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Author's profile photo Caetano Almeida

S/4HANA: New report to create production versions with routing during the migration

As I already explained in my previous blog MRP: Simplification on S/4HANA, a new logic called Simplified Sourcing was implemented for the source determination. When we talk about the source of determination for internal procurement, the major change was that the production version is now mandatory for the correct BOM explosion during the MRP run.

Since the release of S/4HANA, SAP provided the report CS_BOM_PRODVER_MIGRATION, which allowed customers to automatically generate the missing production versions during a migration to S/4HANA, or even on a new implementation. The problem was that the report would generate a valid production version for each Bill of Material, but it would not consider the routings. That means, we would a production version created without any reference to the routing, which would cause problems during the MRP lead-time scheduling.

However, a solution for this issue was provided with the following SAP Note:

2463759 – Migration Report CS_BOM_PRODVER_MIGRATION does not consider routings


This note introduces the new report CS_BOM_PRODVER_MIGRATION02, which can generate production versions for all the valid combinations of BOMs and routings in S/4 HANA. The following picture shows the selection screen of the new report.

The report provides the following options to limit the number of production versions that will be generated:

1 – Only PV with routing: Production versions will not be generated if there is no routing for a specific material.

2 – Only same alternatives: A production version will be only generated if the BOM alternative matches with the routing group counter.

3 – Based on production orders: A production version will be only generated for BOMs/routings that were actually used on production orders.

4 – Also unchanged PVs: The report also shows existing production versions that were not changed.


Just like the previous report, we can select if the report will be executed in simulation mode (without changes to the database) or in actual mode, where the production versions will be generated.

In the screenshot below we can see the results after the report execution, where the missing production versions were proposed. We can see, for example, that two different production versions will be created for material S4HANA_FERT_004, since there are two different BOM alternatives.

We can now select which production versions will be created by using the Approve or Approve Selected button.


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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      I have read your previous article and also I like you have beautifully explained the concept of Simplified Sourcing for determining the source. 

      Author's profile photo Umar Farooq
      Umar Farooq

      Hi Caetano Almeida,

      Your blog is very helping for creating production version in mass uploading. I have follow the same procedure which define in your blog.  But I have found a issue with this program than this production created in inconsistency mode and every time I need to go the C223 T.Code and check the consisting Button for every material code. Need your Support regarding this.

      Best Regards


      Author's profile photo Caetano Almeida
      Caetano Almeida
      Blog Post Author


      This is a standard system behavior. See the following SAP Note:

      2697620 - No automatic consistency check in report CS_BOM_PRODVER_MIGRATION02 and CS_BOM_PRODVER_MIGRATION



      Author's profile photo Changjian Fan
      Changjian Fan

      Hi Caetano,

      it is very useful for me.

      and the same questions, how to deal withe the status check? because i want to set a background job for creating the production version automaticly and also want to check the status with a background job. thanks

      Author's profile photo Jason Lin
      Jason Lin

      Hi  fiend,

      I found the same issue that when I batch run C223 to consistency check with more than thousans items,the check status set to red light,It seems we cann't run bacth check ,right? any solution?tanks.

      Author's profile photo Sabitha Vondivillu
      Sabitha Vondivillu

      Hi Caetano,

      It was an informative blog explained nicely. However, I have noticed the following issues while testing,

      • I have a production version 'PV1' with 'Rate Routing' and BOM alternative created. While running this migration report 'CS_BOM_PRODVER_MIGRATION02', system creates a new PV '0001' with only the BOM alternative. Routing field is empty and i notice this issue only for Rate Routing.
      • When we have a production version already, why is the system creating a new production version?
      • I tested this in S/4HANA 1709 system. Please help in clarifying.

      Thanks in Advance,


      Author's profile photo Caetano Almeida
      Caetano Almeida
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Sabitha

      For discussing issues related to this report, I suggest you to post a separated question, otherwise, the blog comments will become too long.


      Author's profile photo Christian Marco
      Christian Marco

      Hi, this report is nice but issuing/receiving storage locations cannot be maintained, will this come with version 03? Or a custom report is needed?

      Author's profile photo Caetano Almeida
      Caetano Almeida
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Christian

      As far as I know, there are no plans to provide a new version of this report. You can always create a copy of the report and change it to add your own logic to bring the storage location.