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Make SWPM 1.0 SP20 work for you

It has been a while since my first experience with the new web based SUM 1.0 SP14/15. Now we are at the same tipping point with SWPM 1.0 SP20.

When I start sapinst.exe as usual, I do not get the familiar fat client but the following message to connect with a web browser:

Which I do and is in fact very convenient. In my case, I just upgraded a Solution Manager to 7.2 and must perform a Dual-Stack Split:

The first improvement I realize is that warning messages do not appear a potentially overlooked pop-up windows any longer, but fully integrated into the user interface:

And then, like SUM, I got the full overview of my task list so that I know exactly where I am in the procedure:

Finally, of course, I got all my log files at hand:

Again, how cool is that?!

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  • On AIX when installing a new System there is only root user available in the beginning.

    I used root and root password and it was fine.


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  • Hi Frank,

    For login to GUI URL SIDADM &PWD it's working but i am getting the error while Export of java stack -

    FYI-- this is in  AIX environment.

    could you please let me know SWPM SP20 is compatible or i have to go for lower version of SWPM (SP19 or SP18)?





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    • Hello,


      Do you able to figure out whats the issue?

      I don't remember exactly but there is one SAP note which discusses about the issue. And probably you need to import that into system too.

  • Hello,

    we run the new sapinst on linux x86_64 SLES 12 and are wondering if it's necessary to start the process as root AND login as root in the browser too? This would be quite critical in terms of security.

    SAP doesn't provide this info in their notes or installation guides. Has anyone experience in this environment and can answer our question? Thank you very much!


    BR, Richard

  • For a solution of the login as non root while starting SWPM as root issue please look at

  • My SAPINST does not even complete the initial steps. It just stops. Following are the only messages, after which the command prompt is returned. Any idea? Am i missing something during starup?


    # ./sapinst
    [==============================] / extracting... done!
    * The automatic 'backup' configuration has been updated.
    * Future operations will update the backup without prompting.
    * The requested changes have been applied to the currently
    running configuration.
    NOTE: No change to the tunable 'maxdsiz_64bit' was needed.
    Tunable Value Expression Changes
    maxdsiz_64bit 17179869184 17179869184 Immed

    SAPinst build information:
    Version: 749.0.28
    Build: 1770975
    Compile time: Jul 05 2017 - 16:46:22
    Make type: optU
    Codeline: 749_REL
    Platform: hpia64
    Kernel build: 749, patch 300, changelist 1770269
    SAP JRE build: SAP Java Server VM (build 8.1.030 25.51-b02, Apr 26 2017 19:15:02 - 81_REL - optU - hpux ia64 - 6 - bas2:288514 (mixed mode))
    SAP JCo build: 3.0.16
    SL-UI version: 2.6.2
    SAP UI5 version: 1.42.4
    Exe directory: /tmp/sapinst_exe.25815.1501218057


  • No luck. Also did not want to waste more time by reporting to OSS. I went ahead with the legacy GUI mode of SAPINST with the following command:

    ./sapinst SAPINST_SLP_MODE=false


  • Hi Anupom,


    May b u need to download and uncar the latest patch level of sapinst and place it in SWPM directory and proceed with your task.




  • Hi Frank, I'm moving a SAP ECC 60 with a prohibited name "MAP", I tried the option SAPINST_STRICT_SID_CHECK=false  as the note 2241431 tell me to do.

    I'm using SWPM 1.0 SP20 and a tried the SP21 also.

    Doesn't work, seems that sapinst wont recognize that option, and if I execute sapinst -p, I don't see the option SAPINST_STRICT_SID_CHECK in the list.

    I missing something ?

    Thank you in advance


    Hi, I use SWPM SP22, but I already had the same problem with SP20. I can not select the Sapdata directory. I have already tested different browsers, unfortunately always the same result. Can the tablespace layout be adjusted in advance in a file?

    Best regards

  • Is there a possibility for a mail notifying? Like in SUM? I do many Export/Import of Oracle databases and the duration of the processing is about 10 hours. It would be very helpful to have a mail notifying here as well.

    Any idea how to built this? Is there perhaps an explicit file set in a directory? If it exists in case of an error I could write my own alerting and check the existance of this file ....