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The new BI Launch Pad is a modern version of the classic BI launch pad application, built for maximum productivity. It has a fiorified user experience that makes the user interface (UI) simple and intuitive. With the ever-so-simplified UI, it is now that much simpler to access, view, organize, and manage your BI objects. This Blog explains the admin configurations and settings for the Fiori BI Launchpad.

1. Configure RESTful URL details in Central Management console for login the Fiori  BI Launchpad:

After installing or upgrading BI 4.2 SP04, if user is unable to login to Fiori BI Launchpad with a “Logon Failed for WACS contact administrator for necessary rights” Error message.



To resolve the above issue, follow the below steps :

  1. login to Central Management console as an administrator
  2. Navigate to Manage–>Applications–>Restful webservices–>properties
  3. Provide the WACS URL ie., hostname or fully qualified name where WACS server is deployed.



2. Setting Authentication tab and CMS visible in Fiori BI LaunchPad:

1. <INSTALLDIR>\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI4.0\warfiles\webapps\BOE\WEB-INF\config\custom\

If you are using the Tomcat version installed with BI platform, you can also access the following

directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\Tomcat6\webapps\BOE\WEBINF\


2. Create a new file using Notepad and save the file under the following name:

4. To include the authentication options on the BI launch pad logon screen add the following:


5. To change the default authentication type add the following authentication.default=<authentication>

Replace <authentication> with  default Authentication types  “secEnterprise, secLDAP, secWinAD, secSAPR3”

6. To prompt users for the CMS name on the BI launch pad logon screen:


7. Save and close the file.

8. Restart your web application server.

3. Configuring Email link for “contact Administrator” option in Fiori BI Launchpad:

1. <INSTALLDIR>\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI4.0\warfiles\webapps\BOE\WEB-INF\config\custom\

If you are using the Tomcat version installed with BI platform, you can also access the following

directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\Tomcat\webapps\BOE\WEBINF\


2. Create a new file using Notepad and save the file under the following name:

3. can be modified in “” properties.

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  1. Jordan Boen

    I cannot get past the “Logon Failed for WACS contact administrator for necessary rights” error message…the WAC server is running on the same server the rest are running on. The host name is the same, but port 6405/biprws doesn’t work – only when I enter the following does it get to the signin page: http://<server ip address>:8080/BOE/BILaunchPad

    But then when I try to login, I get that logon failed for WACS message…I’m not sure what to do from here

    1. Ashok Rajashekar Post author

      Hi Jordan,

      Can you please update the RESTful Webservices URL in CMC with IPAddress (Machine IP where WACS is running) instead of hostname and try login to Fiori BILP.


      Ashok R

              1. Ashok Rajashekar Post author

                Yes. This looks weird. Finally can you try below steps :

                1. Login to BILP (http://xx.xx.xxxx:8080/BOE/BI) and in same browser in a new tab try to access Fiori BILP (
                2. Change the RESTful application URL to http://localhost:6405/biprws and try to access Fiori BILP in the same server machine.
                3. change the RESTful application url with fully qualified host name. ie., http://TEST.ABC.COM:6405/biprws and try to access Fiori BILP in the same server machine.


                  1. Jordan Boen

                    I have even less luck when on the actual server BI is installed on – cannot even get to the logon page when trying on the server using localhost, IP address, or FQDN name…I can only get to the logon page from another PC when I enter the IP address, port 8080, and the BOE/BILaunchPad – however when I try to login, I get that “Error Logon Failed for WACS” message…sigh…I appreciate the help so far, maybe that note will help, but I don’t see anything in that note that is relevant to me.

                    1. Bharath B N

                      This IP adress and host name confusion :

                      1. If you change the URL of the RESTful web services to IP Address then this wont work inside the machine. in this case you have to add this IP address to Host entry.
                      2. If you are using host name in the  RESTful web services application, then BIlaunchpad wont work outside and you will get WACS error.

                      Solution : please change the “RESTFul webservcies application” URL to IP address and also add same IP as HOST entry in same machine.


                  2. Bharath B N

                    Hi Jordan,

                    I think you are using “BOE/BILaunchPad”, can you please change it to “BOE/BILaunchpad”. “p” must be letter.

                    Thats what difference I feel by seeing above image.



                    1. Jordan Boen

                      Yea, no such luck – not sure to be honest, I’ll keep trying. I’ve tried disabling the Windows Firewall, using port 6405 (I cannot even get to the page, can only use port 8080)




                                1. Jordan Boen

                                  OMG – success!!!!!!! I didn’t realize that you want the REST URL to be the 6405 one, but then use the 8080 URL to access the page…doh!

                                  If I could, I would double-like your post lol!

    2. Former Member

      Hi I had also some issues.

      In my case I had windows firewall blocking port 6405.

      I added an inbound rule to allow that specific port and then worked fine



  2. Vamshidhar Mitta

    Hi Ashok,

    Small Correction:

    It should be just Tomcat instead of Tomcat6 as mentioned in the path.With SAP BI 42, Tomcat version that comes with BI installation is Tomcat 8.

    C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\tomcat\webapps\BOE\WEB-INF\config\custom







  3. Mark Richardson

    Problem with “looping” Login page on new FIORI BI Launchpad..?

    Have checked all of the settings documented above – and am using the same ADMINISTRATOR (Enterprise) account credentials that work OK in the regular CMC and Old Launchpad on the same BI Platform and Tomcat environment.


    1.) CMC -> Applications -> RESTFul WebService is configured with Fully-Qualified Domain Name (FQDN).

    2.) Checked that the REST SDK APIs, simple API is working OK using the FQDN.

    3.) Confirmed that the Web Application Container Server (WACS) is running OK on that environment by testing the CMC -> BI Administrators’ Cockpit using the same Administrator (Enterprise) credentials.

    4.) We can get to the Login-Page for the new FIORI BI Launchpad, and had updated the file to expose everything on the Login-Page.

    5.) We enter exactly the same System, User Name, Password & Authentication values into the new FIORI BI Launchpad….and get the “Three-Dots” Fiori-Processing overlay for a couple of seconds…but then it reverts back to the Login-Screen.

    …We never get to the FIORI Launchpad “Home” page…

    No Error-Messages or anything…just kicks us back to the Login-Screen.

    6.) We have CONFIRMED that the CMS-Connection is actually taking place via the FIORI BI Launchpad by testing that page with a BLANK password.

    Based on all of the above – it appears that everything is configured correctly, and is passing VALID login info to the CMS from the FIORI BI Launchpad.

    However, it is not “completing” the hand-over to the new HOME page for the FIORI BI Launchpad

    Are there any new SECURITY Settings or PERMISSIONS that need to be granted to give users access to the new FIORI BI Launchpad..?

    Thanks in advance for any advice on how to resolve this issue.


      1. Mark Richardson

        Yes, no issues logging-in to old BI launchpad (http://host:port/BOE/BI) using exactly the same System, User Name, Password & Authentication values.

        In the same browser (IE-11.0.42) – opened another Tab and hit the new BI launchpad URL (http://host:port/BOE/BILaunchpad).

        Behaviour is the same as described in my post above.

        1.) Get to the new Login page OK.
        2.) Enter same System, User Name, Password & Authentication values.
        3.) Fiori Three-Dots appear for a few seconds.
        4.) Kicked back to new Login-Screen without any errors, etc.
        5.) Nothing gets us to the new HOME page in the Fiori Launchpad.

        If there aren’t any new SECURITY Settings or PERMISSIONS that need to be granted to give users access to the new FIORI BI Launchpad —- is it possible that the WAR file(s) for the new Fiori Launchpad didn’t deploy correctly – or is corrupted..?

        I am going to check the CMS AUDIT logs to see if any of my Login attempts from Fiori Launchpad are being captured by the CMS…so at least we will know where the process is breaking.

        1. Bharath B N

          Please check this error is coming form Tomcat or WACs (REST) in network.

          If error is coming from REST SDK, please copy that logon token and hit REST URL from any REST Client (Postman for Chrome, REST Client in Mozilla)


          1. Mark Richardson

            Bharath :

            OK, now we are on to something.

            We do NOT see that new “Logon to new Fiorified BI Launch pad” Specific-Rights setting under

            CMC -> Applications -> BI Launchpad -> User Security -> Assign Security -> Advanced -> Add/Remove Rights

            However, there is a Security Setting for “Send to StreamWork” that I don’t see in your list – so I am wondering if our WebApplication layer didn’t upgrade properly when we upgraded this box from SAP BO-BI 4.2 (SP03) to the new SP04 update package..?

            We checked the VERSION in the CMS Server Metric – and confirmed that the Version is

            Do we need to re-deploy the WebApps..? Is there anything else we can check to see if the Upgrade ran OK..?


              1. Mark Richardson

                There is no “error” – just a looping login.

                Tomcat is working OK for regular Launchpad.

                WACs (REST) is working OK for the CMC BI Cockpit.

                Is there a specific error that can be found in a trace-log or similar..?

            1. Denis Konovalov

              webapp layer has nothing to do with rights existence in CMC, those will be in CMS DB.
              If there are missing rights for new bilaunchpad , its possible upgrade didn’t succeed entirely.

              Do you have any files in setup/packagetemp directory ? if yes, which ones ?

              Check setupengine.log from the upgrade and see if there are any dfo related issues.

              1. Mark Richardson

                Yes, at this point it looks like a corrupted upgrade process.

                Thankfully it is a SANDBOX server – so we are rolling it back to the OS baseline and rebuilding the Platform boxes into their original state before re-running the 4.2 (SP04) upgrade process.

                Thanks for all the feedback.


  4. Former Member


    I got the following error while opening a webi report base on BW BEX in the fiori BI launchpad. The same report is working fine in BOE/BI



    Error 1: On launching the report, before variables screens appears.

    You can skip the message but the report turns to blank.


    Error 2: Occurs on others reports, when refreshing filters.


    Thanks in advanced for all feedback





    1. Ashok Rajashekar Post author

      Thanks Jaabir for the Query.

      is it possible to share the document so that we can have a quick look and can provide you the update.



      Ashok R

  5. Vytautas Thienel


    I have a similar problem as Mark Richardson described above. I am almost sure that this is related to the hostname and network configuration. We are OEM offering SAP BI cloud solutions to various customers. Currently we are using the latest SAP BO 4.2 SP04 Patch01. Internally and some of the clients via VPN can access the new Fiori launch pad without any problems. However, all the clients who have modified the hostname for the SAP BI on their internal network cannot access the new Fiori Launch Pad. Please note, that the old BI Lauch Pad works fine for everyone.

    Log in error using new Fiori Launch Pad

    After following this blog some of our clients who are using client specific hostnames were still getting the following error message.

    Then I have changed Applications–>Restful webservices–>properties from http://hostname:6405/biprws to Instead of the hostname I have provided the IP address of the BOBJ Server. The result is that the error message has changed into the following one:

    Account information not recognized: Could not reach CMS “”. Specify the correct host and port and check for network issues. (FWM 20030).

    I will try to check the what are the network settings on the client side. I believe it could be something related to the client’s local IT network configuration, VPN etc.

    Or do you think this could be something SAP BOBJ configuration related? Maybe instead of I should use http://localhost:6405/biprws in Restful webservices?





  6. Vytautas Thienel

    I will keep the other situation in another comment.

    We have a #2_Client where the users can access, but they still cannot log in to Fiori Launch Pad and get the error “Logon failed to WACS. Contact your system administrator for necessary rights.”

    Do you have any ideas why #2_Client cannot log in? I have already followed this guide and I am able to log in Fiori Launch pad using the client’s BI user account from my local PC.

    1. Vytautas Thienel

      It seems that the new Fiori Launch Pad is very sensitive to the host names.

      In this particular case the reason was the host file on the clients local PC. C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts.

      It seems that the client must have a host entry with the title of the Machine Name or the CMS.


      For e.g.

      BO server

      Host file: QWERTY

      CMS: QWERTY.CentralManagementServer in Restful webservices.


      Client Local PC

      Host file: ABCD

      The user can access the sign in site but during the log in the error “Logon failed to WACS. Contact your system administrator for necessary rights.” will appear.

      The problem is related to the hostname of the user PC. If I will change the host file to QWERTY everything works fine.

      However, the old BI launchpad works fine in both cases. In addition, our clients would like to use their own hostnames for the BI services. But it seems that they must change the hostname to the Machine Name we have set up on BO during the installation.

      P.S. I have tried to log in Fiori Launchpad using IP addresses only (not hostnames).


      • Does anyone knows why the name of the host (not IP address) is important in the new Fiori Dashboard? Why it has to match the Machine Name?
      • Any ideas how to workaround this issue?



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