be living in water stress areas by 2030.
Our largest underground aquifers are losing more water than they’re taking in, which means our only solution is to make seawater drinkable at scale. Let’s figure out exactly how long we’ve got left before it’s too late.

Will This Even be Needed in the Future?

We’ve talked about seawater already, so let’s continue with it for a second. 97 percent of the water on earth is in the sea. Most of the remaining water is either icebergs or sitting on mountains.
It’s safe to say making seawater drinkable is needed, but that doesn’t mean every new eco-friendly idea needs to be turned into an industry. If technologies advance so much they possibly won’t be needed and businesses will waste billions of dollars.

How Much Capital Is Actually Needed?

A solar company isn’t a new thing, so homeowners tend to know the costs involved. Even large businesses working on massive things have simulated and tested projects, so they’ll be able to roughly predict costs.

It gets a lot harder as these projects keep expanding because it means you need to work out how much is needed over the course of multiple decades. Hopefully, new technologies like machine learning can help out. Streamlining of Windows driver programming in the recent years has made programming and analyzing the data significantly easier, thus speeding up the whole process.

Do They Have Their Ecosystem in Place?

A company doesn’t just come up with an idea and bring it to market, especially not the things we’re talking about. It means if they want to succeed they’ll need an ecosystem in place before they start doing anything.
Financial investors, insurance providers, potential partners, early adopter customers, and so much more. They do say it’s impossible to accomplish big things in life if you try to do everything on your own.

How Long Until We Make the Money Back?

It’s not only charities changing the world, but there is a big difference between for-profit and non-profit companies. One side will eventually want to make their money back otherwise it won’t necessarily be worth it.
Costs we can measure, like things in the supply chain will need to be streamlined. Even if rough estimates look good things should proceed. After all, if someone figured out how to store wave energy at profit it would be priceless.

It’s a Good Thing for SAP

SAP won’t have everything these companies need yet because they don’t necessarily exist. When they do and eventually become huge they’ll need all the enterprise software they can get their hands on. It will be interesting to see how and when software companies will react.

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