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When you watch science fiction movies they can take your breath away. If only some of the technology we see on the big screen was available right now. Unfortunately, everything you see is viewed through rose-tinted glasses and life in the future won’t be so glamorous.

It’s hard enough to deal with the fraud we’re faced with right now thanks to new technology. Smart devices are helping and hurting us at the same time. Here are a few things everyone should know all about until we’ve got a handle on fraud in the modern world.

The Legalization of Marijuana

Everyone thinks the legalization of marijuana in some states is a good thing, which isn’t really true in some circumstances. It’s fair to say if something is legalized it won’t deter people from growing it in the same way it used to.

We know in Canada a power company was losing a hundred million dollars annually to illegal growers neglecting to pay for their electricity. They solved the problem with smart meters, but how long before they’re needed everywhere?

Kettles Will Steal Your Identity

If you told someone kettles would steal their identity last century you’d be sectioned, but now it’s becoming a part of everyday life. With the right information, someone could take out payday loans or buy things in your name.

It’s happening because there will be an app connecting your smartphone to the smart kettle in your kitchen. Hackers will trick a certain percentage of people into opening email attachments giving them access to all their details.

Being Held To Ransom in Your Home

Have you heard about the hackers who find their way into online accounts and hold people ransom until they hand over money? This has strangely found its way into the world of smart homes even though it’s extremely rare.


It is possible for someone to hack into your smart thermostat and they could refuse to change the temperature unless you give them money. Even if they eventually give up it could increase your energy bills.

You Never Know Who Is Watching You

SAP has huge problems with consultancy fraud because they’re such a large company. If you answer a fake job offer on the internet and speak to someone on Skype you have no idea who is watching you or what they want.

The same kind of thing can happen with smart devices, except you’ll not even know someone is watching you in the first place. They could find out information you don’t want them to know and sell it to those capable of using it to their advantage.

Businesses Should Be Careful Too

We’ve covered a few ways smart devices will be used to commit fraud, but businesses should be careful too. Apparently, they’re seen as the likeliest targets of attacks because hackers don’t have a massive amount to gain based on what we’ve talked about today.

The real danger is likely hackers using smart devices to commit DDoS attacks, which could easily involve fraud too. We’re going to be forced into doing a lot of things to prevent those with malicious intent from abusing the new technology becoming available every day.

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