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ONESOURCE – Tax & Accounting – Thomson Reuters:- DataServices (MS SQL/Windows) Installation

You successfully installed Reporting and now you are on next step to install Data Services

  • Run setup.exe from extracted source
    • Use same CMS and business object you installed previously
    • Install with default configuration
    • Select next on components selection screen
    • Registration Name of CMS: ETL_REPO
    • User: ETL_REPO
    • Password:
    • Run as system account


  • Stop SIA and restart Server after installation completed


  • Login to Data Service Server and open Data Service Server Manager
    • Open Configuration Editor> job server > edit
      • Uncheck Use SSL Protocol for…. (2nd option)
      • Checked Support adapter…(1st option)
    • On miscellaneous tab
      • Configure email settings
    • Click close and restart


  • Stop and Start SIA (SAP BusinessObject)


  • Open CMC


  • Open Servers in CMC and open properties of EIMAdaptiveProcessingServer (Server)
    • In Command line edit between -server….-Djava.awt.headless=true {} “-Dbobj.enterprise.home
    • Restart Server Service


  • Add Administrator user in to all Data Services * groups


  • Open Administration > web services > web Services configuration (right side)
    • Change remove to disable session security (Make sure you select all check boxes)


  • In Adaptive > job adapter configuration > web services
    • Adapter retry = 5
    • 30000 = 150000

  • TAB (Adapter Instance Status)
    • Web service select > shutdown and start


  • Open reporting installation source and run install\ONESOURCEInstallationConfigurator.jar
    • Reporting Server DB, Version, Server Name
    • Password, DB Name, Create DB URL, Test DB Connection (sqlijdbc4.jar from tomcat lib folder)
    • Uncheck Use Reporting Database, Server name (If this is not on same server)
    • Password, DB Name, Create DB URL, Test DB Connection
    • Server Name (CMS), Password, Tomcat Server Name, Test Web Service
    • Create ‘recon’ folder in Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects
      • Source : R:\Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\recon
      • Error : R:\Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\recon
    • Server name, Create URL
    • Save and close
    • Provide file name ‘installation-config’
    • Copy Documents\installation-config.xml to ONESOURCEIDTReporting_6600\
    • Copy sqljdbc4.jar to C:\temp
    • Edit install.bat
      • scripts\reporting-install.bat -o “C:\temp\sqljdbc4.jar” -c “C:\source\TAX\Reporting\ONESOURCEIDTReporting_6600\install\Installation-config.xml”
    • Run query on SBXAUD DB: alter table sbxaud.RS_INVOICE_LINE_TAXES ADD COMPLIANCE_AREA_UUID varchar(32)
    • Run install.bat in administrator mode


  • Stop Reporting tomcat


  • Copy reporting.war and reporting-private-ws.war from deployments\tomcat to tomcat’s webapp


  • Copy reporting-configuration.jar from deployments\tomcat to tomcat’s lib


  • Open deployments\tomcat\reporting-combined-context.xml and copy content between line 6 to 30 to tomcat\conf\context.xml at line 34


  • Stop Data Service through windows services
    • Open C:\ProgramData\SAP BusinessObjects\Data Services\conf\admin.xml
    • Edit admin.xml
      • Line 43 <js-socket-timeout> 900000</js-socket-timeout>
    • Edit DSConfig.txt
      • Line 136 Replace_Substr_Max_Return_Size_Characters = 500500
    • Start Data Services service on window


  • Start Reporting Tomcat


  • Open Sabrix http://host:port/sabrix/
    • Menu > System > Config> change : REPORTING_URL =
    • Open reporting from menu on sabrix


  • Login to data services
    • Administration > Batch > ETL_REPO > Batch job configuration > SBX_STAGE_Load (Run this once)
      • Type: ‘CUSTOM’
      • Start date: ‘’ (According to requirement)
      • End date: ‘’ (According to requirement)
      • G_PERFORM_JOB_AUDIT has value N
    • Administration > Batch > ETL_REPO > Batchjob configuration > OP_User_Access_Load > execute > execute button (Run this once)


Note: Make sure functional consultant schedule jobs as per requirements.


You successfully installed DataServices software. Now we are going to configure SAP and ONESOURCE integration

Thank you


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