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Wearable technology has finally reached a point where we can say it’s going to take over the world. It’s not even because people love spending their hard-earned money on fancy gadgets. It’s because a bad economy and aging population means the healthcare industry is on the brink of collapse.

It turns out wearable devices can actually improve our health in a meaningful way instead of simply telling us how many steps we’ve taken each day. You’ll love the ways wearables will improve your health, so let’s look at a few ingenious things they’ve thought up so far.

You’ll Be Able To Quit Smoking

Even SAP use wearables as part of a wellness program, but it’s unlikely to deal with a bigger issue lots of employees face. There is a new device in production with the aim of helping people quit smoking.

They’ll load up their device with nicotine and will be supplied with it over the span of 10 weeks. It will taper everyone off nicotine and all the details like how much they’re getting each day can be viewed on an app.

Helping With Parkinson’s Disease

If someone has Parkinson’s Disease and they wear an Apple Watch it will be able to pick up on lots of little things. It will know how fast they’re walking and the accelerometer can determine how good their balance is.

All of this data is being collected in the hope it will aid anyone with the disease in years to come. Those affected will also be able to share all of the data with those looking after them to make things easier.

Monitoring Someone’s Vital Signs

A new FDA-approved product will be able to sit on someone’s chest while they’re in hospital and will monitor their vital signs non-stop. It will alert nurses straight away if there is a potential problem.

They could even use the device for a while once they are sent home if it’s required. For example, if they had NBN internet the device would run and they’d be able to stay in contact with medical professionals remotely.

Maybe We Can Predict Seizures

Your wearable device will be able to know when you’re having a seizure, but it will also know some important stats leading up to it. Researchers are determined not to simply use apps to report on seizures.

When they’ve compiled all the data they want to find a way to predict when they’re about to happen so epileptics will be warned. Even if it won’t stop them it certainly has the potential to reduce the damage they can cause.

Taking Care Of Your Mental Health

It’s estimated the wearable device industry could be worth up to $40 billion by 2020. Considering mental health issues are on the rise it is possible, so it’s fitting they are going to have one to measure your stress levels.

This kind of device won’t make sense to lots of people. They’ll say you should relax when you begin to feel stressed out, but those with certain medical conditions where high blood pressure could kill them will find it invaluable.

There Are So Many Opportunities

Anyone developing wearable devices right now should figure out how they can help save lives. There is so much potential to help the healthcare industry at the same time. Everything we’ve spoken about today seems futuristic at the moment, but they’ll become mainstream soon.

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