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BusinessObjects Analysis for Office 2.5 – a First Look

Analysis Office 2.5 is in Early Adopter Care, formerly known as “ramp-up”. You can review the What’s New guide in the SAP Help too.

SAP Analytics Cloud

You can now consume native SAP Analytics Cloud models using Analysis Office 2.5, and set up system connections

Here’s the SAP Analytics Cloud model “Best run demo”

After setting up the connection to SAP Analytics Cloud, I can search for the “Best run” model and report on it using Analysis Office 2.5:

Again, these are “native” models, meaning you cannot consume BW-based SAP Analytics Cloud models (but in that case, I would just use Analysis Office 2.5 against BW anyway).  This is a nice new feature for Analysis Office

Lumira Designer

One of the features that SAP promotes with 2.0 is “interoperability” between the tools.  You can export from Lumira Designer to Analysis Office


First you create a technical component in Lumira Desiger to “export AO”


Then create a button and corresponding script to export:

After exporting the application to Analysis Office, you can launch Analysis Office:


Technical Configuration

You can change settings now within Analysis Office instead of the XML file:

You can filter the settings


Scaling Factors in Conditional Formatting

After defining conditional formatting, you change the scaling on a measure and it should apply same as before:

Before scaling change – notice how item over budget is highlighted in red, no scaling:

After scaling change:

Item is still highlighted in red.


Recent List for Data Sources

There is a tooltip providing more information about recent list for data sources – technical name and system


If you want to find out more details, please register for the June 8th ASUG webcast What’s New in Analysis Office 2.5 

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  • Not in the 2.5 release.  You can review the official roadmap at,%20edition%20for%20Microsoft%20Office%20Road%20Map.pdf (S-user required)

  • The official roadmap doesn't mention LiveOffice integration at all. Also the roadmap for LiveOffice doesn't say anything about it. Is this plan still active?

    • I don't work for SAP - so you may want to ask this question at - but in terms of the investment, the Analytics Roadmap should indicate which products SAP is investing in:

  • How is the compatibility for SAP HANA and AFO 2.5. Are all functions from SAP HANA supported? Also is AFO 2.5 powered by HANAXS engine

    Do we have any document from SAP which will detail the compatibility difference AFO 1.4, 2.4 and 2.5 when connected to HANA


    • Please review the SAP Help at and if it doesn't answer your questions then ask this as a discussion at

  • Is there a particular setting to enable the "mass copy/paste" of new planning lines work?


    I've been playing around with this today and every time I copy values into the rows below the Analysis area (beyond the default 5) and refresh they're blown away.

    • Hi Jay - I am not using planning, I'm sorry

      I recommend submitting this as a question at so the community can assist


  • Hi. I'm trying to add my own custom columns that have some "what-if" analysis type calculations.  I think any version past 2.2 will allow for the addition of custom calculations right?

    I just want to make sure I don't over step the tools capabilities.

    Thanks for any input.


    • Nathan, we are on AO 2.4 and have issues with this feature.  E.g. simple ones like adding a custom column and placing an Excel formula like "=A8" (just a copy of a previous row) does not copy the values all the way down the column.  It seems to stop at aggregation levels or result rows ,e.g company code.  Haven't narrowed it down but the feature definitely is not working well enough to roll out to end users.

  • Hi All,

    I am facing the issue with Analysis for office report scheduling "An error occured;could not pre calculate instance 88063: Logon error"

    This report works fine if I execute on my system only problem with Scheduling and this report contains 16 Key figures.

    Can any body help me to resolve this scheduling issue.

    I already implemented the below note but no luck.

    Please help me.



    • Venkat - please create this as a new question at so the community as a whole can better help you; also please share the version/SP of Analysis Office you are using.

  • Hi Tammy


    Is it possible to pass parameter values via OpenDoc URL of AO report ? ( In order to achieve a drill-down from Design Studio or any other tool)



    Karthik S

  • Hi Tammy,

    Thanks for your support to the AO community.

    We got 2.5.2, and we are not able to understand the behavior of the 'Design Rules' in the new version.

    What we are trying to do is, we have a Input-ready query, and we can enter data for all the combinations except for a certain Dimension member Context.


    DIM 1 DIM 2 DIM 3 KEY FIG 1
    PRODUCT2 150$
    PRODUCT2 140$

    In the template displayed above, I don't want User should change the 'PRODUCT2' Dimension member CONTEXT data. 

    For the design rules, I tried with 'Member Area and Data' in the 'SCOPE' and 'Style' with 'SAP Locked data cell' and even tried with 'SAPReadonly data'.

    I am still able to enter data, and save the data.

    Can you please advice any other options.


    Nagendra Sonti.

  • Hello - thank you for reading and commenting

    Unfortunately I am not using / nor do I have access to a box where I could try using an input-ready query; I recommend posting this as a question at so the community can reply