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Steps to create database, tables in SAP HANA Cloud Platform (formerly HCP).

First of all you need an account in SAP Cloud Platform (SAP CP), for that follow the below steps.

Step 1:

Go to Google and type SAP Hana Cloud Platform.

Step 2:

Click on HANA Trial- cloud.

Step 3:

Then you find a page like the below:

Step 4:

Click on Register.Then a page is opened like below.

Step 5:

Enter your details over there and accept the terms and conditions by selecting the two options which are under “Terms&Conditions.

Then you have got a screen like below.

Step 6:

Then a link is generated and you have got a mail, consisting of that link from SAP.

Click on the button “Click here to activate your account”.

Step 7:

Then you have got a page like below and click on “continue”.

Step 8:

You will get a “Logon” Page like below.(Provide your logon details in the corresponding fields like username, password).

Click on “Logon”.

Step 9:

Then you will get a message like-SAP CP Cockpit is loading…………

and a window is opened like the below image.Click on “close”.

Step 10:

After click on the “Close” button the webpage appears like below.

Step 11:

In Overview–>Click on Persistance–>select “Databases&Schemas”.

Step 12:

Click on Databases&Schemas. Then you found a window like below, which doesn’t contains any databases and schemas like “NO DATABASES OR SCHEMAS”.

Step 13:

Click on “New” to create a “DATABASE”.

Step 14:

After click on “New”, then a window is opened as follows:

Step 15:

Select Database System from the dropdown and select HANA MDC (<TRIAL>)

Step 16:

Give a Database ID, SYSTEM User Password and select DP Server “ON” and click on “SAVE”.

Step 17:

After click on “Save”, the database is created and you find that message in “Events”- consists of “Database ID”(Which you have given).

Step 18:

Click on your account number.

Step 19:

Step 20:

Click on your “DBSchema ID”.

Step 21:

When you click on “DB Schema ID”,then a page is appeared as below:

There are three links available.

They are as follows:

Administration Tools : SAP HANA Cockpit

Development Tools : SAP HANA Web-based Development Workbench

Education Tools : SAP HANA Interactive Education (SHINE)

Step 22:

Click on Administration Tools- “SAP HANA Cockpit”.

Then an alert message is shown. Click on ok–>Click on Continue.

Then a webpage is opened as below, which consists of SAP HANA Database Administration.

Step 23:

Go to your SAP CP Cockpit.

Click on Development Tools : SAP HANA Web based Development Workbench.

Step 24:

Provide your Username as “SYSTEM” and Password(Which is provided while creating your database) to Login to the Editor in Workbench.

Step 25:

SAP HANA Web based Development Workbench is opened.

Step 26:

Click on “Editor” or “Catalog”.

Step 27:

After creating a database instance on SAP HANA Cloud platform,while you are trying to access the “SAP HANA Web-based Development Workbench” link,you might be getting “403-Forbidden” error message.

Let’s resolve the issue by going through the steps from the beginning.

Step 28:

While facing an error like the above Click on “Security” in the workbench page and follow the steps as shown in the below screen.

Following screen will appear and you would need to select “Users” from the left side panel.

Then “Users” tab will be expanded, further you need to Click on “SYSTEM” as shown below, as a result role setting would appear.

Further, you would need to click on “+” sign (green colored) as shown below.

Then a screen appears like below.

Find Role” dialog box would appear, there you need to insert the phrase “sap.hana.ide.roles” to search and here we have to select “Editor”,”Catalog” .Then, press “OK” button to proceed further.


As you could see, the new roles are assigned, but yet to be saved, that’s why “SYSTEM” tab is highlighted in yellow color indicating unsaved changes made. So, press the “Save” button or (Ctrl+s).

You might cross check whether it’s save correctly or not by searching the roles in “Granted Roles” as shown in the following image.

That’s all we would need to do, while facing an error like “403 forbidden”,now you would be able to access “Editor” and “Catalog” tabs.

Step 29:

Now go to your “SAP HANA WEB BASED DEVELOPMENT WORKBENCH.” and select Catalog.

Then a page is opened like below.

On left side Select Catalog and right click on Catalog, you will find a Schema Click on that and Enter your new Schema name.

Then a new schema is created. In the following my Schema name is “firsttable”.

Click on that Schema name and select “TABLES”.

Right click on “Tables” and select “CONSOLE EDITOR”.

Then a screen appears like below on the right side.

On the “Console Editor” you can write the “Statements for table creation, insertion etc.,”.

like :

Creation:create table tablename(firstname varchar(20));

Insertion:insert into tablename values(‘deepthi’);

After creation of your table you can insert data into the table by providing an insertion statement in the console.

You can find the result like below after selection.

Selection:select * from tablename;

Step 30:


Right click on the highlighted icon.There you will find catalog and editor options.


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