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Key User Extensibility on SAP S/4HANA Cloud – UI Adaptions for Key User

Last reviewed for Updates: January 17 2019

Key User Extensibility on SAP S/4HANA Cloud – UI Adaptions for Key User – Part 2

Target AudienceKey Users

In this 2nd part of this blog series – Key User Extensibility on S/4HANA Cloud, we will discuss how as a Key User you can adapt the standard UI’s

What does UI Adaption mean for you as Key User of the UI in S/4HANA Cloud?

Image Source: SAP TechED

As you can see from above image source, as a Key User of the business application you would like to adapt the SAP delivered S/4HANA Cloud UI apps per the needs of your team under your line of business. When we talk about adaption for a Key User, the S/4HANA Extensibility framework allows you to make several adaptions to UI.

In a nutshell as a Key User following UI adaptions are enabled for you as Key User at runtime –

  1. You can Drag & drop UI elements
  2. You can Rename UI elements
  3. You can Add/hide fields
  4. You can Cut & paste UI elements
  5. You can Add/delete field groups, sections
  6. You can Combine/split fields
  7. You can Undo, redo, discard changes





Let’s pick up and existing Fiori App that we can extend and adapt

Key User Extensibility – Renaming field labels/Hiding Fields/Moving Field Groups

Let’s pick up following S/4HANA Fiori App and start with the UI Adaption

Once you are inside the app, click on the ‘User’ icon on the left

Next click on Adapt UI Icon

Once you click on that, UI Adaption Mode will open and a bar will appear on the top of the page

Now let’s say, as a Key User I want to rename the field label – Created by. For this, select that field on the UI, right click on it and a context menu will appear. Choose the option – Rename Field

Now the system will allow you to rename that filed

Type the new name and come out. The new label will be adopted by the UI, however, only for that Key User

It is important to note that after every adaption, the changes would only be effective when you Publish them.

Click on the button – Publish on the top right corner of the UI Adoption Mode bar. Once you click on Publish, the changes will become effective to the app. In case you want to reverse the changes, you can choose button Reset

Click exit and refresh the page. Changes will become effective

Hiding Fields – Please make sure that you are in UI Adaption mode. From the context menu choose option Remove to hide the field from UI. Don’t forget to Publish whenever you make any changes

Moving or Cut and Paste Fields – In the same fashion, you can also move the fields, drag and drop them to different locations in the UI

For example, we can move a field from one group and drag and drop it to a new group or create a new group and then drop it there. Make sure that you are in UI Adaption mode to do this.

For example, to relocate the field Class Number under Valid To, simply drag and drop. Once you lift the field, the system will show you the existing groups (…with dotted lines) where the field can be placed

As in the above image, you can move a field or a whole Field Group to a new location. You can also use Cut & Paste option instead of Drag & Drop

Don’t forget to click on Publish to make your changes effective in the system

Some technical details around enabling UI Adaptions at runtime for Key Users

To ensure that Adaptions are enabled for Key Users in addition to authorization for transports following prerequisites are necessary –

  1. Authorization role SAP_UI_FLEX_KEY_USER is assigned to the Key User in user profile
  2. ICF Service /SAP/BC/UI2/FLP should be activated
  3. UI Adaption is supported for SmartForms or Objectpage controls

Congratulations you have successfully finished Key User In-App Extensibility, UI adaption on S/4HAHA Cloud!

Rohit Khan, S/4HANA Regional Implementation Group


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