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For employers, creating a safe work environment is one of those things that’s often pondered, but rarely acted on. This lack of action is mainly due to workplace safety seeming like “one of those obvious things we have to do,”  but you’d be surprised by the amount of employers that overlook proper precautions in creating a safer workplace. Not only does a focus on safety help streamline training and hiring, but it can also be a huge money saver as well. l SuccessFactors will help your organization hit all of these marks, and also prepare you for future successes as well.


Whether you’re working in construction or internet marketing, having a set of safety guidelines will make your employees feel more valued and a part of the team. Additionally, taking the time to show them that you’ve taken the right steps will provide a level of transparency for both you and them. While it may seem like something they might not appreciate at first, using SuccessFactors to establish your safety foundation will make your team stronger in the long-run.


Streamline Training Processes


Perhaps one of the easiest ways to make employees safer with SuccessFactors is by utilizing the ability to simplify your training process. As you probably already know, training is one of the most crucial aspects of having your business run smoothly and is also powerful in creating a line of accountability amongst employees. This means everyone on your staff, from new hires to veterans, is on the same page regarding what’s supposed to be done, and how each individual plays a role in creating a safer work environment for all. Not only will this unified effort lead to an increase in productivity, but it can help your organization save on costs, too.


By being able to verify that all employees have completed specific training modules, you reduce the liability you face in a workplace accident. Verifiable training modules can come to your defense in a wrongful legal allegation against your firm.  Additionally, if an employee doesn’t complete training after repeated efforts to do so, you could potentially be in the right to charge them with any workplace fines (note: this is true in some cases, depending on employment/employer agreements and state laws.) Yes, having all your training available in one place isn’t just a good idea, it’s one of the most important things you could do.


Make Hiring Simpler


As most businesses know, turnover is incredibly expensive. And while reasons for turnover can vary, poor hiring has been reported to be responsible for at least 80% of it. That’s a pretty staggering statistic considering the amount of people that cycle through employment in a given year, which begs the question- what are employers doing wrong?


A bad hire can mean a number of different things ranging from individuals who  couldn’t keep up with the workload to someone who was toxic in the work environment. Regardless of the case, these instances can potentially put fellow employees at risk to a slew of situations.


For example, someone who wasn’t properly vetted could have violent or outlandish tendencies not known about until the first day at work. Additionally, there’s also the scenario that a person could demonstrate experience on their resume, only to find out it was fabricated, which in some situations (I.E.: around heavy machinery) could lead to injury. And finally, by having an accurate check on a person’s work experience, you can additionally gauge how long they’re willing to stick with your company.


Create a Better Work Environment


A safe work environment is not only more productive but a happier place to work as well. This reduces stress levels, (and as we stated above) can reduce potential workplace injuries as well as streamline training.


As workplace injuries cost nearly $60 billion dollars a year, they’re not only an expensive liability but one that can lead to others being skeptical of if they’re next line to get hurt too. This can create tension in the workplace, and potentially lead  to disruption in communication. Plus, due to the potential risks involved, employees are also more likely to feel an increased level of depression too as they feel their life doesn’t matter as much in the eyes of the employer.


Not only will these factors lead to a decreased sense of morale, but also a poor overall company reputation. And as good talent is hard to come by, retaining your best employees by providing them with a safe, comfortable work environment, where everyone is held accountable, is imperative. By training all employees properly as they are onboarded and grow into new roles, your business will thrive tremendously for years to come.


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