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What is SAP Business Planning and Consolidation 11.0, version for SAP BW/4HANA

What is it?

SAP BW/4HANA – The NEXT GENERATION OF DATA WAREHOUSE – has been available since September 2016.   Most are aware of the benefits of SAP BW/4HANA by now= you may have noticed that with all the benefits of the new data warehouse platform, there was no mention of a very important piece of functionality – planning and consolidation

The good NEWS is that a new release of SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (aka SAP BPC) is now available on this state of the art data warehouse – SAP Business Planning and Consolidation 11.0, version for SAP BW/4HANA!

Some important points about this new release of SAP BPC:

  1. SAP BPC, version for SAP BW/4HANA (will be referred as BPC BW/4HANA for the rest of this blog) is a brand new release of SAP BPC, it is not a successor to BPC, version for SAP NetWeaver or BPC, version for the Microsoft platform
  2. The 11.0 release offers Planning and Consolidation capabilities via the standard and embedded model. Much of it is based on functionality from BPC NW. There are some additional enhancements to be discussed later
  3. Due to the fact that it’s BW/4HANA platform which leverages the SAP HANA database, BW-IP is no longer supported, and the BPC Standard model requires the SAP HANA platform


Initial release of SAP BPC 11.0, version for SAP BW/4HANA was planned for June 20th 2017 and it will be followed by another three support packages until the end of 2017 (subject to change). Incremental changes can be expected within those SPs.


What’s the relation to S/4HANA?

A frequently asked question is, how does BPC for BW/4HANA relate to S/4HANA and BPC optimized for S/4HANA? Let’s start with below diagram

  • The left grey box is S/4HANA with an ‘Embedded BW’ which include BPC 10.1 NW as planning and consolidation engine. It’s based on BW 7.5x(BW 7.51 for S/4HANA 1610 and BW 7.52 for S/4HANA 1709) which on SAP NetWeaver platform.
  • The right blue box is SAP BW/4HANA with add-on SAP BPC version for BW/4HANA installed.
  • BPC for BW/4HANA and S/4HANA  are on separate platforms – BPC for BW/4HANA is ideal for customers looking for a standalone deployment of BPC, leveraging BW4HANA, that can integrate with S/4HANA and other systems/data and BPC NW embedded within S/4HANA is for S/4HANA customers seeking real-time planning and consolidations on their S/4HANA data

What are the main new Features and Benefits of BPC for BW/4HANA?


  • Following the trend of BW/HANA, BPC for BW/4HANA focuses on simplifying the backend core as well as frontend
  • Simplify the ad-hoc reporting with query enhancements in SAP BusinessObjects Analysis for Office
  • New web worksheet concept is introduced to simplify web reporting/planning objects. Within one worksheet, you can have multiple grids and charts for reporting and data input
  • Simplified data integration to reduce the effort and time it takes to load data from external sources into BPC

Modern Interface

  • Deeper integration with SAP Analytics Cloud allows business users to quickly sync data back and forth between SAP Analytics Cloud and BPC. This also enables BPC BW/4HANA customers to leverage SAP Analytics Cloud web client as an alternative option for both planning and analysis with BPC data.

  • Beautiful, brand new  HTML5 web interface provides a fresh new look and feel. new menu and bread crumb navigation  helps user to jump between different features with fewest clicks
  • Brand new home page including nicely pinned  tiles for charts, quick access to any object and page via ‘Favorites’ and personal activities ordered by time. In additional, users can personalize the home page by re-ordering and re-sizing.

  • New concept of web worksheet allows having multiple reports, input forms and charts.
  • Re-signed ‘My Activities’ and BPF workspace design time.



  • Push down query formula operations to SAP HANA
  • Further push down of FOX formulas to SAP HANA
  • Using advanced Data Store Objects (aDSO) and composite providers and no longer InfoCubes and classic DSO’s


Which Excel client shall I use?

SAP Analysis for Office 2.4 SP03(onwards) is the Excel add-in for BPC for BW/4HANA.

  • EPM Plug-in used for BPC Standard models
  • AO Plug-in e used for BPC Embedded models
  • Note, the EPM Add-in 10.0 is no longer supported on BPC BW/4HANA


Regarding how  to move an existing BPC NW deployment to BPC BW/4, we are currently investigating a conversion tool. More info to follow in a later blog..


Additional information:

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  • Classic BPC and Embedded BPC is quite different from each other though the end results is same . so I really hope that both planning and consolidation is available for Embedded version .

  • Hi William,,

    Is the BPC embedded on BPC 11.0 still based on BI-IP? Or a similar planning engine that is specific to BW/4.

    Many thanks





    • Hi Jingjing,

      BPC embedded is more based on BW-PAK the HANA accelerated vesion of BW-IP.  And it’s still the case for BPC 11.0. Means existing BPC embedded customer of BPC NW can be easily converted to BPC 11.0 for BW/4HANA.

      Best regards, William

  • Hi William,

    Thanks for the great blog!

    Will there be BI content similar to “SAP Business Planning & Consolidation for S/4HANA” on “SAP Business Planning & Consolidation for BW/4HANA” ?



    Mel Calucin


    • Hi Mel Calucin,

      As stated in the blog, the BW under S/4HANA is the embedded BW coming together with NW underneath. While BPC 11.0 is built on BW/4HANA which is on different platform. So far, on similar content will be delivered on BPC 11.0 as there is no S/4 integration there yet.

      Best regards, William

  • Hi Wiliam,

    When BPC 11 for BW/4HANA it will be released? Currently is not available to download in the SAP Support Portal.



    • Hi Andrea,

      In fact, it’s already there for download, probably you need proper software license for that.

      Best regards, William

  • For Hybrid Scenarios (BPC 11 and SAC) what are the licensing  implications?


    License for BW/4, BPC 11 (or original NW?), SAC and then I assume BPC licenses will include use of SAP Analysis?


    Am I missing anything or is the above accurate?

  • Hi William,

    BPC 11.0 has end of maintenance of 09/30/2019.  I assume between now and 09/30/2019 there will be a new version of BPC.  What will it be?  BPC 11.1?  BPC 12.0?  When will this new version be out?



    Mel Calucin

  • Hi Mel,

    Current EOM is based on underlying platform BW/4HANA 1.0 which is also maintained until end of 2019.  But there will be future release of BW/4HANA( for example 2.0 planned). And based on current plan, BPC 11.0 will also support that new BW/4HANA version, and EOM of BPC 11.0 will extended by then accordingly.

    Best regards, William

  • Hi William,

    Thank you for your share.I have a question on the relation between BPC for BW/4HANA and S/4  . Our company just as you mentioned above,S/4  and BPC for BW/4HANA are standlone platform,they share one common hana datastore.The question is how can i get data from s/4,such as account charts、entities and so on?I have configured the connection bw/4hana to s/4 using [rsa1] adminstration source system ,the connection is ok,but i still have no data in bpc.Need i use BPC For S/4 in order to integeration?I puzzled the master data acquisition,hope for your reply,thanks.



    I want to know if my customer has data sources from ECC (oracle), ECC (on HANA) and S4 HANA- can we have real time data from all of these with BPC 11?



    • Hi Tanya,

      NO, only BPC 11.0 supports BW/4HANA, BPC 10.1 is still on BW 740/750. License for BPC 11.0 is different from license for BPC 10.1.

      Best regards, William

  • Hi WIlliam,


    What are the features of BPC 11 that are not supported in BPC 10.1? I understand that BPC 11 can be installed only on top of BW/4 HANA.

    You have mentioned three advantages but I don’t see them as an advantage over BPC 10.1 as such.  BPC 11 seems to be a replica of BPC 10.1 on BW 7.5 On HAHA exclusively for customers having BW/4HANA


    The points you mentioned are also valid for BPC 10.1 on BW 7.5 On HAHA. So what is the advantage here?

    Modern Interface

    SAC can very well connect to BW 7.5. What are the SAC features (specific to planning) that work on BW/4HANA but not on BW 7.5 on HANA?

    Is there any improvement in UI5 interface here compared to BPC 10.1?


    The points you mentioned are also valid for BPC 10.1 on BW 7.5 On HAHA. Advanced DSOs are available in BW 7.5.  So what is the advantage here?


    Could you please clarify on this points?




    • Hi Anup,

      From Ux perspective, we renewed the entire UX with new design language, that’s unique in  BPC 11.

      Regarding performance, it comes naturally with BW/4HANA itself comparing to BW 7.50(or lower). n addition, BW/4HANA is much more powerful at data integration area.

      One thing important for BPC standard is, with BPC11.0 on BW/4HANA, we can leverage BW archiving framework including NLS natively thanks to BW/4HANA enhancements.


      Best regards, William

  • Dear William,


    1st of all great Blog as usual,


    Now i need to ask about the Upgrade Path from BW on NW 7.50 with BPC 10.1 Standard  to BW4hana BPC 11.0


    Many Thanks In Advance.




    • Hi Ahmad,

      For upgrade/conversion, please refer to my another blog


      Best regards, William

  • Hi William Yu,


    Till last week we were used BPC for S/4 HANA(1605), but now client decided to go with BPC for BW/4HANA.

    Now our problem is how we can get the standard queries like /ERP/SFIN_AXXX and /ERP/COOM_AXXX. into BPC BW/4 HANA system? and how we can replicate data from S/4 HANA to BW/4 HANA.


    Could you please explain.




    Thanks and Regards,


    • Hi Harish,

      At this moment, S/4HANA is not running on BW/4HANA at all. So all S/4 related BW contents are not available in BPC 11.0 platform. Queries as you mentioned can’t be directly recreated in BPC 11.0.

      You need to configure data loading process to load S/4 data into BW/4HANA and then to BPC the same way as traditional standard alone BPC deployment besides a ERP system.


      Best regards, William

  • Hi William,

    We are planning do only financial planning using embedded scenario. Now, we have two option BPC embedded on S/4 HANA and BPC 11 on BW/4 HANA.   Which is the best approach considering future changes?

    Best Regards,


    • Hi Veera,

      If real time and directly consuming ERP data is the key, deploy BPC optimized for S/4 is a good option.


      Best regards, William

    • Hi John,

      BPC 11 is only available on BW/4HANA, but not BW 7.5. To do the upgrade, you can simply use backup and restore tool to take environment from BPC 10.1 and restore it into BPC 11 system. For more detail, please refer to my another blog:


  • Hello, I have the following questions, the standard version for consolidation we use a consolidation model and to do the planning a financial model is normally used, but with BPC embedded, now the planning do it in BPC embedded.

    With this version according to what I understood BPC embedded (BW-IP) no longer exists, my question is, if with this new version for both consolidation and planning it is use the traditionals models in BPC? o Does BPC 11 use a new way of working these points?


    • Hi, I really don’t get your question… same as BPC 10.1 NW, we can do both planning and consolidation with either standard model or embedded model in BPC 11.0.

  • Hi William,

    I have a question about the consol engine. On BW 7.5 BPC Embedded, (on HANA) the consolidation engine still ran in the ABAP layer. Although BW-PAK calculations still ran fast, the consolidation still takes a while to run through 500k records for 12 periods. (10 mins on occasion).

    Does BPC 11 based on BW4HANA actually perform the calculations in the ABAP layer still, or is this now pushed into the HANA db?

    Many thanks


    • Hi Tim,

      To me, it’s not easy to compare performance between planning engine and consolidation engine directly, as the consolidation logic sometimes can be quite complex indeed. Of course, anything runs directly on in-memory DB is usually faster then abap layer by default.

      At the moment, consolidation logic is still running on abap with BPC 11.0.

      Best regards, William

  • William,

    Details on the web worksheet is only addressed in the BPC 11 Application Help for the Standard Configuration.  Is it (or will it) be available to the Embedded Configuration as well?



    • Hi Suprapto,

      As far as I know, there is no content been delivered for BPC 11.0 at the moment.

      Best regards, William

  • Hi William,

    is it possible to move components from a BPC 10.1 embedded config on S/4 HANA  to a new BPC 11.0 on BW/4 HANA (similar to ‘remote conversion’)? What about the HANA-Views on InfoObjects and ACDOCA, can those be reused or do they have to be rebuilt completely from scratch in the BW/4 enrivonment?

    Thanks and best regards, Christoph

  • Hello Mr. William Yu and Community,
    What is the best practice to deploy the BPC11 Web and FIORI part of the SAP CAL Server package ?[BW4HANA SP05 , A4H server. and BPC11 SP01 ]

    BPC consists of a web client app and its Client is normally kicked-off via FIORI LPD.

    How can we configure it to do so please? I looked over here, but there is no documentation.
    The FIORI and BPC parts in out-of-box CAL deployment on AZURE are not active/not working, although it is called BW4HANA for BPC.
    The A4H , BW server , RDP access and SAP GUI are working very good!
    What precise steps should be followed please to deploy BPC11 kick-off and FIORI?

  • Hi William,

    We want to upgrade to BW/4HANA with the BPC add-on, the embedded BPC version.
    Currently we have BW-IP 7.5 on HANA.

    In presentation ANA212 – conversion paths to SAP BW4HANA there is a slide ‘From: SAP BW-IP To: SAP BPC 11.0 Embedded’
    with a check mark beneath In-Place/Shell conversion and the mentioned tool ‘Transfer cockpit’.

    SAP note 2189708 mentions under d. SAP BW-IP can be converted to SAP BPC 11.0, version for SAP BW/4HANA embedded model using a remote or
    shell conversion.

    The simplification list for SAP BW/4HANA mentions that with program RS_B4HANA_CONVERSION_CONTROL the planning objects can be converted to BW/4HANA.

    My question:
    Can we use an in-place conversion or must we use a shell or remote conversion?

    In-place has the benefit of converting with the other BW objects in 1 system.
    So this is what we prefer.

    Thank you for above clarifications,
    Best regards,
    Eelco de Vries