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Automated Distribution of Solution.

Cloud Application Studio supports the automated distribution of a Solution.

If any solution is hosted on a same physical system and solution exists in more than one different tenants of a same customer, then Solutions are automatically updated after the import of the solution. This Functionality helps to re triggers the automatic upload and activation of the solution in tenants where deployment has been unsuccessful.

NOTE – This functionality will only work if the lower version patch of the solution exist or at least the first version of the solution is already deployed in those tenants. If not then the deployment of Version 1 of the solution into any tenant has to be done manually.

Customer-Specific Solutions and Tenant Isolation

In this section, we can see the deployment of customer-specific solutions for customers with multiple tenants, for example for a customer that has one production tenant and several test tenants, for example for custom development, testing, migration tests, and so on.

  • By default, all tenants of a customer are located in the same physical system.(This cannot be seen from Service Control WC as this is done from SAP side on server
  • Development and patch development (updates) of the customer-specific solution is done in a dedicated tenant. The development version is only visible in this tenant.
  • Updates are imported into the production tenant (PRD).
  • Additional tenants of the same customer are updated automatically after import of the update into the PRD tenant. In other words there are at maximum 2 versions of the software available in the landscape: one version for update (patch) development (in a dedicated TST tenant) and one version for the PRD tenant and all other tenants. The additional tenants are updated with the latest patch only if the first version is already deployed in those tenants. The deployment of version 1 of the solution into any tenant is to be done explicitly.

Now if the deployment of solution to higher version happens or an Upgrade takes place and if you still see an yellow indicator in tenant status tab of the Implementation Manager.

Then you can use this functionality which re triggers the automatic upload and activation of the solution in tenants where deployment has been unsuccessful.

  • Login to Cloud Application Studio.
  • Open the Solution.
  • Go to Implementation Manager.
  • Check the Tenant Status tab.
  • Click on Automated Distribution.
  • Solution Versions will be Automatically Distributed.

Some tips to check :

  1. The distribution of solutions can be unsuccessful with the following: Both the upload and activation of the solution had failed: Trigger the restart of the upload of the solution by clicking on the ‘Automated Distribution’.
  2.  Only the activation of the solution has failed after upload: Login to the relevant tenant and manually activate the solution.

For both the cases, the version history logs of the respective tenants can be checked.

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