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SAP Hybris Marketing – Introduction

Technology is exponentially growing and rapidly revolutionizing the way we are performing our tasks. Businesses are expected to move along with the high waves to continue to operate in the highly competitive environment. We have seen digital revolution in the industry and now we are witnessing Internet of Things, Cloud Computing and Machine Learning helping us run business operations from Smartphones.

In recent times, Consumers are Omni present and their choices and interests are much diverse than ever before. Businesses operating in traditional mode are running into crisis as the previously successful models are not working now. We have seen highly popular companies shutting down to competition or taken over by companies adapting to new environment and utilizing the technology to understand the customers and offer personalized experience. Traditional tools and methods are struggling due to many varying parameters listed below.

Data: Transactional data is growing exponentially day by day with customers being digital most of the times. This lead to companies struggling to make meaningful insights or to understand the customer buying patterns from billions of data records in short time. Traditional tools are either taking huge time to process such high volume or facing challenges in data processing.

Out Reach: Customers are Omni present and are looking for consistent happy customer experience across all the channels. Earlier ways and methods followed to reach customers via Phone calls, emails are not sufficient as customers are now available across multiple platforms, specially the current generation is highly active on social media (Facebook, twitter,etc.) and expressing their interests or expectations there.

Time-Sensitivity: Opportunity in the markets is highly time sensitive and the decisions made in the boardroom need to be rolled out in less than 24 hours to capitalize the hold in the markets.  Traditional tools are not operational in real time.

We can list many such business cases that are driving IT Service providers and Product development teams to stand up to the expectations and provide innovative solutions at optimal cost and investment.

Hybris Marketing is one such tool available in the market for Marketing functionality that is operating on cloud & On Premise and has the features & tools to help businesses overcome the above listed challenges. In the rest of the blog, we will discuss & introduce some of the key Out Of Box functionalities of Hybris cloud marketing solution offerings to business fraternity.

Quick Setup: Hybris Marketing cloud solution can be easily set up in less time with minimal investment. Business users can go to Market very fast with cloud solution.

Customer Segmentation: The UI is very intuitive and is highly user friendly. Users can perform High Volume segmentation of customers very easily in real time with the help of insightful charts and tools. Multiple options are available to filter and refine to generate a specific target group. The whole process of segmentation is powered with good visualization and user friendly design (few clicks) to slice and dice information real time with high performance.

Below screenshots brief you on the steps to be followed for customer segmentation.

Figure 1: Segmentation: Target Group Creation

User can drag and drop the attributes on to the design area to create segments. In the above scenario, we selected attribute Country (Values: USA, DE) and target group is generated on the fly in seconds.

Also, user can select the attribute values in Preview by clicking on the Geographical map. The preview displays the required view at run time based on the attribute selected. In the below scenario, you notice Map, Account views displayed dynamically according to the chosen segmentation attribute. This feature is available for various attributes and this feature helps Business user work more actively in creating segments.

Figure 2: Graphical Display of Customers presence( Grey Highlighted) for the Country Attribute

User can click the country in the map to filter the data.

Figure 3: Check Box:Selection of Values for the attribute Account

Campaign Execution: Campaign creation & execution can be performed very easily across multiple channels (emails, SMS, Facebook, etc..). Also delivery of personalized messages is possible across any channel. The UI supports multiple actions (listed below) as part of campaign automation.

  • Send Email, SMS, Create C4C Lead, Activity
  • Create CRM Activity, Lead                Create C4C Appointment, Task, Phone Call
  • Create CRM Opportunity, Task Trigger C4C Call Qualification, Export to File
  • Create CRM Call list A/B Testing

Analysis & Comparison of Campaign execution results can be viewed in graphical view and insights can be drawn without difficulty.

Eg: Campaign Creation – Below steps show us how easy it is to create and execute campaign in Hybris.

Figure 4: Campaign Creation Screen

The user interface is designed in UI5 having rich look and feel with high performance(Powered by HANA) resulting in minimal wait time in searching and associating High Volume Target Group.

Figure 5:  Triggers & Actions Design area

With few clicks, User can add multiple actions in campaign by drag and drop of the actions from left panel to the design area.

Figure 6: Consolidated View of Campaign Definition

Steps to Release and Complete Campaign Execution:

  • Click Release Pushbutton to release the campaign for execution

  • Click Complete Pushbutton to release the campaign for execution

Figure 7: Campaign Release & Execution Steps

User is able to create and release campaign from a single screen with few clicks and can view the campaign target group, success, logs information by toggling across tabs.

Note: Facebook Campaigns – Provision to run the campaigns on Facebook by leveraging the predictive capabilities of SAP Hana to reach targeted customers is available. This feature comes with some pre-requisites (Company data Privacy Policy, User Marketing Permissions) to be met before its use.

Market Planning/Budget Spending: Marketing Managers can easily make their marketing plans and track the budgets in very simple way. Budget allocations & adjustments for a specific country or a specific line of business can be easily performed with few clicks. The process is made very simple for the user by presenting the screens in graphical/pictorial(charts) form for making changes. This helps in increasing user productivity and adaptability.

Customer Insights: Real time analysis of orders, invoices and financial data can be performed. Hybris Marketing solution has a separate component Data Management to understand real time Customer sentiments from various channels and draw meaningful insights. It also generates dashboard view displaying 360-degree view of customer interactions across channels with their interests and most frequently used channels.

The above is a brief description of few Key Marketing features that highlights how Hybris Marketing is addressing the business needs in the digital world to cater to unique and consistent customer experience across channels.  We will deep dive in to specific functionalities and its usages and supported configurations and back end integrations in next blog.

For detailed information on the SAP Hybris Marketing functionality, pl refer the below help links.

Note; The views shared in this blog are based on the knowledge gained from hands-on experience using sample data & functionality provided in the free trial version(SAP is providing 30 days free trial for consultants to try out and get first hand experience of the product).

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