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Develop in SAP HANA Express and Deploy to the SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry

Since we first started talking about XS Advanced, one of the major topics was it has a common foundation that is built upon Cloud Foundry.  One of the earliest value propositions is that eventually you would be able to build a single application and without changes deploy that to XSA on premise or onto the cloud on SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry. You can read what we wrote about this topic in 2015 when XSA launch as part of SAP HANA 1.0 SPS 11:

Its very exciting to see that at SAPPHIRE this week, the SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry has launched and a free trail is available.

With this we see the delivery of the full promise of XSA programming model, available both on premise and in the cloud.

One of the great aspects of this approach is that you can use the free SAP HANA Express edition to develop your application locally on your own laptop/desktop and then deploy this application easily to Cloud Foundry on SAP Cloud Platform. To help you with this approach, we’ve launched a new SAP HANA Express tutorial to show you this exact process:

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  • Hi Thomas,


    I am currently trying to get the trial Multicloud Web IDE and the Cloud Foundry Trial working together. I am failing at configuring the project in the project settings to let "space" point to the cloud foundry endpoint. It does not accept my credentials I think and so does not find the corresponding organizations and spaces (I am using Frankfurt for my trial).

    In theory it should work, but maybe I am missing something.

    Maybe you could adapt your tutorial to that scenario?


    I think this would be the easiest approach to XSA, since you don't need the powerful hardware for HANA Express.




    • If you are having problems setting up that scenario, please post a question in the Q&A section. What you are describing would be a completely different tutorial than what we are describing here.

      • Hi Gregor,

        yes now it worked and I was able to connect the CP MTA Web IDE to the trial Cloud Foundry account and install the builder there.

        Now I am just struggling with meaningless "Build Failed" messages in some of my components, so I am back to daily business  😉

  • So right now, I will have to use a WebIDE for HANA on-premise, if I want to use it for developing XSA apps, that I later on push to the cloud.

    Is it planned to have WebIDE for XSA development available as a service in the cloud for SAP CP cloud foundry (similiar to the WebIDE service for UI5 in SAP CP Neo)?

    • Yes we have the SAP Web IDE multi-cloud:

      It is planned in the near future to add much of the same functionality of the SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA to this new SAP Web IDE multi-cloud for development  on SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry.

  • Hi Thomas,

    As far as I'm aware node.js/xsjs and Java can be used on top of XSA for server-side scripting. What about support for PHP ("bring your own language"), is that foreseen/possible?




    • We already do support Bring Your Own Language based upon Cloud Foundry buildpacks.  PHP is one of the languages that has such a build pack. In the HANA online help we even have a tutorial for Python and PHP getting started with BYOL:

  • Currently, the on-premise HANA comes only with two buildpacks

    (a) sap_java_buildpack

    (b) sap_nodejs_buildpack

    There are tutorials for PHP and Python.

    Of the two, there is an experimental (on-premise BYOL) version for python at Github


    => It would be great if SAP could support (on-premise) .NET-Core by initiating at github so the .NET-core community could join and contribute


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