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SAP Cloud Platform trial now includes Cloud Foundry

Cloud Foundry plays a central role in SAP’s platform as a service (PaaS) strategy, as outlined, for instance, in this blog post. SAP has now delivered Cloud Foundry as additional generally available environment of the SAP Cloud Platform offering (see this blog). With this, the SAP Cloud Platform continues to leverage open-source technologies and gains additional flexibility and capabilities, like support of new runtimes and programming languages using Cloud Foundry’s buildpack concept, providing additional services following Cloud Foundry’s service broker concept, or being able to run on multiple infrastructures, to name a few.

In May 2016, SAP released a preview version of the upcoming Cloud Foundry support via an open BETA program offered on the YaaS Market. Interested users were able to sign-up for the BETA using the respective package: SAP HANA Cloud Platform, Starter Edition for Cloud Foundry Services (Beta). SAP now replaces this BETA with a free trial of SAP Cloud Platform that includes Cloud Foundry. Therefore, taking effect immediately, the BETA program will be discontinued and the “SAP HANA Cloud Platform, Starter Edition for Cloud Foundry Services (Beta)” package has been removed from the marketplace. Cloud Foundry organizations which have been created through the Beta program, can be further used for one additional month and will then be deleted by mid of June.

To explore and try out the Cloud Foundry environment within SAP Cloud Platform, you can sign-up for the free SAP Cloud Platform trial here: The trial includes 1GB of Cloud Foundry runtime memory for 30 days, and usage of up to 10 services. The supported services include backing services (development versions supported for trial), portal service, connectivity service and HANA.


As part of SAP Cloud Platform multi cloud strategy you will be able choose the IaaS provider your trial account will run on. You can choose Amazon or Azure (beta only) as the current supported providers. What do you need to do? Sign up for the trial and log in to the SAP Cloud Platform cockpit. There, click “Start Cloud Foundry Trial” on the home screen as shown in the screenshot below.

You are then asked to select the region and infrastructure you are most interested in. Choose one, press ok, and wait a few seconds until your Cloud Foundry org and space has been provisioned to the target region. Afterwards you can start using the Cloud Foundry environment via the cloud cockpit or directly login to the org / space using the cf CLI (SAP Cloud Platform host names can be found here).

Find out more details on the new features and capabilities of SAP Cloud Platform and its new Cloud Foundry environment in this blog post.

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