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 The Fiorified BI Launchpad is a modern version of the classic BI launchpad application introduced from BOE 4.2 SP04. It has a fiorified user experience that makes the user interface (UI) simple and intuitive.

Foirified BI Launchpad URL http://<WebServer>:<Port>/BOE/BILaunchpad

where <WebServer> is the name of the web server for BI platform and <Port> is the port number for the platform.

Before Start:

New BI launchpad has dependency on REST SDK which deployed on WACS(web Application container Server).So WACS must be running to use new Launchpad.

To check REST SDK APIs, simple API

Where <port> is the port number of WACS(Web Application Container Server).

Above URL Response contains : product version details.

Logon Page:

Administrator configurations for new BI Launchpad (Fiorified) :

Location “\BOE\WEB-INF\config\default” (BOE webapp in webserver)

First View:

BI Launchpad Tool bar:



My Home

When User first log in to the BI Launch Pad, this is default user interface, which user can customize for the tasks you perform there.


In this tab user can access all schedule instances scheduled by him using calendar widget and perform client actions on those instances


(Administrator can hide this tab)

The Inbox lets you view and manage system alerts,notifications and documents as message.


(If User doesn’t have rights for both My Folders and Public Folders then this tab will be hidden)

User can organize and manage objects using public and personal folders.

Recycle Bin

(Administrator can hide this tab)

Recycle Bin is an application in the BI Launch Pad. When the user deletes an item from the BOE system, it is moved to the Recycle Bin, where it is temporarily stored until the Recycle Bin is emptied. This gives the user the opportunity to recover accidentally deleted reports/folders and restore them to their original locations.

Note:  Based on the user rights Menu tabs will be rendered and User can configure to any tab as default home tab.

Filters in My Home:



Show all

This filter lists all the flat list BI objects : documents, reports, categories in the Home page.


This filter lists all your recently viewed/modified BI objects: documents in the Home page.

My Documents

This filter lists all documents you created in the Home page.

All Categories

A category is an organizational alternative to a folder. Use categories to label objects. This filter lists all the categories (Corporate and Personal) in the Home page.

My Favorites

(This is new feature available only in new launchpad)

This filter lists all documents or categories that you marked as your favorites in the Home page.


The BI platform supports the following types of user licenses:

  • Concurrent user
  • Named user

Note: Number of concurrent logon sessions for a named user is limited to 10. If the named user tries to log into the 11th concurrent logon session, the sytem displays an approprite error message. You need to release one of the existing sessions to be able to log in.

Session Management:

Lifetime of the web session is defined in the web.xml of web-app (BOE).

The default time-out value for each web-app is 20 minutes.

If User opens Old BI launchpad and fiorified BI launchpad in different tabs of same browser then both the launchpads uses same Enterprise Session.

Web Application Bundle:

New fiorified BI launchpad also part of BOE webapp bundle. There is no need of some extra deployment specifically to new launchpad.

But there is separate .properties file for new launchpad called “”.

Location “\BOE\WEB-INF\config\default” (BOE webapp in webserver)

Copy file to “\BOE\WEB-INF\config\custom” location and change the values as per requirement.

Restart the web server and clear the cache in browser before refresh the BI launchpad.

Related Links:


Home page:


Categories and Folders:


Recycle Bin:


User Settings:


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  1. Ivan Yin



    There is a link named as “Contact Administrator ” in the logon page when accessing http://<WebServer&gt;:<Port>/BOE/BILaunchpad


    After clicking it in IE, it will try to send a mail to “”. But nothing happens in Chrome.

    May I know if this mail address can be changed in someplace?



    1. Bharath B N Post author

      Hi Ivan,

      You can configure admin email “********@***.com” in file. file located in “\BOE\WEB-INF\config\default” (BOE webapp in webserver).

      SAP recommendation : duplicate file to “\BOE\WEB-INF\config\custom” location and change the values.

      Restart the web server and clear the cache in browser before refresh the BI launchpad.



    2. Bharath B N Post author

      I have tried in Chrome and Safari  by clicking on “Contact Administrator” and worked for me.

      can you check Chrome version once and email client configured in consumers machine?

  2. Jawahar Konduru

    Bharath, Thanks for the information. I installed SP4 today. So lauchpad now, it is only to view the reports. When will we be able to create reports from Fiori Launchpad? is it in roadmap?

  3. Lisa Lemler

    We have the same question.  We installed SP4 yesterday and have been trying to figure out how to launch Web Intelligence from the Fiorified BI launch pad without first having to view an existing Webi doc.  Is this not possible??

  4. Aju Daniel

    Hi Bharath,

    Good article. Had a quick question, ​we deployed BI 4.2 SP04 and see that design studio works fine with the old BI Launchpad link but somehow does not work with the new fiori based BI Launchpad. Lumira and WebI reports work fine with the new link. Any idea whats causing this issue.




    1. Bharath B N Post author

      Please share the error message / Exceptions in new BI Launchpad (when user click on Design Studio Report)


  5. Ivan Yin

    Hi Bharath,

    By default, it will show  “Show All” in My Home. Is it possible to change it to show “All Categories” in My Home by default?


    1. Bharath B N Post author


      In BOE 4.2 SP04 – This option is not available for Filters inside the Tab.

      User can set any Menu Tab as default landing page like Folders, Schedules , Inbox…..

      Left Top User Icon-> User Settings -> Account Preference ->Page Preferences

      Video is also available for steps in this blog.


        1. Bharath B N Post author

          This feature is targeted in BOE 4.2 SP05 :

          User can set the variant filter which he wants to view from next login on My Home page.


          1. Aju Daniel

            Hi Bharath,

            Quite a good post on the new Fiori styled BI Launchpad!

            The default “My Home” landing page brings in all the documents including css as well as image files that have been uploaded to the platform. This kind of behavior does not give a good user experience when you want to rollout the new BI Launchpad at an Enterprise level. The first question being asked as to why it can’t be defaulted to Category View as this view provides more of a professional view to business users. We were under the impression that the new BI Launchpad will have all the existing functionalities of the old Launchpad in addition to better user experience. However it seems, its not and there are many missing links with the new Launchpad. Waiting for SP05 that is only going to be available in 6 months time does not help to manage user expectations to have basic functionality working. I was wondering if there is a workaround to get the default view to be category, by creating BI Workspace or changing any of the config files on the server?





  6. Jürgen Möller

    In the moment for the categories there is only one level possible. The hierarchy of the categories from the CMC is ignored by the fiorified Lauchpad. Is it planned to have subcategories where the subcategories are not shown on the top Level?

    Is it possible to change the both pictures for the categories with own pictures?

    1. Bharath B N Post author

      List all categories as flat list in “Categories” filter under “My Home” Menu In 4.2 SP04.

      User can’t change the picture of any categories (picture is fixed for both Corporate and Personal categories).


  7. Chris McIntosh

    So, how is the fiorified Launchpad any use besides looking pretty and to the future (it’s in the roadmap)?  Doesn’t make sense to maintain two url’s and having to access web intelligence from another location.  Thanks and your info is good!

  8. Ivan Yin

    Hi Bharath,


    In the What’s guide, there is a screenshot as below. May I know what are the functions of these three buttons in the red box? Are they available now? If no, is there any roadmap for them?

    1. Bharath B N Post author

      Hi Ivan,

      This 3 buttons indicates : Search, Applications, Notifications

      1. Search functionality is available ( BOE 4.2 SP04 +).
      2. Notifications – user can see under Inbox menu – separate sub menu ( BOE 4.2 SP04 + ).
      3. Applications launch from Fiorified Launchpad is Not available in BOE 4.2 SP04 (It is in Roadmap).

      Note: This screenshot is visual design and not from Product (BOE 4.2 SP04).


  9. Wagner do Carmos Gomes
    Hi Bharath,
    We just updated our environment from BI 4.1 SP7 to the new BI 4.2 SP4 today, but when I call the new Launchpad link, an Error is showed after the logon.
    The error is: “Resource not found: 19955 (RWS 00009)”..  Our deploy use PT-BR language
    Can you give us some hint about this issue?


    1. Bharath B N Post author

      Hi Wagner,

      Is Launchpad working fine after closing this error popup?

      Please share the network trace.Press F12 and navigate to Network menu then refresh the page.

      you will see one API returning with 500/404 response code.


      1. Wagner do Carmos Gomes

        Hi Bharath,

        Thanks for answer me.

        This is the network trace that you requested.

        The ocurrence that looks more related to the error is:

          1. Request URL:
          2. Request Method:
          3. Status Code:

            404 Not Found
          4. Remote Address:
          5. Referrer Policy:
        1. Response Headersview source
          1. Access-Control-Allow-Credentials:
          2. Access-Control-Allow-Origin:
          3. Access-Control-Expose-Headers:
            X-SAP-LogonToken, X-SAP-PVL, WWW-Authenticate
          4. Content-Length:
          5. Content-Type:
          6. Date:
            Wed, 21 Jun 2017 13:03:10 GMT
          7. Server:
        2. Request Headersview source
          1. Accept:
          2. Accept-Encoding:
            gzip, deflate, sdch
          3. Accept-Language:
          4. Connection:
          5. Content-Type:
          6. Host:
          7. Origin:
          8. Referer:
          9. User-Agent:
            Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/58.0.3029.110 Safari/537.36
          10. x-SAP-logonToken:
          11. X-SAP-PVL:


        After closing the message error we are abble to navigate and run reports, but another message error is showed when we try to run some reports with prompts.




  10. Christoph Bornhauser

    Hi Bharath

    How can I customize the fiorified BI Launchpad in the design (logo, background, font,…)? This can also be done using the Fiori color theme (e.g. SAP Belize).

    Thank you for your answer.




    1. Bharath B N Post author

      Hi Christoph,

      In BOE 4.2 SP04 – 2 Themes supported and User can change the theme in Fiorified BILaunchpad.

      Navigate to User settings- Click on button top left side.

      In 4.2 SP04 – Fiorified BI Launchpad customization for Logo and Font is not available (This is in Roadmap).

      – Bharath

  11. Veeraraghavan Vijayarajan

    Whether SAP planning to maintain 2 separate URLs ? It would be challenging to communicate to the users since we have separate user groups such as – Viewers, Super/Power Users who would need to do ad-hoc. What is the possible solution ?

    Is there any option to maintain single URL and switch, if required rather that separate URL?

  12. Zakaria El Gharbaoui

    Hi Bharath,

    We upgraded our BI Platform from BI4.1 SP7.1 to BI4.2 SP04, we are getting the following error:

                 Erreurs (WSR 00400)

                 The resource of type “Service” with identifier “Comments” is not available.

    When vieweing any webi document.

    Thank you for your help ?


  13. Sudhakar Kotha

    Thanks Bharath,


    Is this going to be planned with SP05 too (in the roadmap)? It will be great to have the Fiori look and feel with ability to do element linking and commentary from the same interface.



  14. Markus Weih



    I have a problem with open Lumira documents. If I open a Lumira document, each time the open document link is appearing in an new window. I need to login and then the Lumira document is visible in the new window. Is it possible, that the Lumira document will be open directly in the launchpad?




    1. Bharath B N Post author

      If user opening document in opendocument in new tab then session must be shared (No logon screen appears).Open Lumira inside the launchpad is not possible in BOE 4.2 SP04 and  its targeted in SP05.


  15. Vytautas Thienel


    Using BI Fiori launchpad I am not able to open any documents in BI platform. I am not getting any errors. They simply do not open and I only can see the blank screen. I have tried to open WebI, excel, pdf documents documents. See the result below.

    Everything else seems to work fine. Using old BI Launchpad I can access those documents without any problem.

    I have installed BO 4,2 SP04 Patch 01 and followed this guide. However, I have changed the hostname of the server one month ago. Maybe this could be the problem? Nevertheless, the old BI launchpad works fine.

    In addition, I am testing it locally on the Linux server using Mozilla Firefox. 

    Any ideas?

    Thank you in advance.

      1. Vytautas Thienel


        It works fine when it is launched from the client PC using IE and Wndows 10. However it does not work once it is launched from Linux server directly using Mozilla.

        The change of hostname or IP should not be the cause. I have tried to replicate the problem on the server without hostname or IP changes and got the same issue.


        http://IP:8080/BOE/portal/1708041859/Bing/com/sap/bing/images/sap_55X27.png [HTTP/1.1 404  2ms]
        downloadable font: OS/2: bad x_height: -1 (font-family: “SAP-icons” style:normal weight:normal stretch:normal src index:0) source: http://IP:8080/BOE/portal/1708041859/Bing/resources/sapui5/resources/sap/ui/core/themes/base/fonts/SAP-icons.woff2 main.jsp:1:12
        downloadable font: OS/2: bad cap_height: -1 (font-family: “SAP-icons” style:normal weight:normal stretch:normal src index:0) source: http://IP:8080/BOE/portal/1708041859/Bing/resources/sapui5/resources/sap/ui/core/themes/base/fonts/SAP-icons.woff2 main.jsp:1:12
        2017-08-07 11:19:25.545895 [main.jsp] registerResourcePath (‘com/sap/webi’, ‘../AnalyticalReporting/webiNG/’) –  sap.ui.ModuleSystem sap-ui-core.js:166:587
        Empty string passed to getElementById(). sap-ui-core.js:174:218
        Empty string passed to getElementById(). sap-ui-core.js:174:233
        2017-08-07 11:19:26 [index.html] Device API logging initialized – DEVICE sap-ui-core.js:18:643
        2017-08-07 11:19:26.458304 [index.html] registerResourcePath (”, ‘../resources/sapui5/resources/’) –  sap.ui.ModuleSystem sap-ui-core.js:161:728
        2017-08-07 11:19:26.460024 [index.html] registerResourcePath (‘sap/dfa/help’, ‘../resources/xray/WEB-INF/classes/META-INF/resources/sap/dfa/help/’) –  sap.ui.ModuleSystem sap-ui-core.js:161:728
        2017-08-07 11:19:26.460995 [index.html] registerResourcePath (‘sap/bi/webi’, ‘./’) –  sap.ui.ModuleSystem sap-ui-core.js:161:728
        2017-08-07 11:19:26.461725 [index.html] registerResourcePath (‘resources’, ‘../resources/’) –  sap.ui.ModuleSystem sap-ui-core.js:161:728
        2017-08-07 11:19:26.462399 [index.html] URL prefixes set to: –  sap.ui.ModuleSystem sap-ui-core.js:161:728
        2017-08-07 11:19:26.464179 [index.html]   (default) : ../resources/sapui5/resources/ –  sap.ui.ModuleSystem sap-ui-core.js:161:728
        2017-08-07 11:19:26.464945 [index.html]   ‘sap/dfa/help’ : ../resources/xray/WEB-INF/classes/META-INF/resources/sap/dfa/help/ –  sap.ui.ModuleSystem sap-ui-core.js:161:728
        2017-08-07 11:19:26.465774 [index.html]   ‘sap/bi/webi’ : ./ –  sap.ui.ModuleSystem sap-ui-core.js:161:728
        2017-08-07 11:19:26.466489 [index.html]   ‘resources’ : ../resources/ –  sap.ui.ModuleSystem sap-ui-core.js:161:728
        Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated because of its detrimental effects to the end user’s experience. For more help sap-ui-core.js:155:2593
        mutating the [[Prototype]] of an object will cause your code to run very slowly; instead create the object with the correct initial [[Prototype]] value using Object.create WebiServices.js:1:1196
        TypeError: ‘then’ called on an object that does not implement interface Promise.

          1. Vytautas Thienel


            I agree.Because it works fine when running Fiori Lauch Pad on local PC Win 10 using latest IE or Mozilla browsers.

            Once I will have some spare time I will try to install the latest Mozilla broswer on Linux server and see if this will solve the problem.

        1. Bharath B N Post author

          If you are hitting form out side the machine please set API url to IP address or name which can be used from any other machines in network.


          If you are hitting from same machine please use “localhost”  in all the urls.


  16. Vytautas Thienel

    Is it possible to open WebI Java Applet via Fiorified BI Launchpad? In addition, is there a way how to open a “blank” WebI to start creating the report? It seems that currently I can open a WebI Document and only then press on New Document to create the new report.

    1. Bharath B N Post author

      No. You can view Webi using unified viewer only.

      In BOE 4.2 SP04 launching Webi designer direct option is not available. (In Roadmap).




  17. René Kragsfeldt


    Hi Bharath,

    We are coming from the SAP Enterprice portal and a planning a transition of approx. 3000 users to the new fiorified launchpad. One thing that are crucial for our users and what we can’t find out how to solve in the launchpad, is the ability to launch favorites (Lumira 2.x bookmarks) directly from the launchpad without having to run a report first and execute it from here. We intend to use the Generic Analysis application as default template.

    Today in the SAP Enterprise Portal users creates favorites (Navigational states of a BW query or query view including drill down and filters viewed in the 0ANALYSIS_PATTERN WAD template saved as a KM Bookmark) from a report, and have easy access to their favorites on the front page of the portal. This is our most common used approach for our users to navigate to their reports in our >700 report repository.

    We are looking very much forward on a clarification to achieve a similar functionality in the BI Launchpad or be guided to how the Bookmark and favorites in Lumira 2.x documents are intended to be used.

    1. Denis Konovalov


      I think you’re mixing 2 different things – SAP Enterprise portal, SAP Enterprise portal Fiori Launchpad and fiorified bilaunchpad in BOE.
      BOE Bilaunchpad and its fiorified version are not designed to launch Lumira bookmarks directly.

      1. René Kragsfeldt

        Are there any plans for launching Lumira bookmarks directly from the BOE BI Launchpad? Or can someone guide us for other ways for the users to personalize navigational states of BEx Queries and have easy access to these – preferably within the BOE BI Launchpad (fiorified version)?

  18. René Kragsfeldt



    We are new to the BO Launchpad in general. Before we introduce the Launchpad for the masses in our organisation, we would like to have default language set to English for all users. We are a global company and to ease training material and user support, we prefer that our users have the language settings set for English as default and not “Bowser locale”.

    Anyone who can give a hint for where this can be set?

      1. Christian Neumann

        Thank you for your quick response.

        Ok, that’s not so nice. So, a ‘hide option’ is also not on the roadmap?

        How can we use the schedule tab? We are useing Design Studio applications and Analysis workbooks with a OLAP Connection to a SAP BW.

  19. Do Hai Dang Le


    thank you for your thorough description.

    Unfortunately I haven’t found any option to lauch the BI-Applications like WebIntelligence from the frioried BI-Launchpad.

    Does the Launchpad need to be configured for the applications, or is starting applications like WebIntelligence from the friorired BI-Lauchpad no more desired by SAP?

    Best regards

  20. Magesh Anandan

    Hi Bharath,

    Nice blog! Thanks for sharing. Have a quick question. Old Hyperlinks calling external URL’s are not working in the Fiorified version, but it works with Normal Version. Is this a bug or yet to be release functionality ?

  21. Kasim Ward

    Hi Bharath,

    We noticed the Fiorified BI Launchpad runs noticeably slower than the traditional BI Launchpad on our mobile Android tablets (Android 5.1.1). We placed two identically configured tablets side-by-side, launched the Fiorified BI Launchpad in one tablet, and the traditional BI Launchpad in the other (both via Chrome).  The traditional one is able to login and open reports faster than the Fiorified one. Is this a known issue? What could be causing this?


  22. Jonathan Lu

    Hi Bharath,


    At the Logon Page, I am not able to see a drop-down selector for Authentication Type (Enterprise, SAP, etc.). How can I enable this? I can see it in your screenshot above.

    1. Bharath B N Post author

      1. Navigate to the Location “\BOE\WEB-INF\config\default\” (BOE webapp in webserver)


      2. set  —- > authentication.visible=true


      3. Restart web server.





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