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Office/Excel Integration for Hybris Cloud for Customers and Business ByDesign FAQs


Office / Excel Integration allows to transfer the data from SAP Business ByDesign system or Hybris Cloud for Customer system to Microsoft Office product Excel and vice versa.


The office Integration can be broadly categorized into two categories,

  • Export to Microsoft Excel

    This functionality help customers to export the data from SAP Business ByDesign System or SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer system to Microsoft Excel this will serve user for offline purposes.

  • SAP Add-In for Microsoft Excel

    The SAP add-in for Microsoft Excel will provide the functionality of Write Back or Save Back and Refresh.

    • Write Back or Save Back

      With the help of pre-built Microsoft excel templates, User can upload the data from the Microsoft Excel to the SAP Business ByDesign system or SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer system.

    • Refresh

      The data which is exported from SAP Business ByDesign system or SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer system can be refreshed or updated using the Refresh functionality of SAP Add-in for Microsoft Excel.


Technical Details

Click here , for technical information about the Office Integration.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Excel add-in tab is disappeared in the Microsoft excel ribbon, how to enable it?

Sometimes the add-in tab disappears from the Microsoft excel ribbon, because of the  abnormal shut down of the Microsoft excel instances.

User can enable the tab by following the below steps

Step 1: Open Microsoft excel, go to File tab

Step 2: Go to Options tab

Step 3: Click on the Add-ins option

Step 4: Under the Manage dropdown, select COM Add-ins. Press on Go

Step 5: Check the SAP Add-In for Microsoft Excel Check box. Press OK.

As shown in the below snap shot.

  • Refresh Button is missing in the SAP add-in tab of exported excel.

If the data which is exported is Hierarchical data, refresh functionality will not be supported. This is a limitation from SAP Office integration side.


  • Refresh and Save Data To button missing in the save-back or write-back template, how to enable them?

The button in the SAP Add-In tab will be disabled sometimes because of the wrong value in the registry of the system.

User can enable the button by following the below steps.

Step 1: Run the REGEDIT, it will open the Registry Editor

Step 2: Navigate to the path               HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\Excel\Addins\SAPBusinessByDesignExcelAddIn

Step 3: change the value for LoadBehavior as 3. as shown in below snap shot.


  • Getting the  “invalid token” exception while uploading the data from Microsoft excel , as shown below.


The above mentioned exception occurs when  the invalid character is used in the template . In above case for the country column the code list is maintained. for Country Code CI – Cote d’Ivoire, XML property of Microsoft excel treats single quote ( ‘ ) as invalid character.


How to overcome this,

If the single quote ( ‘ ) in the country code name is replaced with the ( ` ) the upload will work as expected.

Steps to change the value for country code.

Step 1 : Open the template , and Unhide the validation tab .

Step 2 : under the respective code list (in above case “SAP BYD Static Code List for Country_Code “) replace the value invalid character ( ‘ ) with ( ` ).

example :  replace Cote d’Ivoire with  Cote d`Ivoire

save the template.

Step 3 : Go back to the Data tab of the template.Now you can see the value for the respective code has been changed.


Now the save back can be performed as expected.

  • Getting “500 SAP Internal Server Error” on Performing the Export to Excel.

When user performs the export to excel, the styles for the content are actually retrieved from the Master Template.The above exception is thrown when there is a missing of the particular style in the Master Template.

This can be solved by performing the following steps.

Step 1 : Login to the System,

Open the work center : Administrator

Work Center View       : Business Flexibility

Step 2 : Open Master Template Maintenance, as shown in below screen shot.

Step 3 : Select the Latest template and click on the Versions.

Step 4 : Now there are different versions of template.

Now select the previous Version and click on the Revert.


Now the Export To Microsoft Excel will work as expected.

Best Regards,

Amrit Shidling



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