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Recently, internships have leapt into the limelight of tools that help dramatically reduce hiring costs and risks by allowing businesses to scout, evaluate, and test out a number of talented individuals before they enter the job market senior year. Students working at internships benefit as well from this win-win situation as they receive important workplace experience and sometimes even sizable compensation for their contributions.


Given the emerging importance and the increasing integration of internships in the job application and employment process, companies looking to streamline their acquisition of suitable, dedicated, and passionate employees must seize the opportunity to offer attractive, but also selective internships. In fact, the arrival of internships as a robust recruiting and employment tool is further illustrated by the association between participation in paid internships and future employment.


For any company, recruiting talented and motivated new employees into fitting positions is the lifeblood of future success. Not only do internships expedite the search process, they also reduce risk and give an incredibly reliable picture of how an intern fits in with the company’s work environment. Therefore, optimizing the design of your company’s internship program should appear as one of the foremost concerns in human resources.


SAP SuccessFactors is an HR solution geared towards this very optimization, as it provides your company with the tools and ability to implement a systematic organizational and management framework. Most companies haphazardly design messy and arbitrary recruiting systems, and fail to capitalize fully on the potential of internships. With SAP SuccessFactors, you’ll hire the best talent, align employee goals with business objectives, cultivate employee skills, and measure and reward performance. Meanwhile, you can automate all core HR processes to increase efficiency, reduce costs, support compliance, and even more! Let’s walk through some of the fundamental features and benefits of SAP SuccessFactors that will allow you to optimize the hiring process by providing you with an organized, clear, and targeted evaluation of interns.


Reporting and Analytics

This represents one of the key features that having an account with SAP SuccessFactors brings to the table, an objective record of employee performance sorted according to a number of selected metrics. Without an objective grounding or basis for your company’s existing employees, it will be considerably difficult to pinpoint where there is room for improvement or to locate the traits of current employees that are desirable for future hires and interns to possess.


To give you an idea of the comprehensive nature of the analytics framework offered by SuccessFactors, take a look at this hierarchical flowchart which outlines the organization and categorization of collected data.

Figure 1: The organizational framework of data collection offered by SAP SuccessFactors’ analytics software.


The chart above illustrates how SAP SuccessFactors makes extensive use out of internal, organizational data and records kept by the company, compiling the information into an astoundingly clear and insightful presentation that reveals a company’s issues and that even allows for the forecasting of significant statistics such as turnover rate. The Reporting and Analytics features of SAP SuccessFactors will allow you to quickly diagnose, address, and produce solutions for workforce inefficiencies.


Recruiting Management

In addition to the diagnostic benefits provided by the Reporting and Analytics feature, SAP SuccessFactors also has designed a systems that allow you to streamline and effectively process applications. Let’s say you own a small or medium-sized business that has been rapidly growing in recent years. Imagine that you’ve publicly advertised internship positions at a number of relevant locations. In the beginning, you might have been getting along fine with just a secretary that sifted through fifty or so resumes and manually made decisions regarding the best talent. But now that your business is expanding and booming in popularity, what will you do when you receive two hundred applications, or one thousand?


The truth is that in any business that’s growing at an exponential rate, your costs to recruit new people will also be exponential unless you can introduce a reliable system that automates the review process at a basic level. That’s where SAP SuccessFactors’ Recruiting Management framework comes in. This versatile software and system allows you to automate the recruitment process in several areas: the cataloging and sorting of résumés based on personalized metrics, the accounting of employee referrals of an individual, and even in the preparation of unique interview processes such as multistage interviews or screening questions.



SAP SuccessFactors offers a wide range of services that allow you to not only evaluate interns, but also to diagnose and address inefficiencies in your business as well. Reporting and Analytics is a service of SuccessFactors that can be used to evaluate a population of interns or employees. You will be able to formulate a comparative analysis between current employees and interns based on statistical data using this software. Further, SuccessFactors also offers software that allows you to design recruitment campaigns and sort through the results of those campaigns in the form of the Recruitment Management software. These two tools offer the most insightful and direct perspectives on any intern in the context of their contributions and fit in a company. Beyond evaluatory features, there are even more tools that SuccessFactors offers like Goal Management or Onboarding which serve to greatly enhance the overall productivity of your business.

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