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We launched this project with two main solution tracks as the scope;

  • Provide an option to our customers to convert their UNV Universes to UNX Universes – single or multiple Universes in batch mode
  • Once they convert their UNV Universes to UNX, provide a solution that will change the source of the selected Web Intelligence reports from UNV to UNX – single or multiple Web Intelligence reports in batch mode

UNV to UNX Conversion

We successfully introduced this functionality as a standard feature in our BusinessObjects Information Design Tool (IDT) a while ago. This option will let users select one or many UNV Universes in IDT and covert them to UNX format. The option is called Convert.unv Universe command in the BusinessObjects Information Design Tool.

For more details including how to convert and supported features etc., refer section 4 in the latest version of the “Information Design Tool User Guide” available here at –

Changing Source

Once you convert the UNV Universes to UNX, the next important question is, how do I remap the source of the bunch of Web Intelligence reports that we’ve? The answer is this new solution that we are introducing with SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.2 SP04 release.

What is this solution and how to get it?

This solution aims at changing the source of your Web Intelligence reports from UNV to UNX without requiring much time and efforts. Yes, we architected this solution in such a way that it uses most of the in-built product components in the SAP BusinessObjects BI suite.

If you are on SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.2 SP04 release, navigate to the following location; <InstallFolder>\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\Samples\wics

If you are on SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.2 SP03 release, you can download the solution from the SAP Note 2432962 (

Where do I find more information?

For complete information around system requirements, other pre-requisites, workflow steps, limitations and more, check out these links for the SAP Note – OR

Note that we are also working on to release this solution for SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1 version with one of the upcoming SP releases (tentatively in Q3 2017).



Sathish, Thomas, PPaolo & Sezhian

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  1. Manikandan Elumalai

    Thanks Sathish. I thought of exploring this feature for recommending to our customers and this blog is avery good starting point. I am very much interested in conversion of Linked universes and universe with restriction sets and how they are getting converted to Data security and Business layer security.



    1. Sathish Rajagopal Post author

      Thanks Mani.

      Some of these scenarios have been successfully tested through internal testing and as well by our pilot customers. Let us know your feedback.

      1. Manikandan Elumalai

        Sure Sathish. I am into it already. Just a word of caution as this is happened to us as it might not applicable to everyone as we have very long BIP Patch history.

        4.1 SP6 Base Install -> 4.1 SP7 update -> 4.2 SP2 Patch3 update- > 4.2 SP3 Patch4 update -> 4.2 SP4 update


        Post BI 4.2 SP4 update, the CMS data access driver and the required JAR file (dbd_sapbicms.jar) for CMS database driver which are added during my BI 4.2 SP3 update found missing.I am going to try this in my BI 4.2 SP3 node for now and later update to BI 4.2 SP4 for further validation.




        1. Manikandan Elumalai

          I further validated this solution and few of my observations.

          • Upon selection of .unv universe , The WebIChangeSource_Worklist report populates all the associated reports and the list is not in sync when I try to run an relationship query from CMC. Look like the report also pulls all the orphan reports that are not pointing to the universe.
          • It would be good to get a log file after execution of the WebIChangeSource_Update report. I tried to execute this against couple of reports for efashion and the final status remain unchanged
          • Can the behind the scenes process for each report execution detailed in the documentation?.

          I will continue to explore and share my findings here.


          1. Katerina Losyuk


            ‘WebIChangeSource_Worklist’ everything is OK. I got the desired WebI-Change-List. Saved the document and opened and refreshed for testing/changing ‘WebIChangeSource_Update’. As a result, I didn’t get the desired result. Result-Overview is empty, Result-Details contains only one webi doc among 8. Moreover the data source of this webi document wasn’t changed.

            Also I wonder in the scenes process for each report execution detailed in the documentation. I want to find more information of the doc ‘WebIChangeSource_Update’ and how to complete update, the description of change information fields, will be a source changed in the properties of the query.

            Did anyone find the answer?



      1. Sathish Rajagopal Post author

        Thanks Veeraraghavan.

        @Angelica, can you access it now? If you’ve access to other SAP notes then you should be able to access this one.

  2. Jawahar Konduru

    thanks Satish. This one will be deal breaker, instead of replying on 3rd party solutions. I will test it out in SP3, will provide my comments.


  3. Jawahar Konduru


    I installed SP4 n top of 4.2 SP2. I could I refrnot find the folder wics the path you mentioned.  I referred the KB article you mentioned in your blog, there is no instructions on how to switch UNX . I could not understand below steps. Where do i find the documentation how to change?


    Use the files from your installation <InstallFolder>\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\Samples\wics.
    – Data access driver is already installed.
    – Import the LCMBIAR.

  4. Manikandan Elumalai

    That’s what happened to me too :). See my comments above though I haven’t mentioned it. I went ahead and tried to deploy the solution manually but I couldn’t proceed further as this in turn depends on BI CMS metadata driver for Universe & Reports extraction.

  5. BW team BW team Nestlé Business Technology

    Did anybody try to migrate from an OLAP UNV (on BW) to Relational Universe (e.g. on HANA)?  I’m guessing the tool does not allow to control the mapping and automatically maps based on field “Name”.  Would that be correct ?  I hope/expect that if field names are identical from Source A to Source B, then the change of source works.  If field names are not identical then I expect the change of source will fail.


  6. Michael Gaynor

    Could this utility be used to migrate UNX to UNX?  We use a universe developed by a vendor and they sometimes release an updated version of their UNX.  I currently modify my version to match the new one.  It’d be great if I could simply swap them out.

  7. Manikandan Elumalai

    You really dont need to migrate UNX to UNX, instead import the universe as a new version of the universe and try pointing to existing reports from old universe to new universe. This should work as long as the new universe has identical objects as in old universe.



    1. Michael Gaynor

      The problem I have is that there are hundreds of reports that would need to be remapped/redirected each time.  I’d prefer not to have to individually remap reports.

  8. Alok Kakani

    Hi Sathish Rajagopal ,

    I have tested this utility with UNV and UNX and it worked fine for me. I would also like to know whether this utility can be used with FHSQL WEBI Reports or not?

    What changes would need to be done in order to get it working with FHSQL Reports?


    Thanks in advance.



  9. Wolfgang Bidner

    I was Impressed how straight the workflow is. Well described in the PDF – would be nice to know beforehand: It is easy to use. And excellent Error documentation within the webi Report!


    It took some time till I discovered that fresh converted unx universes will only Show up when at least one corresponding webi Report is in existence!




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