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Looking for new talent is an exciting but anxiety-provoking time for many companies. Not only are you searching for someone with the skills that you need to grow your company, you’re also hunting for an individual who will socialize easily with your culture, and help improve it. To top it all off, that perfect candidate needs to be available for the price range you’re comfortable with. It’s easy to see, given all of these variables, why so many companies have a tendency to hire individuals who are as similar to their existing team members as possible – but it doesn’t have to be that way. SuccessFactors uses A.I. intelligence to remove bias from your talent pipeline, which means building a stronger, more prosperous company overall.


As the job market tightens, companies are competing for an ever shrinking pool of qualified candidates. That means that many organizations are competing to attract the same person – so don’t limit yourself further by only looking at those of a certain gender or racial background! SAP started building bias filters into SuccessFactors a few years back.

Build A Better Job Description

One of the major capabilities that SAP built into SuccessFactors to combat bias was a set of filters that analyze your job descriptions and flag language that is discouraging to certain groups. For example, using words like “ninja” and “rockstar,” or exaggerating the requirements of a job are known to discourage female candidates, so SuccessFactors knows to suggest alternatives.


These problems with misleading phrasing frequently pop up across your entire hiring portal, from your actual job listings to your About Us page. Inflating your requirements past what you’re actually looking for, or failing to show diversity in photos are surefire ways to drive ethnically diverse candidates away from your company – potentially for good.

Close Your Pay Gap

With more competition for candidates, you better believe those very people you’re interested in hiring are doing plenty of research about the companies that they’re considering working for – and that means figuring out if there’s a pay gap. SuccessFactors, as an end-to-end, state of the art human capital management solution, is built to flag unhealthy trends, which means you’ll know about a developing pay gap in your company well before it becomes news – and a reason for qualified candidates to look elsewhere.


Offer Better Benefits

SuccessFactors tracks your benefits, including who is using them, how productive they are and how much each new benefit impacts your retention rate. This will have a huge impact on how your finance and leadership teams regard each new benefit, as it encourages them to see them as investments instead of simple expenses.


Having great benefits is very important when it comes to diversifying your human capital – specifically when it comes to gender equality. You don’t want to be one of those companies that drives away married couples, especially women, who are even thinking about having kids; many of them will be the perfect fit, and you could recruit them as loyal members of your staff if only you invested more into maternity leave and flex time!


If you’re having trouble recruiting a diverse staff, it’s time to invest in SAP SuccessFactors. Make your HR team data driven, and they can accomplish anything! By using artificial intelligence, statistics and industry knowledge, SuccessFactors will enable your company to be more welcoming to everyone – and attract those key employees that will be responsible for your future growth.


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