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Smart Data Streaming – IoT Device Simulator

The last couple of days at delaware we were working on an innovation track concerning IoT.  Among other things, we created some Smart Data Streaming flows and consumed them in Design Studio. Now in order to create some real life demo’s we needed an IoT simulator that posts data to SDS. Surprisingly, none were available.

So we decided to create a small tool ourselves and open source it. Lots of things still have to be done and code still has to be cleaned up but it is already useable when building a demo in SDS (We intend to add the possibility to use it in other tools as well). We hope it helps some people out J

The repo can be found at the following location: Everyone is more than welcome to contribute and don’t forget to star the repo if you like it!

The idea is that you enter the devices and data you would like to emit. After everything is filled in, a live control panel is presented to the user. In this panel, you can adjust all the values you entered before. This is useful when demo-ing certain types of events in your SDS flow. Imagine the temperature cannot go over 20 degrees, with this tool you can easily demonstrate what happens in your flow when it does. We also provided a nudge button, to simulate some kind of ‘bump’ registered by the device. For example a package being transported that is pushed around to much (see demo movie at the end, the shock alarm that popped up).

Watch this short video to demonstrate how the control panel works together with SDS and design studio:

If you have other idea’s, don’t hesitate to contact us J


Kind Regards,


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  • Hi Simon,

    Looks great! Thanks for sharing. :-]


    Btw, what about first chart with "stacking" data? Is it possible to visualize only last X records?


    • Hi Aleksandr,


      Thanks! Hope it helps you out 🙂


      Regarding your question: The way SDS works is that you define streams and windows. A window is basically a view you can put on top of your stream that Design Studio can use to visualize data. In that window you can define logic and a thing called a 'keep policy'. In this policy, you can define what data you woud like to see. So if you for example want to see the last 10 records, you would do something like this:


      Or you could select only the rows from the last 20 seconds and so on. The simulator just sends data, the logic for those kind of things can be done in SDS.

      Does that answer your question?

      Kind Regards,