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New in SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Planning – Operational Headcount Planning

Continuous Workforce Planning

There’s a lot of buzz around continuous performance management and for good reason. It stimulates dialogue and feedback between managers and employees, helping them align and improve performance.  And with so many of our customers experiencing success with this new approach to performance management, why not apply this same concept to other areas of HR?  Specifically, why not transform operational workforce planning (which like performance management has traditionally been a once-a-year, cumbersome activity) to a continuous and simple, yet highly effective process.

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business environment, decisions based on yesterday’s information can become irrelevant tomorrow.  If we leave workforce planning as an annual event, then we run the risk of spending a lot of time and effort on something that will be outdated very quickly.  With a continuous approach, however, we’re able to iterate and update plans to optimize our chances for success.  And over time, as we do planning on a more regular basis, it will no longer be an isolated event, but one that’s part of our routine.

Operational Headcount Planning

This quarter, SAP SuccessFactors announced a new enhancement to our SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Planning solution – Operational Headcount Planning.  With Headcount Planning, you get both the insight to create workforce plans and the flexibility to update them on a continuous basis to respond to changing business needs.  It complements Strategic Workforce Planning (used for long-term planning needs) with near-term planning functionality.

Create plans in a matter of minutes, and cascade them to additional departments and/or cost centers by creating sub-plans.  Empower others to own and manage their plans and ensure resources are allocated properly.

Refine headcount plans by leveraging current positions defined in SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central, and plan for additional (or fewer) positions.  Once planned positions have been approved, they can be created directly in Employee Central, ensuring a single system of record.

Know what the hiring forecast looks like so you can plan accordingly and be proactive with your recruiting and hiring processes.  Recruiters can develop and work towards their talent acquisition plans rather than reacting to unexpected hiring needs, which can lead to increased costs and poor hiring decisions.

Headcount Planning is the modern solution to dated workforce planning processes.  In the past it required significant effort to retrieve and consolidate data in a usable format.  And the information was often presented and distributed in spreadsheets requiring manual updates that took time and were prone to human error.  Headcount Planning, part of SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Planning, helps eliminate these issues and provides a robust solution for your workforce planning needs.  If you don’t currently practice workforce planning in your organization, Headcount Planning is a great way to ease yourself into a more formal planning practice.

More Information

To see Headcount Planning in action, watch this video.  And for more on SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Planning, read our brochure.

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And we hope you’ll be joining us at SuccessConnect London, June 12-14, where you can learn more about our SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Planning solution – and much more!

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