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Background & Motivation:

Do you Love Travel & Photography? Both are synonyms – Is n’t it ?

“Traveling without Photography is similar to a body without a soul. “

This blog series is dedicated to all SAP Consultants, photographers, Travellers who work for

and travel for work. With this blog series, I’ll try my best to cover all HCM topics in Storytelling

format powered by SAP Design Thinking like Grand Maa’s stories !!!

Persona: (Fictitious characters of Part 1 Story Boarding)

Mr.Nikon:  SAP HCM Analyst, Gurugram , India

Likes reading spiritual stories, writing Tech Fictions , travelling, volunteering for skill development;

Dislikes monotonous work, watching movies, cricket in any formats

Ms.Canon: SAP Product Manager, Gurugram India

Likes community welfare activity (Education and Health ), painting, travelling;

Dislikes fastfood, politics, melodrama, movies

Location :

This story is conceptualized at DLF Cybercity, Gurugram-The Millenium City powered by SAP Design thinking learnt from openSAP Platform.

It’s the place where two characters Nikon and Canon Collaborate with each other in SAP Community Network even though their companies compete with each other.

Photo : DLF Cyber City, Gurugram, India; PC: LITLABS Powered by SAP DesignThinking

Part 1: We’ll cover a topic related to Transaction Codes.

How to find out T-Code of any of IMG Nodes in SAP – A Storytelling approach !


Target Audience: Consulting

Level: Basic

Complexity: Simple

Background and Motivation :

Case 1: Implementation project:

One needs to prepare Key Data Structure (KDS) during Business Blue print phase just before starting configuration in Realization phase.

In an ideal KDS T-Code must be  present for the completeness of the document

Case 2: AMS project:

It’s sometimes required to quickly jump into a particular IMG node instead of traversing through entire SPRO path of any of the SAP Modules

It’s more critical if you are in an Application Maintenance and Support (AMS) project and you have limited resources to work for and defined SLA to achieve.

Story :

Mr.Nikon works as an Analyst in one of the Big4 Consulting firms at Gurugram, India.

He has been assigned a task to prepare  KDS for SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) at one of the top of the Music Industries in India  .

He needs to identify T-Code of below particular nodes in HCM :

  • Personnel area
  • Personnel Subarea
  • Employee Group
  • Employee Subgroup
  • Assignment of Personnel Area to Company Code
  • Assign employee subgroup to Employee group


Photo: KDS Template

Mr Nikon has to fill T-Code in above sheet.

He is new to HCM module and reaches out to his mentor Ms.Canon. She is the SAP Community Advocate of SAP Communty Network in Gurugram chapter along with her full time job at a Prodcut based company as SAP Manager


Let’s see how Ms.Canon guides Mr.Nikon in identifying T-Codes for above nodes


Ms. Canon : Nikon, Don’t worry. It’s very simple !!!

Select any one of below IMG Nodes :

  • Personnel area
  • Personnel Subarea
  • Employee Group
  • Employee Subgroup
  • Assignment of Personnel Area to Company Code
  • Assign employee subgroup to Employee group


After that go to IMG activity as below screen shot



In Additional information column , Nikon gets respective activity names as below:


Ms. Canon : Nikon, follow below steps:

Go to T-Code : SE16


Ms.Canon : Enter.

Mr.Nikon: Okay


Ms.Canon : Now ,Execute.

Mr.Nikon: Okay

Ms.Canon: Well done Nikon !! Now it’s time for Testing :

Go to T-Code: S_AHR_61010858 and execute , check whether you are able to go to config node directly.

Mr. Nikon: Sure. It’s amazing. Thanks a lot Ms.Canon. We love you Madam ! Bring such tips for us !!!

This was the part 1 scene of Nikon and Canon !! Do you have Nikon and Canon in you ?? Please comment, share your stories too , we will take flight to come to your city, will do a film shoot your Canon-Nikon Stories and execute it using SAP T-Codes aka Transactions !!!

“Celebrate Life, Celebrate Stories , Celebrate with SAP  Community Network !!!”

PC: Nikon’s 100th Anniversary in July, 2017

Disclaimer :

The Author has no intention to promote any of the Camera of Nikon/Canon, any Big4 companies nor the city Gurugram where he lives. Just he is passionate about photography and tried to humanize two leading brands Nikon and Canon .

All of his views are personal

Special Thanks: SAP Design Thinking Mentors at openSAP

Concept Credit: Romit Dutta, Analyst, Technology Consulting, Deloitte India


Sharing is Caring !!

Love SAP Community Network?

Don’t forget to Network !!




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