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Hello community,

with SAP GUI for Windows 7.50 we have started the deprecation of the old themes “Classic” and “Enjoy” (including “Stramline” and “Tradeshow”). “Deprecation” means that we will not invest into these themes anymore and that we will remove them from the release following 7.50 (which is likely going to be called “7.60”).

This is intended as a heads-up information for all who are presently using “Classic” or “Enjoy”.

The remaining available themes will be:

  • SAP Signature Theme
  • Corbu Theme
  • Blue Crystal Theme
  • Belize Theme (also known as “Fiori visual theme for classical applications” – this theme can be used when running SAP S/4HANA 1610 and newer releases of SAPS/4HANA)

After the upgrade to SAP GUI for Windows 7.60 users who had selected “Classic” or “Enjoy” will get the default theme of the new release instead. This will likely be Blue Crystal Theme and Belize Theme (for SAP S/4HANA).

For compatibility reasons we will not apply any changes in release 7.50.

Our recommendation is to switch to one of the more modern themes as quickly as possible. The new themes offer multiple advantages over the old ones, like:

  • Better scalability (especially when it comes to the icons)
  • DPI awareness
  • Better integration with other SAP UI Frameworks (which never offered Classic or Enjoy anyway)

When running SAP S/4HANA 1610 we recommend using the Belize theme which introduces a really modern and Fiori-like look in SAP GUI:

Best regards,
Frank Krause

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    1. Frank Krause Post author


      Hello Christian,

      with SAP GUI 7.50 you can set different colors for your systems with Enjoy, Signature (since 7.30) and Blue Crystal (new in 7.50).

      Best regards,

  1. Joachim Rees

    Hi Frank,

    I’m not crying a tear for those old themes, so no problem getting rid of them! 🙂

    But: Why do you still keep Signature and Corbu around? Wouldn’t Blue Crystal and Belize be enough?!

    (I guess it’s because lot’s of customers still run on those old themes, and you don’t want to break them…. but would they really switch to the latest client then? Or just stick with the older ones, that still support old themes?)





  2. Fabio Giacobbe


    in 750 is still available to store login password?

    I had just installed 750 and I have some old shortcut with stored password, but now  doesn’t work!

    many thanks



    1. Frank Krause Post author


      Hello Fabio,

      please check our SAP Note
      146173 – SAPShortcut: Saving password in SAPShortcut – not recommended

      Storing passwords in SAP Shortcuts is technically still possible, but I do not think that this is a good idea. Anybody who has access to such a shortcut can log on to a system with your user. It is much better to use SSO solutions than to take such risks.

      Best regards,

    1. Frank Krause Post author

      Hi Abdulrahman,

      we do not plan to support Belize on older SAP products for multiple reasons:

      • Belize introduces new features only supported with a new SAP_BASIS release (the “FIORI_USAGE”). These features cannot be downported and without them Belize does not make much sense.
      • Belize introduces much more fundamental changes than the previous themes. One big aspect is the screen metrics, but there are others. Therefore we recommend to check and adopt applications before running them with Belize. At SAP we did this intensively for the S/4HANA applications and we modified a number of them.  These changes are only available for S/4HANA.

      Best regards,


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