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BI Platform OData Service introduced Form SAP BOE 4.2 SP04.

OData Services:

BI Platform OData Services

OData Service URL http://<host>:<port>/bipodata/

where <host> is the name of the web server for BI platform and <port> is the port number for the platform.

Version1 of OData is introduced from In 4.2SP04.

OData APIs URI v1 : http://<host>:<port>/bipodata/v1/

Data Formats : XML and JSON

Authentication support :

AD SSO (4.2 SP04 OData Services works only with win ad sso auth and no other authentication supported)

EP BI Integration:

BI Platform OData Services are used internally to integrate the BI Platform and SAP Enterprise Portal (EP) (NetWeaver 7.50 SP7+)

BOE in Enterprise Portal(EP):

Supported workflows:

  1. Select BOE system in App Finder (User Menu)
  2. View BOE public folders
  3. Select a folder, and view reports within
  4. Search for a BI report
  5. Launch a report (according to language set)
  6. Add a BI report to the FLP homepage

Video :


Web Application:

name : bipodata

BI Platform OData services will be deployed as webapp in web server (tomcat) like AdminTools, dswsbobje…..



configuration in web.xml :

  1. set the type of Authentication
  2. set AD SSO parameters



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    1. Bharath B N Post author

      Hi Mani,

      OData services introduced from 4.2 SP04 and as of now this can be integrate only with SAP EP.

      we can use PIK to integrate old launchpad views in 3 portals (SAP NW Portla,Websphere and WebLogic)





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