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You only have to look at social media these days to realize it’s extremely dangerous. Of course, it has its positives and businesses have been built on the back of it, but you have to be extremely careful. You can’t get away with the things you used to.

Look at the United incident when they dragged a paying customer off his flight. It definitely doesn’t qualify as good customer service, but worse things happened in the days before smartphones. Here are a few benefits you’ll get by monitoring social media and taking back control.

Keeping Up With The Latest Trends

One reason SAP seems to care about social media monitoring is because it will allow you to keep up on trends. There are lots of creatives out there coming up with new stuff every single day of the week.

When you’re able to capitalize on that it’s going to be worth a lot of money to your company. If this sounds slightly suspicious because you didn’t invent a new trend, don’t forget it was Picasso who said great artists steal.

Discovering Who Is Truly Influential

There will be certain names in your industry you’ll hear time and time again. Maybe it’s because they’re very smart and know what they are talking about. It doesn’t mean you should be trying your hardest to connect with them.

Those you should be interested in are the ones who resonate most with their followers. You’ll only know that by looking at things like the number of likes, shares, retweets, and comments. They’ll be able to increase your profits faster.

Reach Your Target Audience Easily

A good percentage of the population with a smartphone will be signed up to at least one social media platform. You can hunt around in the background looking for people who show an interest in your market.

At the right time, you can reach out and engage them in conversation. Be professional at all times and build your brand by being helpful.

Responding To Complaints With Software

These days the only option when trying to respond to complaints is by using software. Let it do the social media monitoring for you instantaneously. Keep in mind, when it sends you an alert you’ll have to react to it straight away.

Software will be able to monitor for things like your brand name, product names, and your own name. For this reason, a lot of large companies have launched or developed their own instant messenger. If you want to keep up with this trend, you can write your own chat using something like django (for more, see this django channels tutorial). If you can settle a complaint straight after it’s posted it won’t escalate, so put a blanket on the fire within a couple of hours.

Learning Directly From Your Competitors

We’ve already mentioned in a SAP article the fact Facebook videos were going to become huge, but this has nothing to do with the actual trend itself. It’s how you can use something like Facebook videos to learn from your competition.

Watch how they interact with their audience. Look at the comments and find out what they missed. Turn your competition into secret guinea pigs. Then you can come along and execute everything better by giving people exactly what they need.

Don’t Become Another Social Media Disaster

These social media disasters are going to become more common. If your company isn’t as big as United it might put you out of business. Don’t think for a second things aren’t going to get worse. Protect your brand now by monitoring social media as soon as possible.

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