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Author's profile photo Usha Hanumolu

C4C and MindTouch Integration – Link to Case

This post explains how to integrate Mindtouch GeniusLink with C4C to enable Link to Case scenario.

Use Case:

  1. Service Agent would like to search for Articles in MindTouch from C4C Ticket details screen. Further the service agent would like to share the articles link with the customer via email or social channels.


  1. Enable standard C4C Mindtouch GeniusLink integration by following the steps provided in this document
  2. Download the sample  widget code provided by MindTouch for Link to Case scenario
  3. Open the custom HTML mashup in C4C and replace the HTML code with the downloaded one
  4. The sample code is configured to use the MindTouch Success Center at In the HTML code editor, update the following variables to use your configuration:

MindTouch.SITE_URL = “https://<your-company-mindtouch-url>”;

MindTouch.WIDGET_SOURCE = ‘MT-custom-search’; MindTouch.DEFAULT_SEARCH = “”;

After modifying the variables, Click Preview to verify the search interface works and results load.

5. Customize the widget to return the Knowledge base article information from Mindtouch widget to C4C.

In the HTML code editor, update the code in the following method to return the Article ID, Title and URI to the Mashup outports so that it can be persisted in the Ticket Business object.

_relateCase: function(result, button) {



‘KnowledgeBaseArticleDescription’ :result.title,


‘KnowledgeBaseArticleID’: });


6. Save the changes and Click Preview and search for an article. Now click on “Link to Case” button within the preview screen. This should fire the code in “relateCase” function and return the related article information to the outport parameters.

Test and Validation:

  1. Open a ticket details screen in C4C
  2. Navigate to the GeniusLink mashup
  3. Search for an article
  4. Click on “Link to Case”
  5. Notice that after the round trip, a shortened URL with Article link will be added to the Email Compose box.
  6. Once you send the email with this Article link then the Article ID, Article Description and Article URL will be persisted in the Ticket BO. [Note that if you do NOT send the email then the article data will NOT be persisted in Ticket BO]

Note – Works best for Public KB. No Authentication required.

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      Author's profile photo Andrew Smith
      Andrew Smith

      Hello Usha

      Great article, do you have any advice, hints, tips in the integration of Mindtouch with C4C?  We are presently investigating the steps that need to take place and any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

      Many thanks


      Author's profile photo Usha Hanumolu
      Usha Hanumolu
      Blog Post Author


      Hi Andrew,

      You can see the standard C4C Mindtouch integration document link from my post above. It is also well documented on Mindtouch website too. You can see below links.

      Hope this helps,



      Author's profile photo Andrew Smith
      Andrew Smith

      Thanks Usha, much appreicated.  Have you experience of how Mindtouch intergration presents itself on Fiori / Responsive UI?

      Author's profile photo Usha Hanumolu
      Usha Hanumolu
      Blog Post Author


      Hi Andrew,

      GeniusLink mashup is a custom HTML mashup in C4C so it should work similar to other HTML mashups on RUI as well. I haven't personally tested it yet.



      Author's profile photo Gupta Rajesh
      Gupta Rajesh


      Hi Usha,

      We have followed the steps listed in your blog to integrate MindTouch with C4C. But still it is not working.

      I have dropped you an email with HTML code. Can you please look at it and point out the issues.




      Author's profile photo Andrew Smith
      Andrew Smith

      Hello Rajesh

      Have you managed to get Mindtouch up and running within C4S, will "link to case"?

      We are struggling to achieve this.

      kind regards



      Author's profile photo Joseph Li
      Joseph Li

      I feel the API develop token header should be mentioned in the guidance in order to establish the integration towards Mindtouch.


      Best Regards,


      Author's profile photo Gianluca Bagnato
      Gianluca Bagnato

      Hi all,

      is it possible link Mindtouch to C4C test and production environment?

      Tanks and regards,