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SAP GUI for Windows 7.60 will not feature Classic Theme and Enjoy Theme

Hello community,

with SAP GUI for Windows 7.50 we have started the deprecation of the old themes “Classic” and “Enjoy” (including “Stramline” and “Tradeshow”). “Deprecation” means that we will not invest into these themes anymore and that we will remove them from the release following 7.50 (which is likely going to be called “7.60”).

This is intended as a heads-up information for all who are presently using “Classic” or “Enjoy”.

The remaining available themes will be:

  • SAP Signature Theme
  • Corbu Theme
  • Blue Crystal Theme
  • Belize Theme (also known as “Fiori visual theme for classical applications” – this theme can be used when running SAP S/4HANA 1610 and newer releases of SAPS/4HANA)

After the upgrade to SAP GUI for Windows 7.60 users who had selected “Classic” or “Enjoy” will get the default theme of the new release instead. This will likely be Blue Crystal Theme and Belize Theme (for SAP S/4HANA).

For compatibility reasons we will not apply any changes in release 7.50.

Our recommendation is to switch to one of the more modern themes as quickly as possible. The new themes offer multiple advantages over the old ones, like:

  • Better scalability (especially when it comes to the icons)
  • DPI awareness
  • Better integration with other SAP UI Frameworks (which never offered Classic or Enjoy anyway)

When running SAP S/4HANA 1610 we recommend using the Belize theme which introduces a really modern and Fiori-like look in SAP GUI:

Best regards,
Frank Krause

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      Hello Kumar,

      yes, SAP GUI for Windows 7.50 is available for download on SAP Support Portal since 10th of May 2017.

      Just go here:

      Best regards,

        • Hi,

          SAP GUI for Windows 7.60 is planned to become available in late February 2019.
          However, as usual, we won't guarantee this.

          Best regards,

      • An old question: Is, or will the GUI ever be available for download without an S-ID?

        This is really frustrating, as people don't always have S-IDs, or sometimes only S-IDs without download capability (as is the case for me now). But I'd still like to get the latest GUI patches for use with my own developer system.

        • Hello Mike,

          no, this is not going to happen as far as I can see. The license conditions for SAP GUI demand that you are an SAP customer to be eligible to download SAP GUI.

          Best regards,

          • Thanks for the feedback. But it seems to be a somewhat arbitrary license restriction.

            I mean, why? Firstly, it is possible to obtain it from SAP without a customer license, as it is included in several other free packages I can get with a P-user. But it may be a slightly outdated version or not the platform I want.

            Secondly, if someone really wanted to get it, a copy can be found on the internet. So the license won’t stop anyone from getting a copy if they really wanted it. It just makes it risky as we’d potentially be downloading it from an unknown source.

            So… what is the point? As a non-customer I can run a trial version of NetWeaver, so I’m licensed to use it but not download? I’m licensed to download it as part of a bigger package, but heaven forbid I might want to apply a patch?

            Of course I understand it’s not your rules, so my ‘rant’ is more at your bizarre legal setup.

          • I fully agree with Mike! I'm an independent SAP consultant (for decades now!) and run into the same issue also so once in a while. SAP as a company is annoyingly complicated to work with! SAP can learn from Microsoft in this respect. Take for example SQL Developer, it's a full functioning free download of their database. I have no clue why SAP doesn't get this.


      Hello Christian,

      with SAP GUI 7.50 you can set different colors for your systems with Enjoy, Signature (since 7.30) and Blue Crystal (new in 7.50).

      Best regards,

  • Hi Frank,

    I'm not crying a tear for those old themes, so no problem getting rid of them! 🙂

    But: Why do you still keep Signature and Corbu around? Wouldn’t Blue Crystal and Belize be enough?!

    (I guess it's because lot's of customers still run on those old themes, and you don't want to break them.... but would they really switch to the latest client then? Or just stick with the older ones, that still support old themes?)





  • Hello,

    in 750 is still available to store login password?

    I had just installed 750 and I have some old shortcut with stored password, but now  doesn't work!

    many thanks




      Hello Fabio,

      please check our SAP Note
      146173 - SAPShortcut: Saving password in SAPShortcut - not recommended

      Storing passwords in SAP Shortcuts is technically still possible, but I do not think that this is a good idea. Anybody who has access to such a shortcut can log on to a system with your user. It is much better to use SSO solutions than to take such risks.

      Best regards,

    • Hi Abdulrahman,

      we do not plan to support Belize on older SAP products for multiple reasons:

      • Belize introduces new features only supported with a new SAP_BASIS release (the "FIORI_USAGE"). These features cannot be downported and without them Belize does not make much sense.
      • Belize introduces much more fundamental changes than the previous themes. One big aspect is the screen metrics, but there are others. Therefore we recommend to check and adopt applications before running them with Belize. At SAP we did this intensively for the S/4HANA applications and we modified a number of them.  These changes are only available for S/4HANA.

      Best regards,

    • Hello Vikas,

      sure, this is a normal feature which is part of the options dialog and can be rolled-out via distributing a registry value (for example via a script action in the installation package defined with NWSAPSetup).

      The SAP GUI Administration Guide explains which registry value is needed:

      "Accept SAP Fiori visual theme"

      [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SAP\General\Appearance]AcceptFioriTheme (REG_DWORD) [Default: 1] {0; 1}

      The administration guide also explains how to use the read-only feature to make individual options disabled if you want to do that.

      Best regards,

      • Thanks Frank . . ..


        I have a New Question related to SAP GUI 7.5 .


        Can we Remove Registry keys as well whenever we uninstall Previous version of SAP GUI and Install SAP GUI 7.5 .


        Let me elaborate more : We have Installed SAP GUI 7.4 in a Machine where we added some customizing script. we want whenever we uninstall any older version of SAP GUI it deletes the entries in Registry keys as well .

        Can we do it using Scripting ?


        • Hi,

          NWSAPSetup offers features that allow you to add specific actions to installation packages. This can for example be the creation of registry keys / values.

          In my opinion your should investigate this option. The SAP GUI Installation Guide and the documentation available in an SAPSetup Installation Server will help you.

          Best regards,

    • Hello Marcel,

      we are thinking about introducing an option for bringing back the icons in header and footer in Belize theme. However, if this comes, it will only come for a new release.

      There are quite different opinions on whether these icons increase usability or not, but my personal opinion is that we should better give power users the choice.

      Best regards,

      • It would be great, if the icons come back. First time i saw the new theme (belize), i said to me: "they forget the icons", but then i read the release notes. Because of missing icons, i do not use this theme.

        • I definitely agree with empowering users by providing the option of the reintroducing the icons.

          Some users prefer to have as many functionalities within the same screen (i.e. icons) which can be faster to navigate for experienced users while others may prefer clarity with the menu text (i.e. current Belize).

          So, having an option will definitely be great.

          • Hi all,

            we have just finished the implementation of the return of the icons in Belize theme for SAP GUI for Windows 7.60. Since this indeed has a very positive effect for users, we will make this the default in SAP GUI for Windows 7.60 (however, there is an option to turn off the icons if you want).

            Best regards,


    • Hello Sebastian,

      you won't have to miss Classic, because we have decided to keep supporting and shipping this theme. However, we will remove the Enjoy modes (Enjoy, Streamline, Tradeshow).

      The decision to keep Classic in was taken based on feedback of users who like Classic and it is also based on the fact that we ourselves almost gain nothing from removing that theme.

      Best regards,

  • Nice Blog!


    One question: How to increase the number of items in tables and ALV lists on the belize? This is just counter-productive if you ask me as users need to do more navigation to enter / view the same data.

    • Hello Nisheeth,

      unfortunately, there is no way to achieve this unless you reduce the font size in the SAP GUI settings. The metric of the Belize theme was designed to be relatively big and the visual effect of this change is indeed quite strong. On the other hand this reduces the amount of data on the screen. This is why we implemented a different line height for tables, ALVs and ABAP lists in Belize (26pixels instead of 32pixels).

      So this is desired by our designers.

      Best regards,

  • Hello Frank Krause,

    Is there any way we can get this new version of GUI since we are planning to upgrade our SAP GUI for more than 1500 users at a time?

    If yes, Can you please send me direct message that would be helpful.

    Thank you







    • Hello Patel.

      SAP GUI for Windows 7.60 will be shipped on 25th of February 2019. On this day it will appear on SAP Support Portal and we will send out a notification via our WIKI page:

      Best regards,


  • Hi friends, first sorry for the bad english. The SAP GUI status bar has a Turkish character problem. As shown in the picture. Is there a way to fix or hide this part? This only appears in Belize Theme. Other themes do not appear in this article. Thank you for your help.

    • Hello Abdullah,

      I could reproduce this issue in a non-Unicode system.
      I guess your system is non-Unicode, right?

      To answer your question: This text cannot be removed.
      But of course we need to fix this issue, because it is a SAP GUI bug.

      If you want, you can create a customer incident on component BC-FES-GUI for this.

      In any case I will follow-up on this through what we call an "internal incident" so that the issue is getting fixed (I hope for 7.60 PL2).

      Best regards,

  • Hi Frank,


    I am a China SAP consultants. There is a demand, can I have a demand side is will be hidden GUI menu bar and toolbar, by setting the or code implementation, like OFFICE hide the top menu bar and toolbar.

    Looking forward to your answer.

    • Hello hejin,

      I am not sure whether I understand your request correctly.

      1. Menu bar. Can be hidden already today in Belize theme. Actually it is not displayed anyway until patchlevel 1. As of patchlevel 2 the user / admin can configure whether the menu is supposed to be displayed in Belize or not.

        When SAP GUI is embedded in SAP Business Client, the menu bar is not shown anyway, because SAP GUI does not have a caption in this case.

        In standalone case hiding the menu bar will not give you any additional space, because the menu bar is part of the caption and this cannot be removed (is required for moving the window and other actions).

      2. Toolbar (I guess you refer to the header toolbar).

        Hiding the toolbar is possible in Classic Theme, but honestly speaking, I doubt that you can use many applications without the header toolbar. You would have no access to menus navigaton functions and the most important application actions. Therefore, I see no need to do this.

        However, with SAP Screen Personas, you can also hide the bars in application specific flavors.

        And in case you were talking about a way to collapse / expand the section: No, this is not planned at the moment.

      Best regards,



  • I would like to state that every new design and upgrade is an DOWNGRADE. User cannot find easy access to perform the setup this is as first. As second we are creating instruction for our users or new users, doing print screens and you with your new themes just destroyed all the hard work. Thank you for that. So now I will ask SAP developers where is the print screen instruction for each setup in SAP so that we can teach our employees???

    • Hello Jan,

      this is why we still have the following themes (and presently have to plan to eliminate them):

      • Classic
      • Signature
      • Corbu
      • Blue Crystal

      It is simply a fact that each additional SAP GUI theme that we produce has a cost:

      • Additional complexity in the code
      • Additional resource and memory consumption

      If we just keep creating new themes and do not remove something from time to time, we will get slower and slower. And as you can imagine, it is not an option to not deliver new themes, because SAP GUI must at least look similar to other SAP applications and must integrate well for example into SAP Business Client / FLP.

      Enjoy is the first theme that was removed and this theme stayed around for about 20 years. Since then there was no need at all for updating end user documentation (remember that you can roll-out SAP GUI with a default theme of your own choice).

      And let's be honest: If you look at other products like Microsoft Office for example you will also find that the way this looks and behaves has fundamentally changed during that time. You just can't freeze your application in a state from 20 years back.

      Best regards,

  • I'm really sad and angry with the disappearance of Enjoy Theme.

    All modern themes are monochromatic, they all have only different shades of the SAME color and are not editable, it's really dull and annoying!

    I kept using Enjoy theme just because I could have 2 different colors in the window (default theme was blue and creme).

    I wish I could edit Belize theme colors, just like I always did with Enjoy theme, is this possible?


  • Hi Frank,

    Very nice article!

    We are in the process of updating the sap gui to 760 to the user base in our company. We are doing a pilot now of a set of users, but what we observe is that for some users, after the update, they are getting the new Belize theme, but for some of them their default SAP Signature theme is retained. We want to make sure that all of the users have belize theme. is it possible?


    Please note that I have included the setting to use Belize in the installation package




  • Enjoy Theme was the best, you could apply a clearly different Color to a lot of Systems.

    In signature theme it is not so clearly different. The Pastell Colors look much the same, especially in Windows-Taskmanager.

    It was a fool idea to discontue Enjoy Thema.

    Yours. G. F.